Shopee has several types of ads that sellers can use. But to use Shopee Ads, you need to set up the keyword Shopee. So when the buyers search for that keyword, your product will appear at the very top of the search page. 

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What Is Keyword Ads In Shopee?

Keyword ads show your products in prominent positions on the search results page when buyers search for the keywords you’ve bid on. This helps to show more exposure to your products. 

On the Shopee app, Keyword ads are displayed as the first two product listings in the search results page. Then one ad is shown every three ads. 

On the web, Keyword ads are shown in the top five listings of a search results page. Then five ads are shown for every 40 ads. 

You can start with Keyword ads by adding New Keyword Ads and selecting the products you want to advertise using Keyword ads. 

Next, set your budget, time length, and add keywords. Set the limit budget to ensure that your ads will continue to operate until your current credit balance is running out. You can also identify the budget and enter your budget amount to control the amount spent a day or in total, for each Ad Keyword. 

For the duration, you can let your Keyword Ads work without a time limit or putting the start / end date for ads. Then, how to add keywords in Shopee? Adding keywords can automatically use the selected keywords to let Shopee manage your keywords bidding and optimizations or Add Recommended Keywords. By adding manual keywords, you can also see their Quality Scores, Search Volumes and Suggestions Bid.

Last, place your bid. Shopee’s suggested bid is calculated based on the winning bid to place your ad. you are in the top two places. You can choose by suggested bids or set your own.

Using Keyword ads properly can increase sales easily. Here are some tips to use Keyword Ads:

  1. Before you start, make sure the title of your product, photos and descriptions are updated. 
  2. You can set up ads for multiple SKUs at once using automatically selected keywords.
  3. The increase in your bid price increases your Ad Rank and can lead to more buyers viewing your list.
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Popular Keywords to Bid for

Running Shopee seller ads and do not know which keywords to choose? Here Shopee has a list of the most popular Shopee keywords that you can bid on for a low price. Start by searching for your category below and select relevant keywords from the list.


If you sell automotive products and are still confused about which keyword to bid, here is a list of Shopee keyword suggestions for the automotive category.

  • Accessories car.
  • Arai helmet.
  • Arm y15.
  • Cover set lc135.
  • Cover set lc135 v1.
  • Cover set lc135 v2.
  • Cover set lc135 v6.
  • Cover set rs150 v2.
  • Cover set y15 v2.
  • Coverset y15.
  • Engine oil.
  • Esr motor.
  • Full face helmet.
  • Helmet arai.
  • Helmet full face.
  • Helmet kyt.
  • Helmet shoei.
  • Kriss 110.
  • Kyt helmet.
  • Motorcross.
  • Pants men.
  • Shoei helmet.
  • Sport rim y15.
  • Swing arm y15zr.
  • Wave 100r.
  • Wave 125s.
  • Winner x.

Baby & Toys

What about selling baby and toy products? Which keyword is the best to use? Shopee has summarized the best keyword using the Shopee research tool as follows.

  • Baju kurung baby.
  • Baju kurung budak perempuan.
  • Baju raya budak perempuan.
  • Birthday gift for kids.
  • Dress budak.
  • Drypers.
  • Drypers drypantz.
  • Flower lego.
  • Frisolac step 1.
  • Huggies dry pants.
  • Katil baby.
  • Lego flower.
  • Romper baby girl.
  • Smiggle school bag.

Cameras & Drones

The camera and drones category is one of the most sold products in Shopee. Using these recommended keywords will make you like a Shopee keyword pro. Some keywords that you can bid are as follows.

  • camera
  • camera canon
  • film camera
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Using Search Ads to Advertise Your Products

Help buyers find and buy your products with ads that appear in prominent positions in Shopee’s search results. 

Why Should I Use Search Ads to Advertise My Products?

Shopee Shop Ads and Keyword Ads are included in Search Ads. Why should you use Search Ads? You won’t hesitate after seeing the benefits.

Boost Exposure

Increase visibility by showing your ads where buyers are most likely to see them, such as at the top of search results. Some products on the top search in Shopee 2022 using Search Ads to advertise their products. It will be more likely for buyers to see the products.

Grow Sales

Increase sales by expanding your reach to potential buyers searching with keywords related to your advertised listing. 

Control Spending

Similar to Shopee Discovery Ads, you can also control spending in Search Ads. Cost controlling your spending by setting a budget and how much you want to bid for clicks.

How Do I Choose The Right Products?

It is very important to choose the right products to advertise mainly based on your business objectives:

  • Grow income: Focus on your top selling products with high monthly sales and products with high sales potential, such as promotional products.
  • Boost income: Focus on products that are selling well, especially those with high organic profit margins. 
  • Increase exposure of latest products: Choose new products to increase their exposure and take a look at their market potential. 

One of the tips that can be used is to choose products with the ‘thumbs up’ icon in the product selector. These gadgets are recommended for commercials as they have higher income and conversion rates.

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Keyword ads show your products in prominent positions on the search results page when buyers search for the keywords you’ve bid on. This helps to show more exposure to your products. 

Shopee has a list of the most popular Shopee keywords that you can bid on for a low price. You can select relevant keywords from the list above and set the bid price for the keyword you selected.

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