Selling your products on online shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee is another way for your existing or potential customers to reach you. However, there are limitations operating on online shopping platforms such as limitations on product information, customer service, and more.

Sure, you can have your own eCommerce website with Lazada or Shopee accounts because different platforms have different target audiences. Having e-commerce websites enables you to use a variety of marketing and sales tactics to provide visitors with an additional incentive to remain on your website and purchase your goods.

If you are just starting your small yet humble business, you can build your own websites without having to hire web developers. By doing so, you can design the website according to 

your taste. Whether it is minimal design or contemporary design, you can build it yourself. 

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What is eCommerce Website Malaysia?

eCommerce is the selling and purchase of products and services through an electronic medium, such as the Internet. In addition, it includes the transmission of data and money electronically between two or more parties. eCommerce provides another online shopping experience for your customers.

eCommerce websites let you be more creative on how to provide excellent online shopping experiences for your customers. 

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Building Your Own Empire with Website Builder Free

There are so many website builders for  free that you can find on the Internet. You can simply just search website builder google for free. You do not have to worry about the html code to build the website from scratch. You can just follow their instructions and a few hours later, you have your own online shopping website.

But, how do you choose the best website builder software that is suitable for your business? There are some criteria and elements that you should take note of. For starters, there are some elements that you might take note of such as blog section, photo gallery, online store, reservation system, contact form, SEO features, social media and more. 

These elements are important because it can provide the best and great online shopping experience for your customers that they will never forget. Plus, it will make them come back to repurchase. This is why it is crucial to pick the best website builder that could offer you with so many benefits. 

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Criteria on the Best Website Design

Successful website design should do its intended purpose by communicating its specific message to the visitor while also engaging the visitor in the process. A successful website design is influenced by a variety of variables, including consistency, colours, font, images, simplicity, and usability.

So, here are some criteria that you should take note of when designing your website:

  • Users’ requirements must be taken into consideration while designing your website. It will be easier for the visitor to engage with your content if all pages have a basic, obvious purpose. How does your website serve a certain function?  Is it a website that provides enjoyment, such as sports coverage, or is it a website that sells a product to users?
  • When it comes to the user experience and the usability of your website, keeping things simple is the best course of action.
  • Navigation is the way users interact with websites to locate what they want. Visitor retention requires easy navigation. Confusing navigation will cause visitors to abandon the site and look elsewhere. The goal is to keep navigation simple, straightforward, and consistent.
  • The F-based pattern is used to scan content on websites. According to eye tracking research, individuals view the most on the top and left of the screen. The F’ layout matches our natural reading habit in the West (left to right and top to bottom). A well-designed website will fit with a reader’s natural skimming behaviour.

Moving on, here are the 5 best website builders for you

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5 Best Website Builder for You

By having an ecommerce website, the opportunity to reach locally and globally is wide. So, here are the 5 best website builders for you.


Self-hosted WordPress or sometimes known as is the most widely used website-building platform on the Internet. WordPress is a content management system that powers more than 41% of all websites on the internet.

WordPress is one of the best website free builders because of its popularity, powerful features, scalability, and ease of use. You’ll also get access to more than 58,000 free WordPress plugins as part of the package. Shopping carts, contact forms, Google Analytics, picture galleries, social networking tools, live chats, and CSS customisation are all examples of plugins for WordPress that bring extra features and functionality to your website.

WordPress website builder comes with the additional plug in that you can choose such as WooCommerce, it can help you to manage your WordPress more efficiently. WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in that easily connects with your existing WordPress site, making your site completely functional in minutes


Shopify is one of the  prominent eCommerce website builders that is especially built for online shops and ecommerce websites. It is used by more than half a million companies and has over one million registered users. Shopify’s platform has been used to sell over 40 billion dollars’ worth of goods to customers worldwide.

With Shopify, you do need to worry about how to manage the software, updating the software or maintaining the backups. Shopify takes care of everything for you. Furthermore, it has an integrated payment system called Shopify Payments. You do not have to worry about the payment system and also, you can add third party payment.

However, Shopify is a bit expensive compared to other website builders. 

Wix is yet another website builder for small business.. It combines simplicity of use with a robust collection of features to allow you to quickly and simply create your website. 

Because Wix website builder is a fully hosted platform, you will not be required to pay for web hosting services. You will have access to hundreds of templates from which to select for the design of your website. Each design may be customised to your specifications using their user-friendly drag and drop site builder. Wix also has an artificial design intelligence (Wix ADI) for you to design your website beautifully.

Wix also comes with a slew of free and paid applications that you can use to customise your website’s appearance. These applications enable you to enhance the operation and features of your website. The majority of them are produced by Wix, while the remainder are created by third-party developers.


Squarespace has a corporate infrastructure to host your website. This safe and resilient platform enables you to concentrate without worrying about hosting your company. Tons of website designs are included with the Squarespace. These designs are fully ready for all content kinds. They may be edited completely, and Squarespace can even utilise several templates for the same website at once.

Squarespace also offers an ecommerce package to add an online shop to your site. It provides a good interface for managing your goods, stock, orders, coupons and more. But, they only receive Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal for payment processing when you want to purchase their ecommerce plans.


GoDaddy provides a free website builder and domain. They provide an easy online hosting website builder. GoDaddy Website Builder is a basic and straightforward website design tool. It comes with many pieces ready to be used, which you can drag and drop to create different layouts.

It also includes a photo library with Getty Photography quality pictures that you may use on your website. You may also upload and build picture galleries for your own photographs. You can also manage your GoDaddy website from your smartphone or tablet. 

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