Few years ago, Malaysians made fun of TikTok users who posted their videos of dancing and cringe videos as they claimed they were full of “mat rempit.” Until the pandemic hit Malaysia, Malaysians especially who used to mock those who posted dancing videos, secretly made a TikTok account. 

One thing about TikTok is, we could get lost hours and hours watching videos of 15 seconds. Didn’t realize that we are becoming those people who we used to mock. But, it is okay, no one holds a grudge. 

Recently, TikTok videos have slowly changed, adapting to the consumers’ taste. You can click the ‘Not Interested’ button if the videos do not match your taste. With the rise of TikTok influencers such as Bella Poarch or Budak Girl, many strive to get more views on TikTok. Also, TikTok isn’t carter for entertainment purposes but it is also a medium for the business owners to promote their brand. TikTok has become one of the social commerce in Malaysia.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce lets you purchase products and services directly via social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok or Facebook. And if you have a little budget on marketing, you can hire social media influencers to promote your products or services. Also, social commerce also offers benefits and packages for business owners. 

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The Fame of TikTok 15 Second Videos

Part of the beauty of TikTok is the discovery – everyone has the ability to find on TikTok and reach a wide audience and businesses are no different. Originally, TikTok only offered 15 second videos to the content creator. With a limited amount of time, content creators have to be more creative to choose which shots are worth it. 

But now, TikTok offers 60 seconds and 3 minutes of videos. The more, the merrier! TikTok, content creators can upload various types of videos ranging from lip sync, acting, short film, ads, and more. 

Making Money with TikTok

Have you ever watched any videos made by business content creators promoting their products of service in a subtle way or in an aesthetic pleasing way? Many business content creators use TikTok as a platform to advertise their products as TikTok is free and easily discovered by anyone around the world. 

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The most important element of TikTok is For Your Page (FYP). Many of us are trying to appear on someone’s For Your Page to gain more followers and engagement. With the use of plenty hashtag such as #TIkTokMalaysia, #FYP, #FYPMalaysian, and more, content creators try to reach as many engagements as they can. 

On My Way to Become a TikTok Shop Seller, But How?

Who says we can’t make money online? With various platforms of social media, you can utilize it to build, promote and sell your products. Same goes with TikTok, there are two ways for you to become a TikTok seller. First, you can sell and promote your products on your account or you can be part of the TikTok shop affiliate program. So how do I start?

By Me, Myself and I

Selling your products and services on your own might be hard for the beginning. But, never give up. Here’s some things that you can do for your TikTok business ideas as well as to elevate your engagement and views on your TikTok videos such as be creative when creating the content. You can do research on trends and filters that TikTok users are using and apply it into your videos. Use as many hashtag you can such as #ShopeeCheck, #fyp malaysia, #malaysia or more. 

Interact with your audience frequently and don’t spread negativity on your videos!

By Me and TikTok Affiliate

The purpose of TikTok for business marketing is to monetize audiences through affiliate links in your videos or on an external site or social network, when they submit their videos to TikTok. The benefits of TikTok for business would help you to gain more audiences from various places and elevate your company’s sale. Tiktok for business cost is depend on how much your budget is. 

To make it more effective, there are four ways for you to reach audiences such as:

  • Link to a URL from your profile
  • Redirect traffic to another social profile
  • Promote coupons/URLs in your videos
  • Add an affiliate URL to your content description

Is TikTok for business free? If you operate on your own without an affiliate program, it is free. 

TikTok Shop Malaysia

Good news for the business content creator, TikTok has launched a product called TikTok Shopping in an expanded collaboration with Shopify. This is the age of viral which whenever there is a viral video of someone eating Samyang ramen, someone showing their kitchen cabinets or any aesthetically pleasing videos could influence the viewers to buy those things. 

TikTok Shopping provides new functions that allow shoppers to produce eye – catching, organic content that immediately drive customers to their account bio for check-out and make it simple for them to browse and purchase the goods they find on TikTok. No more putting Shopee links on their bio for the potential buyer to check out. Just one click away. 

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TikTok Business vs Creator Account?

First and foremost, you have to sign up to become part of the TikTok community. They only approve users above 18 years of age. The Seller Center is not only a gateway for TikTok Shop members, it is also the platform for sellers to manage their shopping activities, including product lists, orders and more.

What Should I Fill?

After you sign up as a TikTok Seller, you are required to fill in some basic information for you to move forward.

There are some basic information that you should fill such as:

  • Basic information (Name, age, phone number, email address, and more)
  • Business information (Shop’s name and location, warehouse address and more)
  • Formal documents (Identification card and business registration information)

Voila! After you are done, you have to wait for TikTok’s approval. 

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