Do you know what Taobao is? Taobao is a marketplace in Malaysia. Do you want to know how to register Taobao account Malaysia? Let’s read this article for more information!

Is Taobao Available In Malaysia?

What is Taobao Malaysia? Taobao is a marketplace owned by the Alibaba group. Taobao is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce marketplace started in 2003 which offers a platform for individuals and small business owners to sell their products online through their own stores. 

Most people think that Taobao is only open to Chinese registered accounts. In fact, Taobao has support in 136 countries which include Malaysia. Taobao has become one of the Malaysian favorite online shopping platforms because they offer price-friendly and have a variety of choices. 

For your information, cell phone numbers from countries such as Cambodia,Lao PDR and Botswana are not supported by Taobao. If your cell phone number is not supported but you still want to use a login Taobao account, the solution is you can buy a phone number from another region online, such as the United States or Hong Kong.

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How Can I Open Taobao Account In Malaysia?

You can use Taobao marketplace for individuals as buyers and also as sellers of small and medium businesses and Tmall  for medium to large businesses. To start selling and buying in Taobao Malaysia, you have to set up a Taobao account first. Here are the steps to open a Taobao account in Malaysia.

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Step 1 – Go To Website

To register your Taobao account, you need to go register. In the left bar of the page, find the REGISTER(免费注册) character. 

Step 2 – Registration

After you are done with step 1, you will see the next screen showing a pop-up of Chinese characters. Click on the orange field(同意协议) in the middle and the pop-up will disappear.

By clicking the orange bar, you are, for the moment, agreeing with the “Registration Agreement Consent”.Then you have to click on the radio button English in the right side of the screen to switch to the English webpage.

The Chinese pop-up you see is a “Registration Agreement Consent” outlining’s Service Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Legal Notices. It includes the Terms & Conditions of becoming a Taobao member and the Payment Agreement of Alipay Malaysia, Taobao’s default transactional platform.

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Step 3 – Verification

On the “Verify Mobile Phone” screen, you need to choose the country where your mobile phone is registered from the drop-down.

Enter your mobile number with no spaces, no hyphens and no parentheses. Then you have to pull the “Verification” bar from left to right with a left-click mouse hold.

In these steps, you will see the box Taobao com china that asks you to create your Alipay account from your Taobao account. If you don’t understand Mandarin, you can read the terms and conditions in English but if you already have an Alipay account, you don’t have to check this option anymore.

Step 4 – Verification Code

Once you have verified your data, an SMS verification code will be sent to your mobile. The message you receive will be in Chinese but you just need to look at the 6 digit code then enter the code and click Confirm.

Step 5 – Create Username And Password

After you enter the verification code, you will now be able to create your Taobao username and your password.

Step 6 – Submit

After you are done with all steps, it is time for you to enter the submit button. Then you will see the message below

Now you’re on your way! Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can log-in from the homepage and begin your Taobao shopping journey.

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Can I Sell On Taobao Malaysia?

Taobao is the online shopping site inside China with nearly 60% of Chinese e-commerce sales. China is not just the world’s largest online shopping market, it’s also one of the fastest growing and sophisticated Chinese consumers who are looking for more products and services from outside China.

When you sell in indonesia or in other countries, it will give you access to hundreds of millions of new customers. Selling on Taobao can help you sell your products on Taobao and offers expert support on navigating China’s key e-commerce platform.

If you want to sell in Taobao, you have to do several things such as :

  • Register a Taobao account and create your shop page.
  • Create a listing product page. This is the important page where you can create and edit items, and upload files in images or music.
  • You can take your customer trust by making it clear, concise and honest that you are a real person selling real products. 
  • Promote on an appropriate platform, such as Taobao Global, reddit Taobao or other platforms.

For your additional information, you need to make two listings if you want to sell on Taobao Global. These are the same as the listings on the Taobao Asia platform.

How To Set Up Taobao Store In Malaysia?

Here are the steps to set up a Taobao Store

  • Step 1 Set up Taobao account and register as Seller
  • Step 2 Connect account to Alipay
  • Step 3 Complete identification authentication
  • Step 4 Create store, connect plugins and set up Ali Wang Wang for Customer Service
  • Step 5 Design your store
  • Step 6 Upload products you want to sell
  • Step 7 Promote and market store and products

If you are confused or you don’t have time to set up your Taobao stores, you can ask the trade on Taobao team to help you navigate the process and set up your own Taobao store. If you are selling individual or a small number of items, you can simply provide the Taobao team with your product description and good quality images, and they will handle the rest.

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Taobao is a marketplace owned by the Alibaba group and can be used in 136 countries all around the world. If you want to set up your stores in Taobao, you can follow the steps as mentioned above.

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