Since the pandemic hit Malaysia, the business atmosphere has changed drastically. Many have to shut down their premises or change their way to another platform. Therefore, the best way for physical business to stay afloat is to change their platform to online marketplaces. If you are puzzled and have zero knowledge on which online marketplaces are suitable for you. Here’s the top 15 online marketplaces for you to utilize. At the end of the article, you will be surprised at the number of online marketplace Malaysia

Top 15 Online Marketplaces in Malaysia

Nowadays, everything is online. You want to get cheaper books? Go search on online marketplace. You want to buy fresh groceries without going out? Go search on online marketplace. You want to buy gifts for your partner? Go search on online marketplace. All you can search on Malaysia online marketplace with just one click away.

For sellers who are still running their business traditionally, it is time to change and try online marketplaces to boost your company’s sales. So, to help you, here’s top 15 Malaysia marketplace comparisons.

Shopee Malaysia

Overall visits per month: 59,325,725

Bounce rate: 29.66%

App: Yes

Based on the overall visits per month, it is safe to say that Shopee is one of the largest marketplace in Malaysia. To become Shopee online sellers, there are two ways via Shopee App or Seller Center. The payment will be transferred to your Seller Wallet once the orders are completed. 

How much is Shopee charged transaction fee? Transaction charge is computed at 2.12 percent (after SST) of the total order amount paid by customer (including shipping cost), rounded up to 2 decimal places. Shopee will take the transaction charge automatically from the vendors’ payment after an order is fulfilled.

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On top of that, Shopee’s interface on their website and mobile phone are neat and easy to become fascinated with various products on the main page. Perhaps Shopee collaborates with Raja Bomoh and his coconut to chant spells on Shopee users. 


Overall visits per month: 15,141,311

Bounce rate: 35.74%

App: Yes

Next on the list is Lazada. Top sales in Lazada are diapers, home appliances, make up, milk formula, and mobile phones. To become part of the Lazada seller, you can sign up at their website. Once you sign up, there are two types of accounts which are Individual or Corporate. For both account you have to provide official account such as:

  • Individual account provides identity card with the latest Bank statement
  • Corporate account provides business license (SSM certificate & Form DE / Form 49 / 9) as well as latest company bank statement.

For local Sellers, Lazada charges a flat fee of 0 percent as transaction fee. However, the Seller will be charged a 2.12% payment gateway fee, which includes SST, for each transaction.

PG Mall

Overall visits per month: 7,049,397

Bounce rate: 64.53%

App: Yes

PG Mall is the newest online market to develop and connect local businesses to the world. In contrast to many other forums, PG Mall promotes and promotes local goods and craftsmanship, as we are really proud of its international quality and sophisticated finishing. How to be part of PG Mall? You can sign up on their website to become a PG Mall seller. As for the transaction fee, PG Mall charged 5% for PG Mall Seller.

Overall visits per month: 4, 906,586

Bounce rate: 27.94

App: Yes is another useful online marketplace especially for those who want to sell their vehicles. Even though the registration is free, the listing fees are not. used Mudah Credits for their PRO Niaga users to pay for advertising premium services and listing.

There are 3 types of listing fee such as

  • Business for sale listing fee 
  • Jobs listing fee
  • Services listing fee

There are 3 types of listing and republished ads:

  • Ad listing: 
  • Bump promo (Ad listing and 3 bumps): 
  • Featured promo (Ad listing and 1 featured promo for 7 days)

Each type of listing fee has 3 listing and republished ads with different amounts of credits to pay. 

The most interesting part is, you can sell your vehicles and provides mVIP (Mudah Vehicle and Inspection) to save the users from the scammers.


Overall visits per month: 3,591,331

Bounce rate: 58.33%

App: Yes

Too many books on your shelves? In need to let it go the microwave that your ex partner bought for your anniversary? Carousell is the perfect palace for you to sell your second hand items at half price. There is Carousell Protection for sellers as the seller will get buyer’s commitment to the purchase at no extra charges for the seller.

The Carousell sellers will receive benefits such as:

  • No more late payment from buyers
  • No extra costs for added protection
  • Protect your data
  • Fair resolution for you and your buyers

Even though they did not charge any transaction fees, they provided three types of advertising fee such as Bumps, Spotlight and Listing fees bought using Carousell Coins.


Overall visits per month: 1.08 million

Bounce rate: 35.12%

App Yes.

Zalora, a mode destination for Asia, is at the vanguard of expanding South East Asian online shopping. Zalora is perfect for online business that is focused mainly on fashion. How to be part of Zalora? You can visit their website, go to the About Us section and click on Sell with Us.

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The registration fee is free but the commission per items ranges from 10-30% 

Zalora vs Shopee? Well it depends on what your products are. Even though Zalora offers various categories of products from home and living, electronics, gourmet food and drinks and more, Zalora’s target market is individuals that care about their appearance.

Go Shop

Overall visits per month: 418,466 

Bounce rate: 48.9%

App: Yes

GoShop, Malaysia’s largest multi-platform media and entertainment firm Astro, provides additional support for offline Malaysian companies and connects them to the internet. Have you ever received text messages from your mother asking you to buy something on Go Shop? Housewife, mother, or someone who isn’t familiar with e marketplaces in Malaysia are their target market. 

So, how to sell on Go Shop? You can go to their website and click on Sell on Go Shop


Overall visits per month: 325,157

Bounce rate: 50.73%

App: Yes

iHerb is an online marketplace that is focused on a wide range of nutrition and wellness products. During a pandemic, it is prudent to spend our money on nutritional and health products that will help us to strengthen our immune system. If your business is focused on nutrition and wellness products, you can become an iHerb supplier partner. 

You have to prepare to submit documents such as:

  • EDi capability
  • SDS forms for all items
  • Certificate of liability insurance
  • Approval for iHerb to ship products internationally with no restrictions
  • Samples of each item
  • Store locator and international placement on brand site
  • HACCP program as applicable
  • US distribution

It will take some time for them to review and approve your submission.


Overall visits per month: 290, 145

Bounce rate: 35.55%

App: Yes

eBay is an international online marketplace. eBay Malaysia Lelong has expanded from business to consumer goods and special offers.For most categories of products, You can buy sell products on eBay. eBay sellers will be charged 12.55% final value fee with $0.30 per order. For other categories such as:

  • Guitar and basses: 5.85%
  • Heavy equipment: 3%
  • Movies and TV (excluding Vinyl Records): 14.55%
  • Men’s and Women’s Athletic Shoes: 0% and $0.00 per order if total amount of the sale is $100 or more

For standard fees, there are three types:

  • Insertion fees (include auction-style and fixed price) : 250 free listings
  • Auction-style listing (Insertion fee per listing after monthly free allocation): 35¢
  • Fixed price listing: (Insertion fee per listing after monthly free allocation): 35¢

To become an eBay seller, simply just visit their website.


Overall visits per month: 251,173

Bounce rate: 45.56%

App Yes

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Sephora fills womens’ happiness and joy with various categories of products from 

  • Skincare products
  • Beauty products
  • Hair products
  • Fragrance products
  • Clean products

During the pandemic, it is wise to get your skincare and beauty products online. For Kaki Skincare, you can get a variety of international products from Fenty Beauty, The Drunk Elephant, The Inkey List, and more.


Overall visits per month: 120,316 

Bounce rate: 48.06%

App: Yes

Hermo is made by local Malaysians who are enthusiastic about skincare and makeup. Since 2012, they have more than 9000 authentic products on their website. Hermo provides categories of products such as:

  • Skin care
  • Make up
  • Bath and Body
  • Hair
  • Fragrance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Food
  • Mask Box
  • Luxe
  • For Him

If you are a beauty product supplier, distributor, or a beauty company that wishes to extend your business, you can be part of the Hermo brand store. 


Overall visits per month: 119,155 

Bounce rate: 56.78%

App: Yes being one of Malaysia’s biggest e-commerce marketplaces provides shopping online experience that supports not only consumers’ transactions (C2Cs), but also business-to-consumer interactions (B2cs). The registration fee is free. 

But, offers 3 packages with benefits for the sellers such as:

  • WebStore: RM1.09/day 
  • WebStore PLUS: Free for 2 years (Jun 21 until Aug 21)
  • WebStore PRO: RM2.73/dy


Overall visits per month: 91,918

Bounce rate: 44.01%

App: Yes

FashionValet established in November 2017, popular among Malaysian hijabster. With 40 local brands such as MimpiKita, DuCk cosmetics, Whimsigirl, and more. The main brands for Fashionvalet are DuCK, Lilit, and FVBazaar.

From 8 categories such as:

  • Clothing
  • Scarves
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Essential
  • Traditional Wear

Be sure to keep an update with their FV Marketplace that is coming soon!


Overall visits per month: 88,10

Bounce rate: 56.55%

App: Yes

Other than GO Shop, WOWShop is another alternative for home shopping business by MEdia Prima that airs on TV9, TV3, and 8TV. If you are interested in becoming one of WOWShop sellers, you can simply visit their website. 


Overall visits per month: 71,793 

Bounce rate: 48.92%

App: Yes

A group of ambitious entrepreneurs came together in 2010 to establish ezbuy (which is owned by EZbuy Holdings Limited) with a single goal in mind: to provide high-quality goods in a convenient manner to the locals via our platform. They also offer membership and there are many benefits that you can enjoy. You can also be part of ezBuy seller!

Presto Mall

Overall visits per month: 69,381

Bounce rate: 59.05%

App: Yes

11street mall sellers no longer exist since the company has rebranded the name to Presto Mall. 

What sets Presto Mall apart from other online shopping sites? For sellers, you would get

  •  free product listing
  • competitive transaction rates
  • marketing funds for campaigns and promotions
  • Training room – regular classes on business optimisation
  • Photo studio – well-equipped for professional guidance and product listing

There is no fee for registration but there is a charged fee on sold products. You can also sell your used items.

More Online Marketplace, More Opportunity

With all the options of online selling platform Malaysia, now you can choose wisely on which online marketplaces are suitable for your business. Or there is no harm in using all the online marketplaces given. It will broaden your opportunity to get more sales from various online marketplaces. You can also try marketplace Malaysia facebook. 

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