Facebook Page is a medium for brands, organizations, celebrities, and social media influencers to engage with their followers. Not only that, Facebook Page helps you to gain more engagement with your followers as they can comment, like and share your contents. The more comments, likes and shares, the more popular you are. 

To gain more Facebook users, Facebook has created a more refined version of Facebook Page for Business. The Facebook Business page focuses on your brand and the services you provide. Facebook Business Page is a perfect platform to gather evaluations, discuss vital company information and publish issues relating to your business. 

It is crucial to be present on the Internet because there are limitations on traditional mediums when it comes to business. So, what is Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Page for Business

Facebook Business Page is a free platform that can be utilized by anyone to reach their specific target. Pages are public whereas Facebook accounts may be private. Google can index your page, making finding you simpler for users.

Before you start creating a Facebook Page for your business, let’s find out more on the benefits of Facebook Business Page.

Benefits of Facebook Business Page

  • Facebook Business page cost is free and they offer various functionalities for the user.
  • Free tools such as appointments, events, jobs on Facebook, shops and more to help the users to reach their marketing strategy
  • Connecting and engaging with potential or existing customers from all over the world
  • You can create advertisements, establish your budget and organise your approach using Facebook’s advertising tools.

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Free Tools to Expand your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page only offers tools for building your brand, building your company and managing your advertising plan. Let’s examine the free tools that you may utilise from your page immediately.

Publish and Engage

  • Posts: You may upload photos, videos, polls and achievements to reach your existing or potential customers
  • Stories: Like Instagram Stories, page stories enable you to post short photos and videos. Use stories to get your audience’s attention.
  • Inboxes include Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Comments placed in one place so it is easy for you to connect with your potential customers.
  • Groups: A space for you to communicate with a specific group of people that share the same interest as you. 

Free Business Tools

  • Appointments: It allows your customers to book appointments directly on your Facebook. Additionally, you may utilise this feature to see your appointment history and manage your calendar.
  • Events: You can create events such as Flash Sale events, new product launches on your customer’s calendar. It will let the customer mark the events if they are interested. 
  • Jobs on Facebook: If you are looking for new staff for your business, this is a great tool for you to find the suitable candidates.
  • Shops: From one place, your goods or services may be shared with consumers through the Facebook store feature, which streamlines the purchasing process and simplifies the ordering procedure. Your audience may make purchases straight from their desktop or mobile device if they so want. Advertising on Facebook is great for companies and marketers.

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Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

  • Insights: There is a summary of your Page’s engagement and activities on Insights. It’s easy to monitor how well an ad is working across locations and demographics when you run an ad on Facebook.
  • Advertising: This feature isn’t free but it can help you to build an audience, promote your Page to the appropriate individuals.

Are You Ready to Create Facebook Page for Business?

Without further ado, here’s the steps for your to create Facebook Business Page:

  1. Tab Facebook Page login
  2. Sign up Facebook Business Page 
  3. Fill in your page information, category and description of your business
  4. Add photos
  5. You can connect your Facebook Business Page to WhatsApp after you click Save
  6. Create Username 
  7. Fill in your business details
  8. Publish your first post
  9. Invite your friends and family to Like, Comments, and Share your Page.

Voila! You are done with the step and next time you just can click on Facebook Business Page login to manage your business. In addition, Facebook Business pages cost no money except if you are using their advertisement tools. If you are still curious about the Facebook for Business page, you can visit Facebook Business Page help. 

Facebook Business Manager

If you’re looking to organise and manage your company on Facebook, check out Business Manager. Your Facebook profile will not be visible to coworkers until you accept their friend requests while joining Business Manager. Coworkers have limited access to information about you. They can only view your name, your work email address and the Pages and ad accounts that you have access to.

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How to Create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account?

Instead of using your own personal account, you may use your company’s email address to register for a new account on Facebook’s main page. Only the following information is required in this case:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birthday date
  • Gender

Having a business account that is not linked to your personal account will protect your identity. However, Facebook’s policy is you cannot fill your business name on the first and last name.

What is the Next Step?

After you have done everything, you can start publishing your contents on the Page. If you have an Instagram Shop, you can connect the platform to your Facebook Business Page. Furthermore, you must be active on your Facebook Business Page or else your Page username will be activated. 

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