What is Shopee integration for woocommerce? Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress which has many helpful features for ecommerce sellers including order tracking, delivery status updates, seller inventory management and others. Are you curious on how it helps you and your business? Let’s read this article to get more information about it.

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What’s Benefits Of Having Own eCommerce?

There are many e-commerce platforms nowadays due to the digital era. Traditional shops need to follow these changes too to keep their sales. E-Commerce is very convenient because you can shop anywhere and anytime. All the things to do is just clicking the things they want and checking out which is so efficient. Here are the benefit of having your own ecommerce store

No Country Limitation

The first benefit is there is no country limitation. This means you can sell your products out from your country and region. You can sell them internationally. While when you only sell in the shop, the foreign might not know your products.

Gain More Customers 

The second benefit is you can gain more customers easily by using ecommerce. By selling things online, your customer can search and find you easily. They might not know your shop and products but when they do some searching, your product might be the one that they are looking for.

Low Cost

One of the reasons why you need to sell things online is because it is low cost. You don’t need to have a big budget to open an ecommerce store compared to the traditional one. When you open an ecommerce store, you need to buy or rent a property. While for ecommerce, you just need to make your website and do promotion.

Easier To Find The Product 

When you go to a big store, your customer might be confused about the location of the product you are looking for. With ecommerce, your customer just needs to type the product they are looking for and search for it which saves more time.

Save Time And Cost

Another benefit is saving time and cost. All you need to do when you want to buy things online is just click on the product without needing to go out. Besides that, you can shop at any time.

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Have A Lot Of Deal, Bargain And Coupons

Another benefit is ecommerce will offer many deals, vouchers, sales and so on. As you know, no one can refuse a discount. So besides you can buy things at any time, you can get the cheaper price too.

Get Many Informations

When you buy things in ecommerce, you will get an abundance of information really quickly and easily. You can know which products are on sale and which one is not. You can also decide what time they will hold flash sales too. But when you buy things in a store, you will only get the information when you are there.

Open All The Time

As said before, you can buy things at any time because ecommerce never closes. It remains open from monday to sunday for 24 hours non stop.

Create An E-commerce Store For Niche Products

Niche products are difficult to find in a traditional store but when you shop in an ecommerce market, you can find the product you are looking for easily. To find your product, you need to type in the product name and click search.

Targeted Communication

You can create targeted communication by using the email address and add the personal information or your customer’s habit. This information helps you to give the recommendation to your customer on what things they like.

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What’s Benefits Of Using Woocommerce?

What is Shopee woocommerce? Woocommerce is the ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Woocommerce marketplace integration will give many helpful features for ecommerce sellers including order tracking, delivery status updates, seller inventory management and others.

Woocommerce is easy to use. Sellers can manage their store simpler with this feature. Beside that, sellers can also use the tax and inventory management, get the secure payments and also shipping Shopee api integration.

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How Do You Integrate With Shopee?

How do you integrate with Shopee? Shopee is one of the most popular and leading ecommerce sites in Southeast Asia and with Shopee integration for woocommerce free program, you can double up the function of your ecommerce. You can easily combine your stores with all the facilities offered. 

There will be no more individual uploads. You can upload in bulk by just clicking it. When you start your business in Shopee, it is the right choice because you don’t need to pay a commission fee. This new version of Shopee integration for woocommerce will help you provide security, manage your inventory, sync, and also authenticate multiple stores.

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Can Ginee Ads Help?

Since there are many impacts due to the digital transformation, people are likely to buy things online because you can buy it at any time. For better sales, you need to promote your ads. You can try to use Ginee Ads to promote your business and see how it helps to increase your sales.


When you are running a business, you need to follow the changes around you. In this digital era, you have to update your traditional shop and change it into an ecommerce one. Once you set up an ecommerce store, you can get many benefits. Besides that, it will decrease your investment too.

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