How to increase Shopee followers? You can increase your followers by using Shopee auto boost. Shopee auto boost in the newly featured Shopee which will help the Shopee seller to increase the products views. Beside increasing your followers, this Shopee boost feature will help you to make  your products search ranking get higher than usual products. Are you interested in this feature? Let’s read this article for more information needed.

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What Does Boost in Shopee Mean?

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Shopee is one of the leading marketplace in South east Asia with more than 35 million visitors a month which means you will get more opportunity to make money from selling in Shopee. Now Shopee has a new feature which is called Shopee booster.

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Shopee boost allows sellers to boost their products in Shopee which will help the Shopee seller to increase the products views. When the seller uses this Shopee boost feature, your products search ranking will be higher than usual products.

Why Doing Shopee Boost Is Important?

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Use big seller auto boost to help you with your sales. You can add a Shopee auto boost telegram to get much up to date information. Using Shopee boost is important to your Shopee shop. It will help to increase your product visibility in Shopee and grow more sales. These Shopee booster power tools will help you push your products to page 1 of 1 Shopee category page. 

You can also select up to 5 products to push to the category’s page. This process will be repeated automatically every 4 hours for 5 times a day. You can change the products daily  and try on which works the best for you. You can auto follow Shopee android to get more information about this Shopee boost feature.

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Here are the important thing you need to know about Shopee Boost:

  • You can boost up for the maximum 5 items per day.
  • You can change the items in the boost list after each daily cycle.
  • This Shopee booster service is only applicable for the synced item.
  • Items in the boost list will be pushed to top of first page in the items’ category in Shopee.
  • The items position in the category page will move down as new items are added into the same category.
  • Your products will be appear in every  4 hours and 5 times a day.

How to Boost Sales in Shopee Automatically with Auto Boost?

How to boost Shopee sales? You can boost your sales by using Shopee auto boost free. This feature is only available in Unicart Business Gold Plus Plan. Here are how to use boost Shopee feature

  • Navigate to your unicart admin panel marketplace and Shopee auto boost apk 
  • All Shopee synces products will be appeared and you can add the product on where you wish to boost in Shopee seller center into the Boost List
  • Then navigate to the boost list tab, the status of your products will be shown in boosting and there will be countdown time of 4 hours
  • Now your products in the boost list will be automatically boost in every 4 hours without need to click “boost now” button frequently from Shopee seller center

For your additional information, you can boost up your Shopee products for up to 5 products every 4 hours automatically. You can also add more than 5 products to the boost list and the product will be in the queue to be boosted in Shopee.

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You can also remove the products which are already in the boosting status from the next boost Shopee list and the product in the boost list also can be removed before it goes to the boosting status. If you want to boost it again, you need to add it to the boost list again.Here Are 5 Tips How To Boost Up Your Sales in Shopee.

Run Campaigns on Shopee

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My Campaign is Shopee’s way to help sellers put their certain products into portions of the website that is most visited by buyers. Sellers can join these campaigns for free. It is important to note that product nominations need to be based on some criteria or your appeal to join the campaign might be declined. Those criteria you need fulfill are:

  • Product descriptions and images need to be decent and accurate.
  • The seller should have a willingness to provide 10%-20% discount if the seller is approved.
  • Attractive prices.

Choose the Top Picks Features

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This feature is designed to increase cross – selling. Sellers may add four to nine products in a single collection that can be displayed on one’s product pages. 

You can only create a maximum of 10 collections but only one collection can be displayed on your product pages at a given time.  This step is how to publish your collection in Shopee.

  • Go to the Seller Centre and click the Marketing Centre.
  • Choose Top Picks from your Marketing Tools.
  • Choose Add Collection to open the product selector.
  • Click the green plus button to start adding products. Add at least four products. Take note that you can only add up to eight products.
  • Tick the products that you want to add to Top Picks From Shop. If you have a wide range of products, you can locate your desired products by product name or product ID. Click Confirm once you have selected the products that you want to include in the promotion.
  • A preview of your chosen products will be visible on the bottom left corner of the window. Enter your collection name and then click Save. 
  • Click Activate this Collection now or Activate later.
  • Now you are able to view your collection when you go to your Top Picks dashboard. 

Hold a Flash Sale 

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All people are really enthusiastic when hearing about a flash sale. Flash sales usually appear on the shop’s homepage. Holding a flash sale will increase your sales directly because most buyers visit when they are looking for discounted items. To hold this flash sale, you need to fulfill all the requirements:

  • A start and end time.
  • The discount price or percentage should be within the Accepted Discount Range of the nomination agreement. 
  • Sufficient stock (your stock for the flash sale will be deducted from your total product supply).
  • Products that belong to the category requirement that Shopee chose for the flash sale.

Give a Voucher 

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You can attract your buyers to purchase more products by giving them a voucher. You can customize your voucher depending on your needs. You can create discounts and coin cashbacks vouchers for the buyer with a limit per transaction. You can also set a limit to your vouchers. This means you will decide how many times a person can apply his voucher to a transaction. 

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Promote Your Shop and Products 

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The last step you have to do is promote your shop and products. You can use My Discount Promotions features in Shopee which is helpful for sellers who want to increase profit for a single product without having to drop the price. Your price will still be competitive in comparison to other sellers through the use of these discounts.


Shopee auto boost in the newly featured Shopee which will help the Shopee seller to increase the products views. Shopee boost feature will also help you to make  your products search ranking get higher than usual products.

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