Every year, thousands of new e-commerce firms are created, and new online merchants have a plethora of platform alternatives to choose from. Should you go with a hosted platform, such as Shopify, or a self-hosted application, such as WooCommerce Malaysia? Should you go with the simplest solution or one that can grow with your company? 

WooCommerce, which is used on around 2.3 million e-commerce stores worldwide, is especially favorable to newbie e-commerce businesses since it combines ease of use with great power, flexibility, and functionality.

How to Set Up a WooCommerce Store? 

The simplicity of installation of WooCommerce is likely what has so many website owners wondering, “what is WooCommerce?” The procedure is straightforward: go to your WordPress dashboard, click “Plugin Options,” search for WooCommerce, and download the plugin to your WordPress site. The Setup Wizard will then guide you through the simple process of building your online store.

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What is WooCommerce? 

What exactly is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a WordPress ecommerce plugin. It simplifies the process of building and operating an online store by providing fair levels of flexibility and a number of critical features such as inventory and tax administration, secure payments, and shipping connections. 

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Why Use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has a variety of useful features like order monitoring, customer involvement, shipping status notifications, inventory management, and more. WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress stores, with over 27 million downloads to date. WooCommerce is a simple to use platform. It is simple to use for inexperienced website owners. 

WooCommerce is the most popular and probably finest WordPress ecommerce plugin, and its integration allows you to incorporate both high SEO value and ecommerce capability. The following are ten features of WooCommerce and its advantages over alternative ecommerce systems.

Advantages of Choosing WooCommerce for Your Online Store?

WooCommerce provides WordPress site owners with unrivaled compatibility, flexibility, and usability. But first, let’s go a little further into the advantages of WooCommerce. Here are 5 reasons why you should use WooCommerce for your online business.

WooCommerce Is Modular

We need to analyze its modular frameworks to properly comprehend what WooCommerce is. Like WordPress, WooCommerce contains a range of functions that may be enhanced by adding plug-ins. Retailers using WooCommerce profit from this versatility twice: they have access to thousands of plugins and subjects of WordPress and hundreds of e-commerce extensions designed thus only for WooCommerce.

The purpose of a modular system is to help establish an extension-building community, which is not feasible with monolithic programs. It can offer special features. The proper plugins may be a fantastic platform for every retailer to build a WooCommerce store. 

These plugins may extend shipping functions, payments, handling of items, and more. When utilizing your store, WooCommerce plugin download itself is created and recommends numerous extra plugins.

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WooCommerce is WordPress

This implies that WooCommerce cannot be as good as a purpose-built e-commerce solution as it is restricted by its parent application. 

In actual fact, WooCommerce download benefit from the connection between WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. It’s so versatile and effective that WordPress is popular. Millions of companies use WordPress since it offers their website with the greatest foundation. It’s quick, safe, and user-friendly. The compatibility with WooCommerce themes between your existing WordPress themes ensures very easy integration.

WooCommerce possesses all the force and stability of WordPress and utilizes it for businesses and their consumers to develop a world-class e-commerce experience.

WooCommerce Can be Used to Sell Anything

WooCommerce has been amazingly versatile. You can sell anything using WooCommerce if you want to sell it. These include physical items, digital products, abounds, appointments, and many other things. Whether you are planning to offer only one digital good or a wide range. WooCommerce offers several e-commerce software features.

WooCommerce Provides World-Class Content Management

WooCommerce is not weak in terms of content, as you may expect from an ecommerce programme built on the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). 

Content is a key part of the marketing, sales optimization, and optimization of search engines. Together with WordPress and WooCommerce, they provide a comprehensive selection of content management tools, such as blogging, landing, email, and product descriptions. SEO plug-ins like Yoast WooCommerce SEO that are compatible with WooCommerce make optimizing your search content easy to implement.

WooCommerce is Fast

WordPress with WooCommerce can give online businesses of all sizes a quick and responsive e-commerce experience. WooCommerce’s main advantage. 

You can also speed up your WooCommerce shop by pairing it with the WooCommerce hosting that is designed particularly to enhance performance. Although standard web hosting can handle WooCommerce, it cannot deliver the highly optimized PHP, MySQL, server, and network infrastructures required for a responsive low-latency e-commerce experience.

Woocommerce Tutorial

After WooCommerce login, go to WooCommerce documentation > Products in your WordPress dashboard. Then, to create your first product, click the Create Product button.

Add Product Title and Description

In the title section, type the product’s name. Complete your product’s description next. You would like the description (particularly, the long description) to convey the benefits of a product. You may also add bullet points to make this section easier to read.

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Choose Product Type

WooCommerce allows you to utilize multiple product types depending on what you’re selling. You can select from four main product categories: 

  • Simple product – It is the default setting. This is a popular product among WoCommerce business operators. Take, for example, a one-size-fits-all cap. 
  • Grouped product – A grouped product is typically used to combine basic items, such as a bundle of five t-shirts. 
  • External/Affiliate product – You may use this option to link the “Add to Cart” button to an external website if you run a dropshipping business or an affiliate-based store. 
  • Variable product – A product that comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. For example, a t-shirt with sizes such as “Small,” “Medium,” “Large,” and so on.

You also have two more choices for customizing those four main product types: 

  • Virtual – This option is for individuals who are selling a digital product online that do not require a shipment. 
  • Downloadable – You can activate this if the product comes with a downloadable file. As an example, consider an eBook or an audio file. 

You may make this selection by using the drop-down and checkboxes in the Product data box, which displays immediately below the WordPress editor where you entered the product description.

Fill out the Product Data Meta Box


After you’ve decided on a product type, you’ll need to fill out the remainder of the information in the Product data box. You may browse between sections by using the tabs on the left.

Write an Engaging Short Description

After you’ve completed the Product data box, scroll down to the Product short description field. The short description is generally shown prominently on your single product page. The lengthier description you put above will generally appear lower down, depending on your WooCommerce theme.

Add Some Finishing Touches

  • Product categories and tags – Product categories and tags assist you in organizing items. Your customers will also be able to locate goods on the front end of your business by using categories and tags. Make them as reasonable and beneficial to your target consumers as possible. 
  • Product image — Include the product’s primary picture. This will be the biggest image on the single product page, as well as the catalogue page. 
  • Product gallery – You may add more photos to the gallery on the single product page.

Hit the Publish Button

Once you’ve double-checked that all of the product information is right, click Publish to make your product live, just as you would a blog post.

Woocommerce Vs Shopify

WooCommerce vs Shopify is a confrontation between two e-commerce titans. Shop powers for more than 800,000 online businesses, while the web is the most popular e-commerce platform for WooCommerce. WooCommerce price with Shopify price are also things that people often mention about. So, what about Shopify?

Shopify is strong, dependable, and easy to use, with beautiful layouts and excellent support for customers. 

The eCommerce plugin WooCommerce converts any WordPress site into a sophisticated online shop. Woocommerce pricing is free to install and is fantastic for customers, but hosting and security are things you must pay for. If you know how to code, you can build a huge online shop using WooCommerce (or can hire someone who does).

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Next Steps for Launching Your Store

Once you’ve uploaded all of your WooCommerce items, you’re almost ready to launch your store.

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