Shopping is easier right now with Lazada. Your Lazada shipping fee will be based on the weight and volumetric of the item you buy. This Lazada shipping fee is calculated based on the chargeable weight and if your parcel has failed delivery, you will not be charged with this shipping fee.

Do you want to know about the shipping fee Lazada voucher in Malaysia. This article will explain about it.  Let’s check this out!

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How to Order in Lazada?

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Lazada is one of the most popular ecommerce sites in Malaysia. For your additional information, Lazada was founded in 2012 and the business has grown across South Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Before you can order in Lazada, you need to register your Lazada account first. Take these steps to regiLazadaster your Lazada account.

  • Step 1 Download the  mobile application for free at Google Play or App Store.
  • Step 2 Go into the app then select log in on the top badge of your Lazada homepage.
  • Step 3 You will be directed to the login page. After that click sign up now on the bottom right corner.
  • Step 4 Register for a Lazada account in three ways by using a mobile phone, Facebook account or Google Account. 
  • Step 5 If you are using your phone number to register, you have to enter your Lazada username, password and email address to complete your Lazada account.
  • Step 6 Finish it by clicking sign up. If your registration is complete, you will receive an email.

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For your information, if you register the Lazada account by using the mobile number, you will receive a 6 digit verification code through SMS. You need to fill in the code you get through SMS in the registration form. However, if you register by using your Facebook account, you need to insert the phone number and email address you use to register your Facebook account.

How to set shipping fee in Lazada? You need to follow  these steps to order and set shipping fees in Lazada. Check this out!

  • Search for the item you wish to buy.
  • Choose from the result and click “Add to Cart”.
  • Once finalized, click the Shopping Cart icon to view items on Cart.
  • Select items you wish to order and click “Check out”.
  • Review Order details before Tapping “Place Order”.
  • Choose the payment method you want.
  • Insert the vouchers such as discount voucher and free shipping voucher if  any 
  • Click confirm selection.
  • A confirmation will appear once order has been successfully placed and will proceed under the shipment.

What is Shipping Fee?

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Shipping fee means the fees payable to company for availing of the courier services through company’s courier partners and the fee is variable depending on product, size, weight, dimension, volumetric, place of pickup and other terms mentioned. In other words, it is  the cost used to ship items from seller to buyer.

Sellers can determine and disclose the cost to ship this item by looking at the item’s weight and how far the destination is.

Lazada Shipping Fee

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How is Lazada free shipping fee term and condition? There is a new item from Lazada shipping fee which is called Lazada shipping fee rate card. This shipping fee rate card is effective from 23 April 2021. Here are the things you will get by using this Lazada shipping fee rate card.

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  • This  new rate card introduces two new sub groups such as  intra region and cross region. Intra region means the shipment is between Klang Valley and Klang Valley. While Cross region shipment is between Klang Valley and Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Penang, Penang, Senai, Kulai.
  • Shipping fee rates for these new sub groups are cheaper for chargeable weight up to 2 kg.

How is the Shipping Fee Calculated?

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People also asked why Lazada shipping fee expensive. Actually there are two potential answers to this question. First it might be because of the weight. Second, it might be because of how far the destination is. 

How to set shipping fees in Lazada? Your Lazada shipping fee is based on the computer on the chargeable weight. From that chargeable weight, it will be used to calculate the shipping fee. So that, to see how much is the Lazada shipping fee to east Malaysia, you need to consider this:

  • Determine your parcel’s chargeable weight.
  • Match the chargeable weight with your courier rate card.

What is chargeable weight? chargeable weight  is the greater of the actual weight or volumetric or dimensional weight so that the seller needs to input the correct parcel measurement to ensure that you and the buyer will be charged with the correct shipping fee.

Free Shipping Max Program

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There is a new program on Lazada shipping fee. What is a free shipping max program? Free shipping max program is a Lazada shipping fee 2021 program which allows customers to enjoy free shipping of RM8 with a minimum spend of RM12 on any items from all mentioned categories. This program is applicable to all nationwide delivery destinations.

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This free shipping program has started since 16 March 2021 and has been extended to 31 December 2021. This  Lazada shipping fee Malaysia covers all items storewide which are provided by the seller who joins the program.

You can see whether the item you want to buy is sold under this program or not by clicking on the Free Shipping homepage banner or using the Free Shipping filter and you can see all items that are eligible for the voucher redemption listed there.

So what is the difference between Lazada seller shipping fee and Free Shipping Max Program? Seller free shipping is created by the seller from the seller center and the cost will be borne by the seller.  You can see and redeem the Lazada shipping fee voucher at the promotions and choose free shipping. While free shipping max is the newly launched subscription based model where the seller pays 4% commision as participation fee. 


Lazada is one of the most popular ecommerce sites in Malaysia. You can buy many things in Lazada such as groceries, home appliances, clothing, gadgets and others. You will be charged a shipping fee. The amount of shipping fee will depend on the courier, weight, and how far the destination is. How to change shipping fee in Lazada? You can change it at the Lazada application.

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