The most important thing business owners need to understand about Facebook ads is that Facebook will show your ads to the people who are most likely to reach your goals. In short, choosing the right target is paramount to success. So you must choose the types of Facebook Ads that are the most suitable for you.

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What Is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are campaigns that advertisers create with specific goals. Facebook calls these advertising goals and creates ads within those campaigns to help you reach those goals. For example, a company may create a Facebook campaign because it wants more people to visit a website. When creating ads within that campaign, they select images, text, and audiences that they think will help drive that website traffic growth.

What Are Types Of Facebook Ads?

How do ads appear on Facebook? Facebook ad formats are a way for ads to appear creatively. Facebook’s ad format is the basic layout of your ad. Each ad objective has a variety of ad formats to choose from, and not all ad formats are available for all ad objectives. Single images with text, videos, full-screen interactive experiences, and more. Here are types of Facebook ads.

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Image Ads

These simple ads are a great way to get started with paid Facebook advertising. By boosting existing posts with images on your Facebook page, you can create them with just a few clicks. The image ad may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. 

They can be limited because there is only one image to convey the message. A single image format is not the best way to show how a product works or to showcase multiple products. 

Video Ads 

Video ads can appear in News Feeds, Stories, or appear as in-stream ads on longer Facebook videos. Video ads can show the behavior of your team or product. The only downside to video ads is that they take a long time to create.

Poll Ads 

This mobile-only Facebook ad format includes an interactive component by adding a two-choice vote to your image or video ad. You can add individual links for each survey option. Both you and the respondent will see the number of answers for each voting option. 

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads use up to 10 images or videos to showcase your product or service. You can use this format to highlight the different benefits of one product or several different products, or use all the photos together to create a large panoramic image. Each image or video can have its own link. 

Slideshow Ads 

Slideshow ads provide an easy way to create short video ads from a collection of still images, text, or existing video clips. Slideshow ads are as prominent as videos, but consume five times less the data. Therefore, even people with slow internet connection can load it sufficiently. You can create ads on Facebook and add text and music in Ads Manager. 

Slideshow ads can also be a great stepping stone for those who are new to video creation but want to get the reader’s attention with the movements and sounds that make video ads very effective. 

Collection Ads 

These paid Facebook ads for mobile only show you five images or videos that your customers can click to buy a product or service. The collection ads are combined with an Instant Experience to allow users to purchase their products without leaving Facebook. This makes online shopping on the go easier. 

Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience ads was formerly known as Canvas. You can also link several Instant Experiences to give people access to even more instant mobile content. 

With Instant Experience ads, audience members can swipe the carousel of an image, tilt the screen in different directions, and move their fingertips to zoom in and out. Instant experience ads load 10 times faster than standard mobile web apps since it has a smaller content Facebook size.

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Lead Ads 

Lead ads are only available on mobile devices. This is because it is specially designed to easily provide contact information without the need for a lot of input. Great for collecting newsletter subscriptions, signing up for a trial version of your product, or asking others for more information. 

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads allow you to promote your targeted products to the customers who are most likely to be interested. Suppose someone visits a product page or adds a product to your website’s shopping cart, but abandons the purchase. Dynamic advertising allows you to promote that particular product in their Facebook feed. 

This is a reminder to potential customers to complete their purchases and can be a very effective Facebook marketing strategy. 

Messenger Ads 

Facebook Messenger Ads gives you access to 1.3 billion users who use Messenger every month. When creating an ad, simply select Messenger as the desired Facebook Ads placement optimization. You also need to select a Facebook feed. 

You can also place a “Click to Messenger” ad in your Facebook feed. These ads have a CTA button to open a messenger conversation with your Facebook page. People can use it to talk directly with one of their sales representatives or customer service representatives. 

Stories Ads 

Story ads are a vertical mobile-only full-screen video format that allows you to maximize screen space without expecting your viewers to rotate the screen.

The story format is great for introducing your brand, but it’s not a silver bullet for advertisers because the story isn’t placed in your Facebook feed. Story media requires a different format than image and video ads, so you’ll have to create your own story-specific content, which can be more effective overall.

Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented Reality ads use features such as filters and animations to allow people to interact with your brand. For example, the filter helps the user see what the lipstick looks like on the lips or how the glasses fit on the face. You can also use Augmented Reality Ads to extend your reach. Ads allow users to take selfies using filters and share them on their channels.

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Tips On Using Facebook Ads

Below are tips on using Facebook Ads for you.

Don’t Overlook Better Funnel Marketing

It may be clean to raise awareness on short-time period conversions whilst calculating the price of a Facebook advertisement campaign. But studies from Facebook, Analytic Partners and GroupM indicate that better funnel brand-building advertisements can force income at a comparable fee in line with per dollar spent. 

In fact, in health care, brand messaging drove greater income than direct response campaigns for the ones aged 35 to 54. However, direct response drove greater income for teenagers. 

Use the Facebook Pixel—and get prepared for adjustments

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that may have a huge effect for your Facebook ad campaigns. Once you place the code for your website, it lets in you to track conversions, remarketing to people who’ve viewed a product on your web website online and create lookalike audiences. 

Even if you’re now not prepared to have interaction in a number of the more greater Facebook pixel strategies, you need to install it now. So that, you’ll have monitoring and remarketing information prepared to go whilst you are prepared to begin optimizing your Facebook advertisements. 

Try the frequency of ads 

New prospects rarely take action the first time they see an ad for a product they haven’t heard of, or when they learn the brand name just once. 

According to a Facebook IQ survey, we don’t have the best number of exposures for each ad, but the more exposures they have, the more motivated they are to buy. But of course there are limits. At some point, the benefits of increasing exposure to the same (or related) ads disappear. 

Test everything 

It’s important not to guess what works and what doesn’t in Facebook ads. Every time you try something new, it’s a good idea to compare it to your previous ad to see if you’re improving the metrics that are most important to you. 

Facebook ads best practices are constantly changing. Only you know what works for your particular audience. And the only way to keep this knowledge up to date is to do a test. 

Performance tracking and optimization 

Watch your campaign’s performance carefully on the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. If your campaign doesn’t work, invest in advertising instead. 

When you’re just getting started, it makes sense to run multiple ads with a small targeted audience and budget. Once you’ve determined what works best, use the best campaign Facebook as your main campaign. You’ll learn how to improve your Facebook ad conversions. According to Facebook’s meta-analysis, the cost per action of ads developed by testing and improving is 26% lower.


Facebook Ads are campaigns that advertisers create with specific goals. There are three main types of advertising purposes on Facebook, each with a different purpose. It is awareness, consideration, and conversions. After knowing your objective, you should know which Facebook ads types are the most suitable for you.

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