Shopee is one of the biggest ecommerce stores in Asia which offers many things for buyers and sellers. Now Shopee has a new programme which is called a Shopee affiliate program. Shopee affiliate is a program where you can do a collaboration with the publisher. This programme will help you to boost up your sales in Shopee

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So what is Shopee affiliate program Malaysia? Is it the same with the other affiliate programs? Are you curious and do you want to know more about it? This article will give you all the information you need about the Shopee affiliate program in Malaysia.

What Is Shopee Affiliate Program?

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Shopee Malaysia Affiliate Program works the same as Shopee Affiliate Program Singapore. Both of them are using the affiliate marketing to work. Affiliate Program is a program where the affiliate which is a publisher works with a Seller which is Shopee to promote and sell products on a commission-based payment model.

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In the other word, Seller Affiliate Program is a program that rewards sellers for converting their social media audience into Shopee buyers. Shopee has this Affiliate Program, where you can promote all the products available on the site and when you generate sales then you will be given a commission.

Can we get the incentives when using the Shopee affiliate program commission? The answer to this answer is absolutely yes. You can get the incentives by joining the Shopee affiliate program but you need to login Shopee Malaysia first. To get the incentives, you have to follow these steps:

  • Share the link online through social media posts, chat, e-mail, or other platforms. 
  • When the buyer clicks the link, it will redirect them to the App Store or Play Store.If the buyer has a Shopee app, it will automatically open the Shopee app.
  • Links redirect to your shop/product listing on Shopee. Buyers can place their orders through the link.
  • Sellers will earn commission if buyers place an order even if it’s not from their own shop.

How Much Sellers Get From Joining Shopee Affiliate Program?

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Affiliate Shopee and Lazada affiliate works the same. Those who join the affiliate program will get the commision fee. But before you can get the fee, you need to do Shopee login. The commision you get from joining Shopee affiliate program Malaysia is vary depending on how many clicks and how many buyers that do the purchase to your affiliate link.

The commission fee that Shopee seller get when joining this affiliate program will be paid in a given month and be calculated in accordance with the rates stated in the Shopee web. All the payout you get will be included in all value added taxes.

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The minimum payout is RM50. If the affilliae’s account balance is below the minimum payout, Shopee will hold such amounts due to the affiliate until the next payment period where affilliate’s account balance has reached the minimum payout.

How to be Shopee Affiliate?

How to join the Shopee affiliate program? The way to join the Shopee affiliate program now is the same as how to join the Shopee affiliate program 2021 philippines. Here is how to join the Shopee affiliate.

The first step you need to take is to register to Involve Asia, this site handles Shopee affiliates and other online affiliate services.Then Open the registration form and follow the step below so can create your account easily.

Property Info

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For Property URL, you need to paste Your Facebook Page Copy Link/URL. if you don’t have a Page, you can create one or use your Facebook profile or group instead. Then name the property with any name you want. Then select the content channel. For the property part, you have to explain all about your page.

Property Category

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In this step, you have to fill in the country, type of advertiser, traffic acquisition and ad format. 

Premium Inventory

In this part you just skip it or you can click no then click next. 

Personal Information

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At this step, you have to input your email and desired password. You can log in to your account immediately even if your account is still in progress for approval. Just make sure you use a valid email address.

Check Your Email to Confirm Your Registration

After the submission, double-check your email if you received a message from Involve Asia. This email is needed to confirm your account, so you are able to log in to the Involve Asia Dashboard. 

Is There Any Mininum Followers to Join Shopee Affiliate Program?

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Shopee affiliate programme is a free initiative where sellers can earn cash incentives for every completed order made via their personalised seller affiliate link. There is no Shopee lite minimum followers to join Shopee affiliate program but this programme is only available for selected sellers.

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You don’t need to apply for the seller affiliate programme as Shopee sellers because it will be automatically enrolled when it is made available.

Why should I join Shopee Affiliate Programme Malaysia? What are the benefits? Here are the reasons to join Shopee Affiliate Programme

  • Zero cost to join the programme.
  • Earn additional cash incentives for all completed orders made via sellers’ Seller Affiliate link.
  • No cap on monthly cash incentives payout.

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Tips on Doing Affiliate Program in Shopee

Here are the tips how to start your affiliate programme in Shopee:

  • Get your personalised seller affiliate link via push notification or seller affiliate program tab from the Shopee app.
  • Do the Shopee share. You can share your personalised seller affiliate link by using social media platforms such as instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and others.
  • Once there is a complete order made by using your affiliate link, you will earn cash incentives which will be credited to your seller wallet by the end of the month.


Seller Affiliate Program is a program that rewards sellers for converting their social media audience into Shopee buyers. Shopee has this Affiliate Program, where you can promote all the products available on the site and when you generate sales then you will be given a commission. 

To join this affiliate program, you need to fulfill the Shopee affiliate program requirements. This programme works by using a link. When your customer clicks the link. It will redirect to the Shopee app and buy some products, this is the time you will be given a commission.

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