Most people nowadays love to purchase things online which is easier by just looking and clicking the items they want on their phone. Customers can also get many promotional items or discounts at e-commerce platforms. They might buy bundles Lazada too. The question is how to set wholesale price in Lazada and how to put discount on Lazada. 

In the previous article, we discussed how to create a store in Lazada and how to upload products in Lazada. In this article, we will discuss the bundle promotion to boost up your sales. So, are you curious on how to create bundle in Lazada and its effect on your sales? This article will share the tips you need to know. So, let’s check this out!

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What is Bundles in Lazada Malaysia?

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What are Bundles? I think most of you have seen these bundled items in supermarkets or online stores. Bundles are a collection of things or quantities of material tied or wrapped up together as though into a parcel. So you have to buy the items together as wrapped and you may not buy it separately. Bundled items are usually cheaper than non bundled ones.

In Lazada, you can also set a bundle promotion to attract your customer. Lazada buy 1 free 1 is one example of bundles items you can find in Lazada. This bundle promotion is really working to attract customers to buy your products because customers love discount items. 

Sellers can offer bundling discounts by using bundles. There are 4 kinds of bundle tools such as:

  • Quantity : buy X same items, get Y discount for each item.
  • Buy 1 get 1 Free : Buy 1 X item, get 1 same item for free.
  • Combo : buy 1 X main product with Y % off, get 1 of the combo products with Z% off.
  • Free Gift : buy 1 X main product with Y% off, get 1 free gift.

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How to Create a Bundle Promotion to Boost Sales in Lazada Malaysia?

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How to create a bundle in Lazada? To set this bundle promotion, sellers can create it by using Lazada add on deal feature from Lazada seller center then choose promotions and click bundles then you can add your bundles promotion.

As a seller, you are free to create your bundle promotion and Lazada is not allowed to force the seller about the bundle promotion. Sellers can deactivate the bundles promotion real-time if they change their mind and want to end the bundles promotion.

In this bundle promotion, there’s also a minimum and maximum discount that sellers can offer. For percentage discount off, sellers may offer a minimum discount of 1% and the maximum discount of 99%.

Only the physical products are allowed to join the bundles promotion and  the non physical products are excluded from the creation of the bundles promotion. All sellers except the retail seller are eligible to create bundle promotions. All customers are able to enjoy bundles as long as their orders meet the promotion criteria.

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There’s also a frequently asked question like is there any special conditions sellers need to know when creating a bundle? The answer is there are no limitations or rules by Lazada that limits any seller from creating a bundle promotion.

But these bundles cannot be applied together with Flexi Combo Promotions. If a SKU is applied to both Flexi Combo and Bundles, only Flexi Combo promotion will take effect.

Can Customers Cancel One Item under a Bundle Promotion?

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Customers are not allowed to cancel any of the items under the same bundle promotion after order is placed. Customers should cancel all items under the bundle promotion including the free gifts and free samples that are offered by the promotions.

But as long as the SKU is not shipped, any of the items under the same bundle promotion can be cancelled. Lazada is also able to cancel any items under the same bundle promotion before the product is shipped.

Returning of any of the items under the same bundle promotion is not applicable. If the customer wants to return the products, they have to return all the items under the bundle promotion including the free gifts and the free samples they get from the bundle promotion. 

Sellers are not allowed to initiate return of any of the items under the same bundle promotion after the item is delivered. So as Lazada, Lazada is not able to return any of the items under the same bundle promotion.

Tips to Increase Your Sales

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There’s no significant tips to sell your product online on the Internet. The most important thing is you have to know what exactly you want to do, determine your business nature and products and don’t forget to make a promotion. Here are tips To increase your sales. Let’s check this out! 

The first step is to understand the customers’ behaviour and buying decisions. As you know your customers’ habits like what they like, the factors that make them buy your products, the people and things that influence your customer behaviour, will the discount voucher help?

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Lazada is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Asia which sell a lot of products.  Online marketplace has bursted into popularity nowadays. More and more people prefer buying their things online rather than the conventional stores these days.

They like to do online shopping because it is convenient and we can compare the price easily. Beside that, a marketplace offers a lot of discounts. 

As a seller, you can attract your customer to buy your products by creating a bundle promotion. You also have to follow Lazada guidelines. And don’t forget to join Lazada marketing campaigns and follow other seller tips to increase your sales as mentioned above to help your promotion and boost up your sales.

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