Online shopping has become the most popular activity nowadays. You can take this opportunity to set your own business. You can be a Lazada individual seller or you can be a LazMall seller. The question is how to become LazMall seller? Are you curious? Read this article for more information needed.

What Is Lazada?

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Lazada is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in South East Asia which offers several products such as consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. 

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Lazada was founded in 2012 and has a presence in six countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Now Lazada has the largest selection of brands and sellers, and by 2030, Lazada aims to serve 300 million customers. 

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What Is LazMall?

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You might be confused about what is LazMall and what is the difference between Lazada marketplace vs LazMall philippines. LazMall is also known as Lazada Mall is a marketplace which offers products from international and local brand sellers and also authorized distributors for customers who want to access a wide range of branded products.

People also known as LazMall authentic which means that LazMall only sells authentic products. So you don’t need to be worried when shopping in LazMall because they don’t sell fake one. LazMall offer the customer the best shopping experience with the highest quality online shopping experience by giving the promise such as:

  • The products are 100% authentic and not fake one. LazMall will give you compensation of five times your money back if the products you receive are not authentic.
  • 15 days easy returns, you can get free return for 15 days for all LazMall products except the non returnable categories as per Lazada guidelines.
  • Next day delivery, The seller will send your products on the next day after your delivery so you will receive your order faster.

The Benefits of Becoming LazMall Seller

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What is the LazMall benefits for seller? You might be curious about the benefits of becoming a LazMall seller. Here are the benefits you will get as a LazMall seller:

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  • LazMall badge on all your products throughout the customer journey.
  • Inclusion in the brand dedicated channel.
  • Enjoy higher and better visibility on homepage.
  • Higher search (usually known as better search rank).
  • Exclusive access to dedicated LazMall campaigns and Mega campaign barter program.
  • Access to marketing solutions portal to accelerate your business.
  • Dedicated service of key account managers.
  • Can add up to 6 products in Seller Picks.
  • Receive access to golden slots and marketing solutions.
  • Enjoy the free service from a customer service team that is solely dedicated to LazMall customers.

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How to Join LazMall?

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How do I become a LazMall seller? Actually there are two ways to join LazMall. You can join LazMall as a new seller or as the existing seller. But before you can join the LazMall, you have to fulfill all the requirements such as:

  • Got minimum 30 orders each month.
  • Got 6 months on Lazada.
  • Your seller rating above 70%.
  • Your cancellation rate due to seller fault is under 2%.
  • You can ship on time.
  • Your chat response rate is 85% and above.
  • The return rate of your products is under 1%.

How Can I Register for Lazada Mall Seller? Here Are the Steps to Join LazMall!

If you are new seller:

  • Go to LazMall seller center login.
  • Sign up as a LazMall seller.
  • Fill in your details data in the form appears.
  • Read and tick the term and condition checkmark.
  • Click sign up.

If you are existing seller:

  • Login to your Lazada seller account.
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Go to the brands tab.
  • Lazada will see your performance. If you are qualified, you will see the forms after selecting the brand tab.
  • Fill in your details data.
  • Then click submit.

FAQs About LazMall Sign Up

Here are some frequently asked questions about LazMall sign up.

How Long Does the Registration Process Take?

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How do you become a LazMall seller and how long will it take for the process? This is the most frequently asked question. You can be the LazMall seller if you fulfill all the criteria and make the registration for becoming the LazMall seller. This process will take approximately three weeks for the Lazada team to accept or reject your registration.

Can You Be A Lazada Seller and LazMall Seller at the Same Time?

You can not be a Lazada preferred seller and LazMall seller at the same time because you cannot create a separate account for Lazada selling. Once you become a LazMall Seller, you can’t go back to your old account anymore.

How Will You Be Notified about the Application Result?

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When you register to be a LazMall seller, you can see the result by email. Lazada will send all the information through email. So as the LazMall seller commission, Lazada will inform your commision by using email.

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Does Signing up for LazMall Automatically Make You a LazMall Seller?

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Signing up or registering for becoming a LazMall doesn’t mean you will automatically become the LazMall seller. You have to fulfill all the criterias or requirements made by Lazada such as the minimum order for each month, your seller rating, the cancellation rate due to seller fault, shipping time and fee, chat response and the return rate of your products.

Lazada will consider those criterias. If you pass all of them, Lazada will inform you about the status of your LazMall registration as soon as possible.


Lazada is one of the famous e-commerce platforms in Malaysia. Can individual sell on Lazada? Of course! You can choose to be a Lazada seller or a LazMall seller. Becoming a LazMall seller is the first step to gaining access which will help you to grow your business as an online seller.

Besides the existing Lazada seller, the new seller also can be the LazMall seller but you have to fulfill all the requirements made by Lazada. By becoming the LazMall seller, you can get a lot of benefits such as Enjoy higher and better visibility on homepage, better search rank, exclusive access to LazMall campaigns and also your customer will trust you. 

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