For you to be TikTok famous or TikTok influencers, trends are one of the most crucial parts of TikTok. By knowing TikTok trends Malaysia, you can easily gain engagement such as views, comments, likes, and share. 

Each time, you can see the same trends on different TikTok videos on your For Your Page. TikTok trends can come in many ways such as TikTok filters, TikTok effects, and TikTok sounds. It depends on you on how to use it on your TikTok videos.

For businesses, following TikTok trends is important. It can give you exposure easily. And also, you can boost your business by simply following all the TikTok trends. 

What Does TikTok Trend Mean?

They are the method by which the social video app TikTok puts together its most popular hashtags and music. It is simple to locate the most popular current TikTok Trends inside the app by selecting the ‘Discover’ magnifying glass at the top of the screen and then selecting Trends from the menu.

Trends on TikTok may last for many weeks or even months. However, this does not imply that TikTok is uninteresting; on the contrary, it is exactly the opposite. In reality, it demonstrates how creative the meme’s creator audience is, since fresh ideas to expand and develop the meme are continually being put forth by the community.

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Why Should You Use TikTok Trends, Especially to Promote Products on TikTok?

Trends may be sparked by a number of elements on the app, including music, dances, transitions, and hashtags, among others. One of the most straightforward methods of identifying trends is to go through the Discover page, which will provide a range of popular sounds or subjects.

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In fact, there is a hashtag that you can use to have the job done for you, if you so want. A common hashtag used by some TikTokers to highlight trending elements that others may look at the ratio of sounds to videos created utilising those sounds and searching for things that are growing quickly. This hashtag has the advantage of requiring no effort on your follow is #trendalert. 

They go through TikTok and try to figure out what is increasing in popularity, typically by part other than to hop on whatever trend they’ve discovered.

It is also possible that trends will differ depending on whatever niche of the TikTok algorithm you are stuck in. For example, what’s popular on Skincare TikTok may not be popular on Fashion TikTok, and vice versa. Even if you don’t like it, this is perfectly okay since it helps to get your TikTok videos into the For You pages of individuals who will enjoy the current trend. 

For those of you who are already in a niche or who want to be, discovering popular features is as simple as paying attention to your For You page. If you notice that a certain sound is occurring in a number of videos, it is probable that it is gaining popularity. The same may be said about hashtags, dances, and certain transitions.

If you’re interested in following or seeing trends, this is a fantastic method to increase your following and viewership.

What are the Most Viral TikTok Trends in Malaysia?

During the Movement of Control Order (MCO), there are many TikTok Malaysia viral videos that appear on fyp time in Malaysia around peak hours. Most of the ideas come from Malaysians who were bored staying at home. Doing TikTok is one of the ways for Malaysians to fill their time.

Here are some of the most viral TikTok trending Malaysia and hashtag trending TikTok Malaysia:

Hashtag DalgonaCoffee

Have you done the Dalgona Coffee? Every Malaysian has tried the trends of Dalgona Coffee on TikTok. Whenever Malaysians talk about MCO, it will remind them of Dalgona Coffee. Some Malaysians do tutorials on how to make Dalgona Coffee in a simple way. And the Dalgona Coffee tastes like you ordered the drink at a cafe.

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Cooking TikTok

Cooking TikTok is suitable for food and beverage businesses. If your business is one of them, you can do a tutorial on how to use your products, or you can share recipes to your TikTok users. For example, Malaysia TikTok influencers @fazleyjalal is sharing cooking tips, and recipes to his Malaysian TikTok users. 

Styling TikTok

For those who sell clothes, this is the best trend TikTok Malaysia for you. You can do transitions of wearing your clothes and show to TikTok users on how to dress up. You can also give tips on mix and match outfits of the day! 

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You can use the top TikTok song Malaysia as a sound to elevate more views. You can hire content creator TikTok Malaysia to come up with various ideas on how to mix and match outfits that will inspire their TikTok viewers. 

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Informative TikTok

Do you know some professionals who join TikTok and share information about the things that they specialised in?  Such as, Malaysian sweetheart, @dramalinabakri who always shares information about Malays myth to her Malaysian TikTok users. But, there are some TikTok Malaysians who share the knowledge they have such as skin care knowledge and more. 


Indeed, by joining the trends on TikTok, you can easily appear on someone For Your Page. Or TikTok users can find the trends on the Discover page. That is why you can watch the same trends in different videos by different people and sometimes by the same people. It is kind of annoying but for marketing, it is genius.

The great news is TikTok is now in Malaysia and they have a TikTok Malaysia office. What are the best selling items on TikTok Malaysia, anyways?

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