Physical stores could not offer the exact experience of online shopping. How to sustain your business if you are not present in the online world? With various mediums for online sellers to venture, the opportunity to reach locally and globally is high. Previously, we talked about Online Business Platforms in Malaysia,, but now it is time for eCommerce websites to shine.

eCommerce websites are another useful platform for online sellers to sell their products. For better understanding, let’s move forward to the real question, What are eCommerce websites in Malaysia?

What is eCommerce Website?

As the name suggests, eCommerce is the selling and purchase of products and services through an electronic medium, such as the Internet.In addition, it includes the transmission of data and money electronically between two or more parties. It’s internet shopping as we know it. Some eCommerce websites examples are Shopify and WooCommerce. . 

Most eCommerce companies utilise an eCommerce shop and/or an eCommerce platform to carry out their online marketing operations and sales and to monitor logistics and compliance.

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With the existence of eCommerce websites, the experience of online shopping is rather pleasing than going to physical stores. With just one click away, you can get whatever you want with the best prices. You don’t have to spend hours walking at the mall, looking for a perfect dress. You can just visit an eCommerce website and get the prettiest and affordable dress. 

An eCommerce website is a website that facilitates online transactions by transferring information and money over the Internet. There are four types of eCommerce websites that are available.

Here’s the four types of eCommerce websites:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B): Trade of products and services between businesses via electronic means. Business sells Statistical Analytics Software (SAS) goods to other companies, as an example.
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Electronic interactions between businesses and customers. For example: You purchase books on an online store.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): Most electronic transactions between customers include the use of a third party. Examples include you sell your used computer on eBay or Carousell to another consumer.
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B): Individuals provide goods and services to businesses through electronic transactions. For example: social media influencers promote brand products to their online followers in exchange for a fee.

It is important to know which types of eCommerce websites are suitable for your business. 

The Importance of Owning eCommerce Website

There are many options for sellers to start their online business. The onlines selling platforms such as social commerce or online marketplaces, providing many tools and benefits to the online sellers. Same goes to eCommerce websites, it has benefits for online sellers. So, how exactly, eCommerce websites benefit online sellers?

Here’s some of the benefits of owning eCommerce website:

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  1. Owning an eCommerce website lets you collect information and data about your existing customers. Therefore, it is easy for you to set up an email list of your customers and send marketing emails such as promotions, discounts or announcements of your new products.
  2. You can build brand awareness and strengthen your brand name. Using an eCommerce website lets you be creative with your content.
  3. By knowing how to increase your website traffic such as include relevant keywords in your content, create memorable content, use advertising to increase website traffic, send email newsletter, reach out for social media influencers and more could expose you to wider audiences on the Internet.
  4. Low operational costs

How to Create an eCommerce website using WooCommerce and Shopify?

There are tons of website builder available, and some of them are best website builder such as WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an open source platform like WordPress and the most popular option to construct a theme-based eCommerce website. And is now the most popular eCommerce technology. WordPress is a CMS open source that can be readily integrated with WooCommerce. With WordPress and WooCommerce, based on the goods you offer, you may design your site how you want.

A premium WordPress theme is a fantastic choice for an eCommerce website, since it has strong customer support and is customizable even further. 

Creating eCommerce Website via WooCommerce and WordPress

  1. Pick a domain name for your eCommerce website. 
  2. Pick a web hosting plan for storing your website data. For example Bluehost hosting plan
  3. Install WordPress using the1-Click installation via the web host you are using, and tab WordPress icon.
  4. Install WooCommerce Plugin on WordPress dashboard
  5. Install and activating a eCommerce website template

Shopify is an online shop and product subscription platform that enables anybody to set up and sell their goods. Shop owners may also physically offer Shopify POS, our point of sale software and associated hardware in physical locations. If you are a shopper with a physical and an online presence, your inventory and stock will be synchronised so that you may manage your store(s) on any device.

Creating eCommerce Website via Shopify

  1. Sign up Shopify
  2. Add your products
  3. Create key pages for your eCommerce store
  4. Choose a theme and customize your eCommerce website design
  5. Customize shipping settings
  6. Configure tax settings
  7. Set up payment gateway and payouts
  8. Be ready and launch your store

Voila, and you are done!

Best eCommerce Website

What are the other eCommerce websites that are available on the Internet? Here’s an eCommerce website list for you to check out:

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  • Weebly: Weebly is one of the eCommerce website free to use by online sellers especially for new online sellers
  • Webstarts lets you add an online store for free even though no SEO options such as title tags, descriptions, and more
  • Mozelo is another free eCommerce website but you can only sell physical items, no credit card payment and you can only sell up to 5 free products.
  • With Squareup, you do not have to pay monthly but they charge you 3% of every successful transactions
  • Freewebstore lets you sell your products to 20 products for free and there are no transaction fees. 
  • Strikingly only lets you sell 1 product for free. You need to subscribe to their plans to sell more products

Be Ready for a New Adventure

As many options of selling online lay in front of you, it might be hard for you to choose which is the best platform for your business. Considering the target audience, their taste and their data, you can come up with a greate solution. But if not, you can try to experiment with each online selling platform to feel the quality given. 

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