Many of us are making online business a source of income nowadays. So it is not surprising that we will be able to see online sellers create various advertisements to attract customers. One of the advertisements used is with a WhatsApp link. How to create WhatsApp link Malaysia?

For those who want to get a product, they just need to click on the WhatsApp link and easily the message can be sent to the sellers via WhatsApp without having to save the sellers phone number. Here are the details of creating a WhatsApp link.

What Is the Importance of Creating a WhatsApp Link for Business?

Creating a WhatsApp link is important for your business. These links can be used to help generate predefined messages for other people or consumers to contact you. You can share the link anywhere, from the website, Instagram bio, Facebook, and others.

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This link will also serve to expedite the process of marketing your product. With the help of this WhatsApp link, it will also help you in collecting customer phone numbers, increasing your prospect acquisition and sales.

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This WhatsApp link will also make it easier for customers not to bother talking to you in real-time. Customers will also find it easier because they don’t need to save your number because you only need to click on the available link. For example you are selling on TikTok, you can put your WhatsApp link on your Tiktok.

How Do I Create A WhatsApp Link?

The following are 5 ways to create WhatsApp link Malaysia.

Made by Yourself

For those who do not want to use any additional third app or website, you can create it on your own. Then you could put it when posting on Mudah or directly to your customers. Here are the steps.

  1. Copy this url structure “”. 6 is the code for WhatsApp Malaysia link.
  2. Add your WhatsApp number at the end of the link. If your number is 0123456789, then the WhatsApp link number should be “”.
  3. Add “?text=” after your phone number. This is the example “”. Make sure there is no space in the link.
  4. Encode your text with this tool. Then enter your text. Click the Encode button and copy the text.
  5. Put the message at the end of the link “”.

By Official Link Made by WhatsApp

With WhatsApp links made officially by WhatsApp, you can create a WhatsApp link easily. But you need to have a WhatsApp business account to do it. You can also customize your link with the message you want in the link. Below are the steps:

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  1. Open your WhatsApp Business.
  2. Click Setting.
  3. Click Business Setting.
  4. Click Short Link.
  5. Copy and Paste your link.


One benefit of using bitly is to avoid you from any scammer because of your phone number in the WhatsApp link. Bitly also can be used to shorten your link. You only need to copy your WhatsApp link you got before, and paste on the field. Then click the Shorten button, and you will get the link generate with a shortened url.


With you can get your link WhatsApp web. Here are the steps to create a WhatsApp link with

  1. Go to website.
  2. Click On “bina keyword anda”.
  3. Enter the keyword you want then click Next.
  4. Enter your phone number and more specific message, then click Next.
  5. Copy the link you have made and share it.

By WantsWasap for WhatsApp App

With this third party WhatsApp, you can create WhatsApp links continuously. The benefits of using this app are:

  1. You can chat through this app just with the WhatsApp number of people you want to chat with. So you don’t need to wait until they give you their WhatsApp link.
  2. You could generate your WhatsApp link all the time through this app. Enter the details and copy the link. 

Tips To Promote Business Through WhatsApp

Besides promoting small business from PPC ads, is there any tips to promote my business on WhatsApp Malaysia? Here are a few tips to promote your business through WhatsApp.

Focus Only on the Targeted Market

The first way is to determine the target market you want to target. Start by grouping the leads or customers you have. For example, based on millennial age customers, middle age, loyal customers who will shop a lot if given a certain discount, and so on. Evaluate, every 3 or 6 months, which customers are active and which ones need to be contacted again for follow-up.

Send Promotional Messages Regularly

Are your online businesses hit by click fraud in Pay Per Click  advertisements? You can send promotional messages regularly instead. The way to increase sales is by sending promotional messages. 

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In an effort to build engagement and convert potential customers, share attractive offers through broadcast messages. Through WhatsApp blast from the API WhatsApp link, to spread broadcast messages without the need to save previous customer contacts, and vice versa. Don’t forget to use good communication methods through good hypnoselling, hypno-writing, and copywriting techniques. 

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There are several ways to create your WhatsApp link for your business in Malaysia. You can use third apps or websites to create it, such as bitly,, or WantsWasap For WhatsApp App. Or you can also make it on your own or use WhatsApp links that are made by WhatsApp officially. But to get WhatsApp links from WhatsApp, you should have a business account first.

Tips to promote your business through WhatsApp are to try to only focus on the targeted market of your products and do not forget to send promotional messages regularly to build engagement and convert potential customers.

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