Do you know that nowadays you can become a seller without producing products yourself? If you want to get an extra income with minimum capital, you can try to become a reseller Shopee. You can read this article to learn how to become a Shopee seller and tips to increase your sales. Make sure to take notes of it!

What is Shopee?

Shopee is a Singaporean multinational technology company under SEA Group that mainly focuses on e-commerce. Shopee was first launched in Singapore on 5th February 2015 as a mobile-centric marketplace that allows users to browse, shop, and sell. To differentiate itself from other developers in the same area, Shopee offers online shopping security known as “Shopee Guarantee” that withholds payment to sellers until buyers confirm to receive orders.

Shopee has expanded to 17 countries spread through Southeast Asia, North Asia, East Asia, North America, and Europe. In 7 years, Shopee has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, with approximately 343 million monthly visitors. According to SimilarWeb, Shopee Malaysia is estimated to have about a 51.1million visitors a month and has become the #1 marketplace in the country.

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The requirements to become a Shopee seller itself are pretty simple. You only have to register a Shopee seller account before uploading your listing and selling the items. Registration to become a seller is entirely free and pretty easy. Here is the guide:

  • Access the Shopee page through the website.
  • Click on Seller Center, and if you don’t have an account to do a Shopee login, you will be directed to the registration page.
  • Click “Start Registration” and fill up your information accordingly.
  • Enter your shop information details and click “Next”.
  • Choose your preferred shipping channel and click “Submit”.
  • List your product to be successful in starting your journey as a Shopee seller.

When filling up the information, you can choose “Individual” if you are an individual seller or choose “Registered Business” if you’ve registered under a company or business. Shopee’s system will automatically enable standard delivery. Logistics partners also will be automatically assigned to you based on your pick-up address.

How to Increase Your Sales on Shopee

After you have successfully finished the Shopee seller sign-up Malaysia, you can start listing your products and publishing them. To increase your sales, there are a few tips you can follow:

Add Discount Voucher to Your Store

Let’s be honest; everybody won’t reject a discount, including you. So, if you want to draw buyers’ attention to your store, you can offer a discount voucher. To be able to do that, you can proceed with Shopee login on Seller Center, go to the “Marketing Center” menu, and you can choose either giving a “Discount Promotion” or “Vouchers.”

Discount Promotion is a tool that enables you to increase hype for your product by appearing on the product listing with a discount label that attracts more clicks, engagement, and even orders.

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But remember to calculate thoroughly before giving a discount. You have to consider the actual price of your products, the expense you’ve spent on packing and promotion, and the Shopee seller fee before giving a certain discount. Make sure you are still benefiting from your sales even after providing discounts.

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Participates in Campaign

Shopee has always been known for its campaigns like flash sales, double date sales, birthday sales, etc. You can register to participate in the campaign that Shopee runs periodically to get a chance to expose your product listings and stores to buyers. 

Buy Sponsored Ads

You can also promote your products and shop by buying ads. Make a Shopee Seller login to Seller Center and look for “Shopee Ads,” and choose which ads categories you want to buy to increase your product’s exposure. There are three types of Shopee Ads, being:

  • Product search ads: will push your product to the top of the search result page;
  • Shop search ads: will show your shop at the top of the search result page;
  • Discovery ads: will position your product in prime recommendations sections;
  • Boost ads: show your products in multiple high traffic areas at once.

You can set your bid price as low as RM 0.04 per click. Shopee data shows that 28% of Shopee Ads increased the sales of promoted products with at least RM 10 return in sales for every RM 1 spent on ads.

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Get a Preferred Seller Tag

By getting a preferred seller tag, Shopee will boost your store and products in search ranking, qualify to offer an extra buyer reward that will make more people willing to buy from your store, and increase your shop’s credibility. How to get local seller tag on Shopee or become a preferred seller? You will have to meet the target requirements before registering yourself to be part of the Preferred Seller in Shopee.

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Starting your own online business has become easier with the help of Shopee. You don’t need significant capital or think about how to produce your products because you can become a Shopee reseller instead. All you have to do is register for a Shopee seller account before you start uploading your product listings and selling them out.

How to get your Shopee seller payout once your product has successfully been sold? Once buyers have confirmed to receive the product they buy, the payment made by buyers will be immediately transferred from Shopee to your Seller Wallet, which you can withdraw automatically or manually to your bank account. 

Boost your sales by giving a discount offer, joining a campaign, and buying ads for faster growth on your online store. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, try to apply to become a preferred seller to get more free exposure by Shopee.

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