When you are posting content videos, you have to make sure that the quality of the videos are high resolution. Especially, when you are promoting your products. Grainy, and blurry TikTok videos will make your TikTok users skip away from your Tiktok videos. You can use TikTok filters to make your TikTok videos more aesthetic and pretty to watch. 

Tiktok filters are one of the trends on TikTok. Many TikTok users used a TikTok filter before record a TikTok video to make it beautiful. You can add the effect creator TikTok with the best songs that you could find on TikTok to elevate your TikTok views. 

What are TikTok Filters in TikTok Malaysia?

Filters are visual components that you may include into your TikTok movies, and they range from basic colour overlays to dynamic augmented reality (AR) effects. You can edit online video Tik Tok by using the app itself. 

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On TikTok, there are two sorts of filters: conventional presets and interactive effects. Traditional presets are the most common form of filter.

Conventional Presets

The colour tone of movies may be altered by applying traditional presets to them (either before or after they are recorded).

Whether you want to give your video a vintage feel or a pink tinge, this is the most effective method of getting your film to appear exactly as you want it.

Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe preset filters are divided into four categories on TikTok, with each category intended particularly to improve the content of a certain kind of photo or video.

Interactive Effects

Your TikTok videos will be more entertaining and lively if you use effect filters. They may be as extreme as altering your facial form, turning you into a hologram, or replacing your face with that of a cat, among other things.

Most effect filters work in a similar way to conventional presets in that they may be applied before or after you shoot a video — although others are only accessible before you begin recording.

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What are the Best TikTok Filters for Your Videos?

What are the best TikTok filters for businesses to make their TikTok videos more attractive and appealing to the TikTok users? On the Filter page your can download filter TikTok, you can get so many types of filters such as half filter TikTok, shark filter TikTok, galaxy filter TikTok, roar filter TikTokWell, let’s find out filter TikTok viral. 

Here are some of the TikTok Filters for you:

Green Screen

TikTok users love this effect since it’s so unique. You may alter your video’s backdrop with this effect. You may set your backdrop picture in TikTok to one of many pre-existing photos. Any picture from your camera roll may be used as a green screen backdrop.

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For businesses, if you do not have any nice background, you can just download any images and set it as a background. This effect is only available when you are recording using a TikTok camera. 

BlingBling Effects

BlingBling is a special video effect that adds glitz and glam to your productions. This effect adds glistening lights to your TikTok videos to make them stand out.

If you are selling jewelry, this is a perfect effect to make your jewellery stand out. You can only use this effect when you are recording using a TikTok camera.

G6 Filters

Brew, often referred to be G6, is ideal for giving your TikTok videos a more antique, retro appearance. Adding a warm glow to videos gives them depth. 

If you are already recording your TikTok videos but you did not yet add effects, you can try to add G6 filters.

How to Use TikTok Filters to Help Increase Sales in TikTok Malaysia?

TikTok filters are one of the main components in making TikTok videos. Some TikTok effects are funny, and some TikTok effects really give great results for your TikTok videos of your products. 

If you use a TikTok camera to record, it will be easy for you to choose your own filters. But if not, there are only limited TikTok effects when you are done editing the TikTok videos. 

There are two ways for you to use TikTok effects. The first way is:

The Button +

On your Homepage, click the button + on the bottom of your screen. Then, you will land on the recording video page.


On the bottom left, click on Effect. There are 13 kinds of effects that you can use. The types of effects are:

  • Trending
  • New
  • Green Screen
  • Funny
  • Atmosphere
  • Appearance
  • Accessories
  • Interactive
  • Editing
  • Animals
  • World AR
  • Events
  • Music

Choose Your Desire Filters

You can choose any of the filters that you like. You can even save the filter for future purposes.

The second way is called the conventional effect. It can be used during the recording through the app or you can add on later. For the first effect which is interactive effects, you can only use it during the recording by using the app. 

The Button +

On your Homepage, click the button + on the bottom of your screen. Then, you will land on the recording video page.

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On the top of the page, you will see Filters. Click on it and choose your desired TikTok filters. There are 4 types of filters such as Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. Each of the filters have more than one kind of filter you can choose. 

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There are some TikTok users who use extra software in editing their TikTok videos. You can do it also by downloading some editing software on your Google Play or App Store. But it will take a lot of time to record, compile and edit. You can just use TikTok in app software. 

By using the filters, it will give you an extra wow effect for your TikTok viewers. Combine it with other trending effects TikTok, and you will be good to go! And your products might become the best selling items on TikTok!

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