Launching your WooCommerce store and then hitting the sales targets involves a combination of marketing strategies. It requires marketing tactics including WooCommerce affiliate to reach your goal. But some of us are still confused about what an affiliate is and how to apply for an affiliate in WooCommerce. So here is the explanation of WooCommerce Affiliate and how to apply. 

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What Is Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a way of amplifying the reach of your brands by giving rights to affiliate marketers for distributing your products and services to a wider audience, and during the process compensate them for each sale. As an eCommerce website in Malaysia, WooCommerce also offers affiliate programs. To know how to create an affiliate in WooCommerce, please keep reading.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worthy?

Affiliate marketing is a quick and easy way to get more people to visit your store and buy your products because it’s not only you who is marketing your online store, your affiliate partners are now helping you get more sales in return for a commission.

These affiliate partners implement marketing strategies of their own to promote your store after signing up to your affiliate program and for every sale they bring, you pay them a certain percentage, which is the cost of running this program. The more lucrative your commission plan, the more affiliate partners are going to join your program which ultimately results in more sales.

An affiliate program also helps you build a loyal customer base as you can convert your customers into your affiliate partners as well but instead of giving them commission, you can offer them store credit for every sale they bring.

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Does WooCommerce Have an Affiliate Program?

Besides the Shopee Affiliate program, WooCommerce also has an affiliate program. You can choose your best WooCommerce affiliate plugin first. WooCommerce affiliate plugins are needed to implement your affiliate marketing strategy. Here are some affiliate plugins you can choose.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliate is another plugin in its portfolio that helps store owners run an effective affiliate program by automating various tasks and giving more control to store owners. YITH WooCommerce Affiliate is one of plugins that offer WooCommerce affiliate plugin free.

Using the YITH WooCommerce Affiliate plugin, you will be able to set different commission rates for various affiliate partners based on their performance and revenue generation. You can also design various discounts and assign WooCommerce affiliate coupons for your affiliate partners to use to promote your products and drive more sales.

The plugin has two versions, free and paid. The paid version comes with all the features of the free version plus a few advanced options such as the ability to ban affiliate partners, advanced reporting, and setting time-lapse for visits. YITH WooCommerce Affiliate priced $99.99 for a single site and $279.99 for 6 sites.

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Affiliate For WooCommerce

Affiliate for WooCommerce is an affiliate plugin built by the expert team at StoreApps, a popular WooCommerce plugin developer with several plugins listed on the official WooCommerce website.

The plugin gives you full control of your affiliate program where you can perform various functions including approving affiliate partner requests, releasing payouts, turning customers into affiliate partners, and much more.

Affiliate for WooCommerce also comes with an intuitive dashboard that presents all the useful information you need in a simplified manner. It uses a WooCommerce affiliate theme single page UI so that you do not need to spend time browsing between tabs to find specific data. You also get full support from the plugin developers so that you get the help you need if you run into any trouble. WooCommerce priced $129 billed annually.

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You might have heard of ReferralCandy as it is one of the top WooCommerce affiliate plugins around that helps you grow your business through a referral model, which means your customers will turn into your affiliate partners by referring your WooCommerce affiliate url or products to more people.

This robust affiliate tool automates your referral program by paying out your customers automatically which frees up a lot of your time. The dashboard is not only intuitive but they have recently updated it to be faster than before.

ReferralCandy can also be seamlessly integrated with other ecommerce tools such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and more. As you know, Google Analytic can be used to track PPC leads. ReferralCandy priced 49/mo billed monthly for premium and $3999/mo billed annually for enterprise.

How Do I Create an Affiliate in WooCommerce?

Affiliate marketing is a smart and easy way to make money online by promoting other companies’ or brands’ products.  It helps to improve your sales by letting other users share your products on their sites and blogs in exchange of a commission for each product sold. Below are some easy steps to start affiliate marketing on your WooCommerce store.

  1. Select the best Affiliate Manager Plugin.
  2. Choose your niche.
  3. Drive traffic to your Affiliate site.
  4. Convert the clicks into the sales.

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After knowing some WooCommerce Affiliate plugins, you can make WooCommerce affiliate plugin comparison. Affiliate marketing is an effective tool to scale your ecommerce business beyond your physical boundaries by letting third-party sellers sell your products in return for a commission. 

Using a good affiliate plugin ensures that your affiliate marketing program is running smoothly and is not taking up a lot of your time by managing affiliate links, payouts, commissions, and much more.