What are the items on your shopping cart that you haven’t checked out yet? How obsessed are you with Shopee or Lazada? 

With the ability of just one click away, you as a consumer have the ability to choose and to buy any items that caught your attention. Not only that, you could purchase monthly groceries on online shopping sites like LazMall or Shopee Mall. E-commerce has made your life and your shopping experience more convenient. 

As online sellers, the features of online shopping in various platforms are constantly updated making their business more laku than before. You could watch TikTok videos of packing the parcels from small business owners. 

C2C e-commerce is one of the common four types of e-commerce. So, what is C2C and how does it benefit the business owner?

What is C2C e-commerce?

C2C, also known as customer to customer or consumer to consumer, is a business strategy that makes it easier for customers to trade for goods or services with one another. Whether it’s for products or services, this type of e-commerce links individuals who want to conduct business with one another via the internet. C2C e-commerce websites list include eBay, Etsy, Shopee, and Lazada. 

The goal of consumer-to-consumer eCommerce is to allow one party to sell directly to another without having to invest a significant amount of money in the creation and maintenance of an online shop. It is possible for the seller to retain more of their earnings since they are not required to invest in the infrastructure required to run a conventional company in this manner.

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C2C E Commerce Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages of C2C e-commerce that you should take note of. Each piece of information is important for you to make choices before starting your online business. 

Here are some advantages of C2C E commerce:

Worryless About Extra Costs

In the C2C business model, there are no intermediaries involved. This lowers the cost of the product or service being offered, which increases profitability. C2C sellers do not need to worry about extra costs associated with rent, staff salaries, website hosting, marketing, or use of third parties for product distribution. 

More Customer, More Money

As more people visit and transact on a C2C  the likelihood of receiving visits and completing transactions increases significantly. This is because users come to that platform to seek for the particular goods and services provided there. 

Utilizing C2C Companies

For new sellers, it might be hard for them to sell their products if they are still unknown to the consumer and did not have enough budget to pay for marketing. By using an existing C2C companies list such as Carousell, Shopee or Lazada, it will help the new sellers to gain trust and credibility from their customers.

Here are some of the disadvantages of C2C E Commerce

Many Competitiors

In a marketplace full of comparable goods and services, some sellers or company owners may feel overwhelmed, particularly when competing with lower-cost, better-reviewed products and services

No Guarantes Provided.

Depending on the marketplace platform provider, payment guarantees may or may not be provided. Sellers on C2C eCommerce platforms have complained about consumers scamming them, which may be difficult to contest and resolve.

Transaction Fees

Depending on the platform provider, sellers (and sometimes buyers) may be charged a set, recurring fee or a percentage of their sales as compensation for the usage of the platform.

List of C2C Websites Examples

There are many consumer-to-consumer websites that are available in Malaysia. However, some of the online shopping platforms incorporate: with B2C business model and C2C business model together. 

Let’s look for some C2C e-commerce examples in Malaysia:

  • Shopee Malaysia
  • Lazada Malaysia
  • eZbuy
  • Mudah.my
  • 11street.my
  • Carousell

The Types of C2C Business

Basically, there are 4 types of C2C business such as:

Online Auctions 

The use of online auctions enables customers to search for and bid on goods that other consumers are looking to sell. This occurs on third-party platforms where customers and sellers may each have a profile, which allows for more openness between them.

E-commerce Site

Consumers may establish their own online shop and increase their audience within a certain niche market via the use of e-commerce websites.

Money Transfer Platforms

Consumers may engage in financial transactions without the involvement of accounting departments via the use of money transfer platforms. A regulated and secure environment is provided by money transfer platforms for the acceptance of payments.

Social Media Platforms

Members/users of social media websites may take use of features that enable them to reach a larger audience and advertise their goods. To attract traffic to social media C2C sites, hashtags and sponsored ads are used in conjunction with sponsored content.

What Can You Sell on C2C E-commerce Marketplace?

Since some online marketplaces operate on a C2C system such as Shopee, you can sell anything that is perfect for your target audience. You can also sell your used items on Shopee, or Carousell. You will be impressed by how many people try to get rid of their used items that were once bought by their partner on Carousell. 

Most of Malaysians people spend their money on:

  • Electronics
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Food and personal care
  • Home appliances and baby products

With the rise of social media influencers who are always sharing their tips on lifestyle or the things that  they bought, Malaysians are easily influenced by them. Also, with the existence of the Shopee Affiliate Program, most common people who are not influencers are busy promoting the links of Shopee products on their Instagram or Twitter.

Some Malaysians take another step by creating a Telegram group to share what they bought Shopee or any online marketplace. By doing this, some online shops can grow locally or globally with the help of Malaysian people. 

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