How many social media applications do you have in your phone?

How frequently do you check your social media?

Social media has become part of Malaysian daily life. You use your social media as a medium to communicate with your online friends, to find the latest news and gossip, and to post your outfit of the day. Sometimes, Malaysian like to participate in online activities such as trolling others and created hashtag like #Koyak.

To become more efficient, some social media are taking a big change and creating an online shopping experience through their platforms. It created another platform for business owners to use their social media to promote and sell their products.The term is called social commerce. So, what is social commerce?

Social Media’s New Feature: Social Commerce

Social commerce is another alternative for the sellers to promote and sell their products or services directly through social media such as Instagram shop. In this way, it will make it easier for the Instagram users to buy directly from the app rather than having to deal with third parties. Quick and time efficient!

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a favorite social media platform for those who like to upload their Outfit of The Day pictures, the picture of blue or orange skies, or their travelling pictures. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a simplified version that focuses on mobile use and visual sharing. 

On Instagram, you can interact easily with your online friends. You can post your travel photos, and your followers can like or comment on the photo. It is really easy to get engagement from the followers if your photos are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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Instagram Shopping

Instagram has introduced a new feature dedicated to online business called Instagram Shopping. Instagram Shopping allows online business owners to sell their products or services through photos or videos. With this feature, online sellers could utilize Instagram Shopping to elevate their sales.

Before you register your business on Instagram Shopping, you might want to check Instagram shopping countries such as Instagram Shopping Malaysia. Some Instagram shopping not available in your region.

On top of that, you could use Instagram as a platform to brand your products. To attract more potential customers, your Instagram content can be minimal or colourful. Remember, branding is very important in every business. That is how customers know your story, and ideas.

How to Register Instagram Shopping?

Once you are familiar with the Instagram shopping tab, it will make your task easy for you to start.

Are you ready to gain income with Instagram Shopping? Here’s how to set up Instagram Shopping:

Is Your Business Right for Instagram Shopping?

Before you register to be a seller in Instagram Shopping,  you need to know their Commerce Policies, Terms of use, Community Guidelines and more. Next, you must have your own website domain for the potential customer to buy directly from the business’s website. You also need to check if you are in supported market and double check your account is a business or creator account, 

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Pick A Right Tool To Start the Onboarding Process

There are two ways to onboard your Instagram Shopping. The first one is setting up your shop in Commerce Manager or on a supported platform. Or the easiest way is to start directly within the Instagram application.

Shop Details in Commerce Manager

Here’s a way for you to fill your shop details:

  1. Choose the way you want your customers to complete their purchase by selecting a checkout method
  2. Choose your sales channels for your shop. It can be Instagram, Facebook, or both.
  3. You can add products to your shop by connecting the existing product catalogue or creating a new one.
  4. Review your shop and submit to Instagram for review. 

How do I begin?

If your shop completed the basic requirements given by Instagram, you can start managing your Instagram shopping profile. But, it is not done yet if you do not have a Facebook business page, you need to have one since Instagram Shops is part of Facebook Shops. 

After you are done, you have to change your personal account into a business account. You may go to your setting and click Switch to professional/business account. Then, you need to connect Instagram to Facebook. Here’s the steps for you to be done:

  1. Select Edit Profile
  2. Tap Public business information
  3. Tap Page
  4. Choose a Facebook page to connect.

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Upload Product Manually or With an Ecommerce Partner

The product catalogue is what attracts potential customers. Anyway, there are two ways for you to add a catalog which is Facebook’s catalog manager and connect to a third-party ecommerce platform. By using Facebook’s manager, you can set up Facebook Pay and it allows your customer to use Instagram Checkout.

For the third-party ecommerce platform such as Instagram Shopping Shopify. Here’s the steps on how to connect it:

  1. Create catalog product in Shopify
  2. Add sales channel in Shopify for your Facebook Shop
    Inside Shopify, choose which products to sync to Facebook as your catalog
  3. Add a sales channel in Shopify for your Instagram Shop

Let’s Make Some Money!

After you are approved by Instagram, you can turn on shopping mode for your Instagram account. You can go to Settings, tap Business, then tap Shopping. From there, you can choose which product catalog you want to connect to. The most important feature is you can add tags in images that lead directly to your products. 

Easy peasy, and you are done!

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