When you use Facebook Ads to promote your business, you can sort and target your audience. You can make Facebook interest targeting list 2022 to help you too. In this article we will discuss Facebook ads how to target the right audience. Check these out!

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Targeting Can Make Or Break A Campaign

Targeting the right people is the key to a successful ad campaign. As you know, customers at each stage of the funnel are looking for something different, that’s why you need to target them properly. You can use Facebook target audience tool to help you too.

Targeting is not as simple as you think by just figuring out the general Facebook target audience demographic. If you get any of a wide variety of traits wrong, you won’t yield the results you want, no matter how amazing your ad looks.

Not only that, Facebook’s Relevance Score also plays an important role. If the score shows that the better you are at targeting the right ad message to the right audience, the lower your cost per click will be. Proper targeting will not only make your ads more successful, but it will also lower your overall cost of running them. 

That’s why you need to fix your targeting before you fix any of the other issues your Facebook Ads may have. You can use Facebook target audience list to help you with it. If you make it correctly, it will help you to improve your ROI and boost your bottom line.

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Types Of Facebook Audiences

There are several types of Facebook Ads target audiences that you can see in Facebook ads manager. You can choose the best types of Facebook audience to support your ads. You can try to use fb target audience finder to help you too.

You can store your commonly used targeting settings for future campaigns and save time on choosing the same options multiple times. Here are the types of Facebook you need to know

Demographics-Based Targeting

Facebook allows you to determine Facebook Ads target audiences based on the following demographics of users:

  • Location – which means you can set the Facebook target audience tool based on their country, region or city. Beside that, you can also include or exclude one or more locations to narrow down your audience.
  • Age – you can sort your audience based on their age range from 18 to 65+ for example.
  • Gender – you can select men, women or “all”.
  • Language – enter a language to show your ads to people who use a particular language.

Interest-Based Targeting

Interest-based targeting allows you to make a Facebook interest targeting list by looking at their interests, activities, the Pages they have liked, and closely related topics. It’s the best way to advertise your products to potential customers who have specific interests and hobbies. 

Behavior-Based Targeting

Behavior-based targeting allows you to target users who have completed a certain action, such as purchasing a product using Facebook Payments in the last 30 days, celebrated anniversaries, frequent travelers, and many more. The wide range of available behaviors creates incredible opportunities for brands to show relevant ads and increase conversions.

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How Do You Choose The Best Audience For Facebook Ads?

You might curious on how to choose the best Facebook audience insights for Facebook ads, Here are the tips to target and choose the best audience for your Facebook ads such as:

Targeting Users Who Sent You A Message

The first step to choose the best audience is by targeting the users that are sending you a message. You can try to find the users who follow and interact with your business via messenger.

Reaching Anyone Who Has Visited Your Page

Sometimes users can visit a page by mistake or for many other reasons than being interested in your offer. You can find and reach them,No matter how the result is. A lack of segmentation can result in a higher cost per click and decreased effectiveness.  

Targeting Based On A Lookalike Audience

You can try to target your audience based on a lookalike audience but since Facebook algorithms are not transparent, marketers can’t be sure how the system matches users with the provided data. 

Narrowing Your Target Group Too Much

Actually Facebook won’t accept too small Facebook Ads target audiences, and you’ll have to expand your criteria. But by narrowing your audience, it will be more effective to find the best audience too.

How Do I Target My Audience On Facebook?

To target your audience on Facebook, you can try to create and manage Facebook Ads target audiences in your Business Manager in the ‘Audiences’ section. Beside that, you can also find a summary of every created audience as well as usage in campaigns and a history of changes within a particular audience. 

There is also another way to create Facebook Ads target audiences is by crafting and setting up an ad campaign in your Ad Manager. During this process, you can choose your pre-defined audiences or create a new one. Don’t forget to save it if you want to use it again in the future.

Then finally, you can create a Facebook audience while using the ‘Boost post’ option which appears below every published post on your brand’s profile. You can run your campaigns on the go, but pay attention to a well-targeted audience and for advanced targeting options, you have to go to Ads Manager.

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How Do You Target A Warm Audience On Facebook Ads?

Here are how to target a warm audience on Facebook ads you need to know

Using Facebook Audience Insights 

You can target your audience by using Facebook audience insights. If you don’t know how to use it, you can find more information and learn more about your target group from the Audience Insights section. You can check out information about all Facebook users or people connected to your Page. You can learn about user demographics, locations, and activities. 

Targeting Based On Saved Posts

Facebook allows you to target people who have saved your posts. It can be a great opportunity to remind your followers about content that they wanted to check out later. 

Excluding Existing Followers

When promoting your page and content to new users, remember to exclude people who are already engaging with your content. By doing this way, you will avoid causing user frustration and focus on reaching new Facebook Ads target audiences. 

Targeting Based On Several Major Cities

You can target your audience based on their major cities by choosing multiple locations manually and reaching a tailored audience. 


A Facebook audience is the group of people you want to reach with your ad. Facebook creates an opportunity for businesses to choose demographics, locations, and interests of its users so that they can receive the most relevant ads.

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