is Malaysia’s favorite local app for searching, buying and selling pre-loved items. Some people still don’t know about how to post in Mudah. Are there any tips that you can do while selling on Mudah? Here is the explanation. 

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What is Mudah MY?

Mudah Malaysia is part of Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplace platforms in Southeast Asia. Launched in August 2012, Mudah Carousell began in Singapore and now has a presence in eight markets under the brands Carousell, Mudah, Chot Tot and OneKyat. Carousell is backed by Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia India and Naspers.

As one of the most famous marketplace in Malaysia. Mudah MY com site allows anyone to buy and sell in his or her region simply and conveniently. connects millions of buyers and sellers in Malaysia every month by delivering remarkable user experience on the site. Every Malaysian can find something to buy or sell on

For individuals or small businesses who would like to expand their business, Mudah now offers a virtual storefront called Pro Niaga, and the basic version is free to anyone to subscribe.

Benefits of Selling Online on Mudah MY?

People who use this platform have more advantages such as listing multiple items at once, unique storefront URL and integrating their storefront with Paypal to accept payments securely from buyers.

Paid premium options are also available to enhance the features of the Pro Niaga accounts. The other benefits of selling online on Mudah MY Malaysia are:

  • Enjoy a simple platform to set up your own online shop instantly.
  • Organise and manage the products you sell on with ease.
  • Greater convenience for your regular customers who can visit your store at any time.
  • Get discounts on Mudah credits that can be used to pay for premium services.

This marketplace is very useful for a C2C business model, because there are a lot of beneficial features that will give profits to each user.

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Features on Mudah

Here are the features of Mudah that you can enjoy. Let’s check it out!

Listing an Item

For individuals, Mudah is an excellent online business platform to list items you no longer want. Items can range from old textbooks, household furniture to vehicles and event properties. Inserting an ad for the item you’d like to let go is free of charge on Mudah but do take note of their rules to avoid your listing being denied from publishing. 

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You have the option of allowing buyers to contact you via Whatsapp. While this may seem like an unwise decision to have your contact details published publicly, this feature is very useful when you need to sell items quickly.

Once you submit your listing, you will have a chance to preview your listing and select options for paid premium services in exchange for increased visibility.

Upon proofreading the listing, you can then insert the ad and wait for it to be approved. This usually takes less than 24 hours and you’ll be informed via email upon a successful ad insertion.

Prohibited Goods and Services

Just as Mudah is strict with their rules on how to correctly list an item or service to be published, they are equally as strict on what you can offer in the listing.

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Some prohibited items include:


  • Adult Sex Toy, Alcohol / Liquor, Brand new DC comic books and merchandise.
  • E-book, Email Address, Foreign Registered Vehicle, Hacking Device or Software.
  • Health Supplement for Infants, Mobile Phone Number and SIM Card.
  • Offensive Propaganda (including items related to Politics, Religion or other sensitive issues).
  • Paintball Marker, Gun and Firearm (Real, Replica, Toy or Fake).
  • Pre-ordered Item.
  • Products that go against the sales policy of any brand or company, i.e. products from Herbalife, Shaklee, Amway, TongYang Inc., STIHL, Elken, Phyto Science & USANA.
  • Satellite Dish, Speed Trap Device, Spy Gadget.
  • Tobacco-based products, e-cigarettes, vape devices & liquids, pod systems and all their accessories.
  • Uncertified Herbal Medication.
  • Unsafe slimming products (not approved by the Ministry of Health), for example Collagen Slim, Beautiful Slim Body and Figure-Up.
  • Used Undergarment.
  • Vehicle Registration Number and Document.
  • Vehicle with ‘Continue Payment’, ‘Continue Loan’ or ‘Sambung Bayar’.


  • Black Magic Services, Car Pool Services, Counselling Services.
  • Day Care or Babysitting Services, Domestic Help.
  • Insurance or Medical Plans.
  • Jobs from Overseas (except Singapore).
  • Loan and Refinancing Services.
  • Looking for Agents, Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers, Joint Ventures, Business Partners and other similar ads.
  • Matchmaking or Dating Services, Modelling Services, Human Trafficking.
  • Personal Messages/Greetings/Announcements.
  • Provision of Bank Loans, Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.
  • Rental of Private Individuals’ Vehicles, Reunion Events or Get-Together Gatherings.
  • Single or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, SLM, Direct Sales).
  • SMS Services, Tattoo Services, Unlock or Jailbreak Services for Gadgets
  • Wifi and Broadband Services.

Tutorial How to Post Products On Mudah MY?

Inserting your ad in Mudah is easy. Here are the steps. 

Go to Mudah Website

First, go to the Mudah website, or you can search MY Mudah com to find it easily in your search engine. 

Select the Proper Category

Select the proper category and choose an option.

Upload Photos of Your Items

Next, upload some photos of your item. Remember to avoid uploading photos with the watermarks and logos from other websites. 

Fill in The Ad Details

Fill in your ad details location and a proper price. To get your ad approved faster or avoid Mudah pending review of your ad, try to be as accurate as possible. 

Fill in The Contact Details

Lastly, fill in your contact details. Create a password to manage your as later on, then submit your ad. 

Click Submit Now

Fill in your password to manage your ad. Once you have done, click the Submit Now button. Contact Mudah Customer Service if Mudah ads not showing.

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Tips Selling Online on Mudah MY

Want to sell online on Mudah Malaysia? Come and check these tips below!

Post Ad during Primetime

Just like how most brands choose to fork out millions to advertise during primetime because that’s when most people are tuned in – you too can adopt a similar strategy and post your Mudah ads (for free!) on during certain hours in the day. The three most strategic times to post your ad:

  • Between 7:00 am – 9:00 am
  • 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
  • 6:00 pm onwards (weekdays)

These are the times where sees high traffic to their website. So what you need to do is be prepared to post your ad during those times. Get your images and product description ready beforehand so you won’t waste the opportunity to reach more potential customers!

Keep Up with Market’s Trends

Always keep an eye out for the latest trends as well as any festivities before you plan what and when you want to post an ad for your online business. Different time periods will always have different opportunities, so pay close attention and be ready to tap into the market.

Use the Right Words

To get the most visibility for your ads you must make sure your word is right. You can include links in the product description but the links must be relevant.

Use the correct spelling and the right keywords so that when potential buyers use the search option, you can ensure your items will show up. For example, if you’re selling an IPhone, spell it right. You’ll lose out if you spell it as i-fone.


From the above explanation, you have understood how to post in Mudah. To sell in Mudah, you need to take beautiful photos of your items, give your items good names and list them in the correct category, set realistic prices, share your listings, and get your items featured on the marketplace.

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