Benefit Instagram for business? The impact of the rise of visual content on social networks is most apparent on Instagram. As a result, many brands are scrambling to understand how to best use Instagram benefits. Instagram’s rise has been astronomical and understandably so.

And Instagram is so huge because building a social network that connects people solely through visual elements is a powerful way to capture and sustain our attention.

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Why use Instagram for business 2020? Brands and marketers have raced to capitalise on the immense growth of the social platform and many are successfully learning how to sell on Instagram.

But the brands that excel in mastering social commerce trends like this know something that brands who flop don’t: Instagram photos convert and you’re not getting the full benefit of Instagram because you don’t know the real secret to using these photos for marketing.

To build an Instagram marketing strategy, you need to understand why these graphics are so valuable and how to create the right images for Instagram.

You need to take full advantage of the power of Instagram photos, using them in marketing materials across channels.

The Benefits of Using Instagram Photos in Marketing

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram for business? Why Instagram images are so powerful and the reasons they convert better than generic photos. But first, let’s learn how Instagram photos can benefit word of mouth marketing and strategies for using these pictures in marketing channels.

Connect with Customers Across Multiple Channels

Using Instagram on your site allows you to connect with customers across multiple channels and increase cross channel engagement.

For example, let’s say you display photos from your Instagram account on your website. When a customer is browsing on your site, they may not follow you already on Instagram.

But when they see a gallery of Instagram photos, they can click through to see your account, start following you, and reconnect with you later.

Take a look at how Josie Maran Cosmetics uses a dedicated gallery of Instagram photos on their website to lead people to their Instagram.

Re-use Marketing Materials: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Using Instagram photos in your eCommerce marketing plan allows you to work smarter, not harder.

You already need a social marketing strategy, so why not repurpose those photos across channels and leverage them as marketing images on your site or in ads on Instagram? This saves you the trouble of needing to create more content.

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Attract Engaged Traffic: Build a Community That Comes Back Time and Time Again

Another benefit of using Instagram pictures is that traffic that comes from these photos is super-engaged.

Instagram drives more engaged traffic than any other social channel. Research shows that when comparing time on site from various social channels, Instagram beats out other sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and more.

Instagram content drives more engaged traffic than other visual social content from YouTube or Pinterest.

Additionally, Instagram helps you engage with your audience on the social platform, increasing the chance that you can bring customers back for repeat purchases.

If someone buys from you and then follows you on Instagram, they’re likely to see your brand on a regular basis and purchase from you again.

And return customers are more valuable, accounting for nearly 33.3% of the overall money spent in eCommerce and spending nearly 3x more than regular shoppers.

Boost Your Marketing With UGC: Use Photos From Customers

If you don’t already have solid user-generated content marketing strategies to increase sales, it’s time to jump on board. It’s the single most effective way to grow relevant traffic and sales. Instagram has the potential for user generated content built in.

On Instagram, customers are constantly creating and sharing images of their own. With their permission, you can use their images for your own marketing.

Don’t Market Blindly: Know How Content Will Perform Ahead of Time

You never want to invest already tight Instagram resources in content that won’t perform well. Luckily, on Instagram, you already have feedback about how your audience will react to content before you take up valuable real estate on your website or shell out money for Instagram ads.

Before choosing content for your Instagram UGC campaigns, you can measure the results of how it was received on Instagram.

This allows you to choose the photos that customers liked most on Instagram and then display them on your site, rather than guessing which product photos will perform best.

Why Instagram Converts

Benefits of advertising on Instagram? Instagram photos convert better than product photos or generic advertising photos because of the combination of very basic psychological principles.

First, let’s take a look at the difference between a generic photo and an Instagram photo. Below, find 2 examples of photos from clothing brand Gap. In the first, a classic brand ad

and in this example, an Instagram photo.

Which photo do you think drives more sales and builds more trust in customers? The Instagram photo! Why?

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Examples of Brands That Benefit from Instagram Photos

What is Instagram for business? Want to understand how successful brands leverage Instagram photos on their website? The most popular ways brands display Instagram photos on site is in a dedicated gallery, on their homepage, or on product pages.

The reason brands choose to use Instagram photos on site is because they add variety, with dynamic content that’s constantly changing. Also, Instagram photos are much more authentic and lively than generic photos; they display a real peek into the life of the brand, instead of static product photos.

Gentleman Jon Shave Company Adds a Personal Touch On Site

Gentleman Jon Shave Company pulls photos from their Instagram account and showcases them on their homepage.

As mentioned above, Instagram photos are powerful because they’re aesthetically pleasing. Gent Jon chooses photos for his Instagram that align with his old-time, nostalgic branding.

Braithwait Gets Customers Involved By Showcasing Their Photos On Site

Braithwait also collects customer photos and combines these with photos from their Instagram to show in a dedicated gallery on site.

This is a perfect example of how you can connect multiple channels through Instagram photos, as Braithwait includes a button to go straight to their Instagram to see the photos.

Pura Vida Shows Off Customer Photos On Product Pages

Pura Vida is one brand that does a fabulous job of showing off customer photos across their site. One awesome example of how they use Instagram photos is on their product pages, where they display a gallery of photos of customers using the product.

It’s a super effective way to show a product in real life examples and instil trust in potential customers.

Instagram Marketing Strategies that Drive More Engagement

Benefits of Instagram on society? A lot of brands want to know how to sell on Instagram and what are some of the most important Instagram marketing tips for businesses.

But they focus on the wrong questions: They want to know how to sell on Instagram, how to promote products on Instagram or how to increase sales on Instagram.

The truth is, you’ll never succeed at selling on the platform if you don’t understand how to create and curate the right kind of photos.

Figuring out visual commerce on Instagram requires understanding the type of images that work on the platform.

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Instagram photos convert better than other types of visual content because they signal similarity, authenticity, and, of course, they’re pretty! Instagram pics also convert because customers trust photos from previous customers more than branded images.

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