Being present online for your business is a great way for your business to grow and expand widely. From selling clothes, operating a food and beverage business to offering cleaning services. No matter what type of business you are operating, products or services, being present online for business is a must for every business. For example, there are types of ecommerce in Malaysia that you can choose to start selling online!

As you all know, we are living in the age of the Internet and most importantly, we are living among the viruses that force us to stay at home, and buy our groceries online. We can no longer do window shopping without worrying about the virus. eCommerce business is a way for business owners to reach their existing and potential customers to keep buying your products or services without having to go to physical stores. 

Before you choose to do online business, there is some basic knowledge on eCommerce business that you need to know such as the types of eCommerce business in Malaysia and how it works. By knowing the basics, it would help you to choose the right one so that you can run your business smoothly.

What is an eCommerce website?

eCommerce website is a platform for users to buy and sell products and services through an electronic medium, such as the Internet. To provide such a great experience for your customer while browsing your website, you need to choose the right Ecommerce website template. 

The eCommerce website template is a pre-built eCommerce website designed to provide businesses with the greatest user experience for their consumers on their e-commerce site. There is a variety of eCommerce website design that you can pick for your website. There are few Ecommerce website examples that you can check out such as Apple website, Snapchat Spectacles, Gorgias, Onfleet, Lookback, Yotti, Framer, Glyph and Spotify. 

If you are short of money to buy eCommerce website design, there are plenty of free eCommerce websites that you can find on the Internet. But your website could be a great eCommerce website if your website has some of the elements that can attract or give the best experience to your customers. Such as:

  • Your customers could find the information they are looking for easily
  • Your customers could understand your products or services without having to think deeply
  • Your website content is easy to understand and read
  • There are no problems with usability and information flows easily.
  • It looks fresh, clean and creative and has enough of white space.

Who likes to browse complicated websites? The key for an eCommerce website is to give the best among the best experience while scrolling smoothly through your website. If your websites frequently crash and lag while the customers scroll through, probably the customers would continue their shopping.

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Types of Ecommerce Business Models

eCommerce business helps you to gain more customers as well as to grow your brand. But which types of eCommerce business are suitable for your business? There are four main types of e-Commerce business that you might look for, such as B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C.

You might scratch your head and say, “What was the reason?’ with Cardi B’s voice for the types of Ecommerce business. Each type of e-commerce business provides you with different prospects and elements. So, without further ado, here’s the 4 types of e-commerce business:

Business-to-Business (B2B)

B2B is obviously not Back to Back. Business to business refers primarily to any electronic transactions involving the purchase and sale of products or services that take place between two businesses. When it comes to this kind of e-commerce, it usually describes the connection between product manufacturers and wholesalers who promote the goods for purchase to customers. 

Wholesalers may sometimes use this to their advantage in order to remain one step ahead of their competitors. One of the examples  of e-commerce business is Alibaba (Malaysia Pavilion) as they provide wholesale trade. 

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

B2C e-commerce is involved with the electronic exchange of commercial transactions between companies and customers. This type of eCommerce allows customers to scroll through your website to check the lowest pricing, read user reviews, and discover unexpected products that they could not find in physical stores. Business-to-consumer lets the owner have such relationships with customers for a better experience.

B2C is very common among online sellers and online shoppers. The examples of B2C are Lazada, Shopee, Lelong, Zalora, PrestoMall and more. 

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Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

The seller in a C2B transaction is an individual consumer, while the buyer is a business or corporation, comparable to a single proprietorship providing services to a big corporation. Consumers provide companies with goods or services in return for monetary compensation or other advantages.

When compared to the other models, consumer to business is distinct in that it is the customers that generate both product and company value. Essentially, it is the polar opposite of the conventional business to consumer e-commerce paradigm, which involves companies selling goods or services to customers online. 

The C2B model is designed to accommodate independent employees and freelancers who are compensated for activities that are performed by a corporation or organisation. For example, graphic designers who design business logos or cards. 

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Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

C2C provides all electronic transactions that take place between customers on a global scale. Online systems such as PayPal often facilitate these transactions but they are also frequently carried out via the usage of social media networks such as Facebook Marketplace and websites such as Etsy or Craigslist. Well, the downside of using this type of eCommerce might expose you to scammers. 

One Step Forward

It is important to know details about these types of e business, as it could help you to have more knowledge about what you are going to deliver in your business. As each of the types of ecommerce business have different perspectives, elements, and motives, you should pick wisely which e-commerce business models are good for your business. Or not, do not complain about why you haven’t got one single customer.

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