Have you posted your customers’ parcels that they checked out from your store in the middle of night? 

Selling online on Shopee does not require you to open physical stores. You can operate from your house or you can become a drop-shipper. Being a drop-shipper means you do not have to keep the stocks. But do you really know how to increase sales in Shopee? There are many Shopee My discount promotions Malaysia available for you to increase your shop traffic and sale.

You can participate in Shopee My campaign Malaysia to enjoy more benefits and to utilize all the campaign to maximize your sales. Since, there is a lot of competition coming from local stores and international stores, you need to up your sales game. By utilizing, Shopee My discount promotions Malaysia is one of the right way

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What are Discount Promotions?

Discount Promotions enable you to establish your own unique discounts for any of your goods for a certain length of time in order to provide your customers with the greatest bargains possible and attract new customers.

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As Shopee sellers, you have the ability to choose promotion period, discount value and which products to apply the discounts. 

Benefits of Discount Promotions

By using discount promotions, Shopee sellers obtain many benefits for their sales and store. Some of the discount promotions are discounted products, free shipping Shopee code, cashback coins, and more. You can also check the Shopee voucher code 2021 that you can save. You can also buy a Shopee voucher for any amount and you can also buy Shopee voucher RM100.

Buy More Than They Should

If you provide a Shopee RM15 free shipping voucher to your customers, your customers might buy more than RM15 of products just to enjoy the RM15 free shipping voucher. From here, you can gain more sales on discounted products or non discounted products.

Increase Shop’s Traffic

Some of the buyers like to browse from one store to another store, looking for the best promotion for them to use. If your store can apply a Shopee voucher code at the checkout page, the customer will instantly buy from you. And if you provide them with excellent services, they might share the products link to social media. Therefore, your shop’s traffic will increase.

Stand Out From the Others

As you know, every time you search for one product, there are many stores on Search page. And sometimes your account might be overshadowed by other Shopee stores. Now, you would not want it to happen right? By offering discounts, you will attract more customers visiting your store. 

How to Create Discount Promotions on Seller Centre?

To start creating new discounts for your products to enjoy the benefits. You can follow step by step on this guide:

Login to your Seller Centre

To begin, you can log in to your Seller Centre. It is wise to do this on your desktop instead of mobile phone for a better viewing experience.

Marketing Centre

On the left side of your Shopee Seller Centre, you click on the Marketing Centre to proceed.

Marketing Tools

On your Marketing Tools, you can view, eedit, or create your Discount Promotions. Simply just click on Discount Promotions.

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My Discount Promotions

On your My Discount Promotions, you can click on New Discount Promotion. On this page too, you can view your Upcoming, Ongoing, and Expired Discount Promotions.

Create New Discount Promotion

You can enter your discount details on this page. You have to fill in the promotion name even though it would not be shown to the public. It is just for the seller’s reference. Next, you have to enter the promotion period from the start time to the end time. The start time has to be later than the current time and the end time has to be at least 1 hour after start time.

Special Promo

On the Special Promo page, you can add products from the discount details page. You may click + Add Products to select product, click to delete discount promotion, or click to edit discount information (Promotion Name and Promotion Period)

Select Products

On this page, you can use the search function to find your eligible products for Discount Promotion. Click only on Show Available Products Only or you can just click one by one to select the products. 

After you have finished choosing one product, you can click Confirm to add more products.

Entitled Products

On this Entitled Products, you can set the Discount details for the products you have chosen. Enter the details for selected products such as Discounted Price or Discount Percentage and the Purchase Limit per customer.

You can apply discounts to all or certain products through batch settings. After you have done, click on Done

View Discount Promotions

Once you have completed the Discount Promotion, you can view the page under the main Discount Page. 

You can click on Ongoing, Upcoming, and Expired sections to see discount promotions. 

For different Discount Statuses are available several action buttons to choose from:

  • Upcoming Discounts: Details (Edit) and Delete
  • Ongoing Discounts: Details (Edit), Data Details, and End Now
  • Expired Discounts: Details (not able to be edited) and Data Details

Promotions Data

On your Discount Dashboard, you may see the sales and order information for Discount Promotions that are now running or have finished. On this page too, you can view the cumulative data for all your Discount Promotions.

You may also click on Data Details to view each of the discount promotions to view the data. 

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How does Promotions Discount Work?

Shopee lets the Shopee seller have the availability and power to create their own promotions based on:

Promotion Period

For the promotion period, Shopee sellers can select their own time to run the discount promotion.  The start time has to be later than the current time and the end time has to be at least 1 hour after start time.

Discount Value

Shopee sellers can set the discount value on the selected products that they want to sell. You can either set the discount by the price or the percentage.

Your Chosen Product Promotion 

Shopee sellers can choose which products they want to add discounts. This way will help the seller to sell old products from your store. 

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