In this new era, the possibilities of PPC small business are limitless. Websites become an important thing and have a specific purpose for your business. In this article, we will discuss what is the purpose of PPC and how can PPC help your business in Malaysia? Are you ready? Let’s check this out!

What Exactly Does Small Business PPC Mean?

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PPC or also known as Pay-per-click advertising is a way for business owners to bid on keywords that are related to their industry or audience interest. In this model of internet marketing, Advertisers only pay a fee when someone clicks their ads. PPC ads will show up when a particular keyword is searched by a user. 

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For example, when someone is searching for a recipe on the Internet. They will go online and search “recipe nasi lemak Malaysia” on Google. Then within seconds, Google shows all listed that have that keyword. All arranged by algorithms based on my location, relevance, intent, etc.  The results are ranked by the highest bidder for that keyword.

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What are the Benefits of PPC for Small Businesses in Malaysia?

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What are the benefits of PPC for small business? Those who run a small business in Malaysia must ask this question.  PPC really works for small businesses. As a small business, you have to increase your brand awareness. To increase this, you have to create a great website for your business so the customer will know your brand.

The other important element of this endeavor is to become discoverable among your target customers. With the help of PPC advertising, you can target your ads to users searching for specific search terms related to your products/services.

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Benefits of PPC for Small Businesses in Malaysia

What are the benefits of paid advertising and Benefits of paid search. Here are the benefits of using PPC advertising for small businesses in Malaysia.

Easily to Create and Manage

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Nowadays, online advertising is a little bit easier with the many features their platform offers by Google. So do PPC or pay-per-click. You can create from account creation to creating ads, the summarized steps along the way make Google Ads a fairly user-friendly platform – even for a first time user.  This is the Importance of PPC for small business.

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Only Pay When the Ads is Clicked

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One of the advantages of PPC over SEO is you only pay when your ads are clicked. With this PPC you can save more of your advertising budget. PPC can definitely make you money by offering the ability to set up and launch a campaign within a matter of a few minutes. Instantly pause and optimize whenever you want. 

You can make money within the first 24 hours of creating your ad if people who click decide to convert. On top of your ad being timely, it’s also budget-friendly because you only pay when your ads are clicked. Your ads will be seen by hundreds of people for free, but unless they click – you don’t pay. You are not charged just for appearing in search results. 

You are only paying for users who are interested enough to click on your ad, small business PPC is well-liked by many small business owners. There’s also features in PPC that can help you to set your budget and a maximum cost you are willing to spend for each click. 

Targeting Options

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Using PPC for small businesses can help you to do deep targeting. Business owners can target the specific locations, keywords and demographics as they want. Your target can be extremely detailed when using PPC for your business.With the help of audience targeting options, business owners can target only specific keywords that are related to their business. 

For example, if you are a laundry owner and you don’t want to show your ads to people who are interested in buying drinks. You can settle through Keyword targeting, PPC gives you the targeting option of showing your ads only for the selected keywords and only to the interested people.

Automation Options

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PPC provides the ability for advertisers to automate some of their basic functions such as setting budgets, pausing the campaigns after crossing a certain daily spend or even not showing ads for particular words. 

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These automation options will save a lot of your time. There are some tasks in PPC for small businesses that require a keen eye for detail and need to be monitored constantly to achieve the best result. But this set and forget feature for some of the basic tasks sure saves a lot of time and effort.

Success Story of Using PPC for Small Business in Malaysia

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There are a lot of advantages when talking about using PPC for small business in Malaysia. The most important is when it comes to showing your ads for a competitor’s business. This PPC has been used by several businesses in Malaysia. This PPC can be used to capture your competitor’s customers.

For example, you own a neighborhood rental car service. As a business owner, you know Enterprise Car Rental is most popularly searched by customers.Using PPC advertising lets you bid for such competitive keywords. And if you win the bidding auction, Google will show your ad when that particular keyword is searched regardless of what the intent was. 

To use this PPC, we suggest you work with professionals PPC agency for small business when choosing to tackle a more advanced method of PPC for small businesses. So it will work well for your business.


PPC or also known as pay per click is an advertisement that advertisers pay when someone clicks their ads. These PPC ads will show up when a particular keyword is searched by a user. PPC can also be used for small businesses in Malaysia. 

PPC will help to increase the brand awareness so that the customer will know your brand. Beside that, there are also benefits of using this PPC for small businesses in Malaysia such as easy to create and manage, only pay when the ads is clicked, you can do the deep targeting and you can set your budget for the ads.

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