You can use Facebook as your social media marketing which helps you to promote your business. When you want to advertise your business on Facebook, you need to make the headline and also the copywriting. Are you curious on how to copywriting Facebook ads? Let’s read this article for more information needed!

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How To Write Your Facebook Ad Headline: 10 Quick Tips And 1 Advanced One

As you know, you can use Facebook as your social media marketing nowadays. Making eye -catching ads is important to attract your customer’s attention. Beside the ads, you need to understand how to write a Facebook ad properly. 

Headline plays the main role to attract your customer so that making an attractive headline is a must. When you are writing a headline for your Facebook ad, you need to take these tips:

  • Make the headline a CTA
  • Keep it to 5 words
  • Add a benefit to the headline
  • Test 5-mile vs 5-foot benefits
  • Keep it simple – focus on 1 thing
  • Attract eyeballs with appropriate special characters
  • Be empathetic – any pains you’re solving are real pains
  • If it’s new, say so
  • Ask a question that’ll bring in the answer you want
  • Mention the offer (plus incentives!)
  • Make a promise within reason

When you make a headline, your ad headline should be a CTA all of its own. Basically, make the first word the imperative form of a verb. Then you need to connect “what” with “why.” State what to do – and then say why. Then you have to focus on a single, specific thought. You may use numerals and special characters too. Don’t forget to show empathy and also keep it short. 

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How To Write Your Facebook Ad “Text” (In 90 characters or fewer)

Are you curious about Facebook ad copywriting 2021? To make great copywriting, you need to make it short and compact. You can also use Facebook ad copy template to help you with it. How long should Facebook ad copy be? Actually it is better to make it in 90 characters or fewer.

Here are the tips how to make a great Facebook copywriting you need to know:

  • Open with a strong hook
  • Keep it under 40 characters – max 90
  • Quickly move the prospect from the headline to the CTA

To write your Facebook ad text, you can go to the text area that ends up right under your name and pic in the ad. For every ad objective, Facebook recommends you use no more than 90 characters of text; the platform will often truncate text for smaller screens, even if you’ve written fewer than 90 characters. 

Writing body copy is the most important and the hardest part. You need to give your body copy a single goal, and stick to it, when writing your Facebook ad body copy. Your ad’s body copy has to move the prospect to click the CTA. 

Beside that you need to find your hook and know exactly for whom you are writing the ad and what they care about. Here are some easier ways to find your hook 

  • Pick a fight. Start your text / body copy by saying the opposite of what people believe to be true.
  • Disrupt expectations by changing a cliche. 
  • Help them imagine, “What if?” What if you had your competitors’ keywords at your fingertips?
  • Cite a previously unknown study.
  • Kill something off. Crop-tops are dead.
  • Revive something. Drop shadows are back.
  • Use a known quote or Facebook ads caption
  • Make a confession. 

Once you have found your hook, now you need to move your prospect from the hook through the path you are creating en route to the CTA.

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How To Write Your Facebook Ad’s News Feed Link Description

People are also asking on how to write Facebook ad copy that converts. Actually when you write a Facebook ad, the text copy and the headline copy are split up on the most popular ads. Here are the tips on how to make Facebook ad description feed link such as:

  • Make the description work with your headline
  • Then repeat, clarify or expand on the offer expressed in other copy

When you are writing ads that are going to appear in a news feed, you need your “News Feed Link description” to work with your headline. That doesn’t mean they have to, like, match each other but they have to work together. Writing your news feed link description is a lot like writing the “text” copy. So all the same rules about hooks are at play here, too. 

The greatness of this extra copy space is you will get more room to move your prospect from A to B. Sometimes that simply means repeating and expanding on what your “text” copy expressed and make sure every claim you make in your ad is supported on your landing page, and to test your copy because it is the best way to learn how to generate leads on Facebook.

Here are the tips on how to optimize your Facebook ad copy:

  • Add text to your videos, which autoplay on mute in the newsfeed
  • Use these magic words: You, Free, Because, Instantly
  • Use urgency to nudge the click (which is harder to get than you’d think)
  • Choose “learn more”, “sign up” or “shop now” as your CTA
  • Try short, fragmented sentences that feel like a friend would post
  • Drive to a targeted landing page made just for your ad
  • Make it easier to consume content by varying font sizes in your on-image copy
  • If people know and like your brand, incorporate your brand in on-image copy
  • Keep the same image and headline on your landing page that you used in the ad
  • Take the copy from your landing page and put it in 5 or 6 slides, which FB converts to video (which gets prioritized in the newsfeed)

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Facebook is the most popular social media nowadays. You can use Facebook as the media to promote your business. You can advertise your business by making an attractive advertisement, don’t forget to make a great headline, description and feed link too. It is important to attract your customer’s attention. 

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