Living in the age of the Internet somehow is a blessing for us. Everything is becoming easier day by day. From getting information for your university assignment to become an online seller as a part time job or full time. With Shopee Malaysia, you can generate money in an easy way. After your customers had made payments, how to withdraw money from Shopee seller Malaysia?

As you know, one of the Shopee’s features is that if your customers pay for the products, the payments will be released once your customers received it and click on Order Received. It is to protect the customer from getting scammed by the sellers. 

Start Your Online Business with Shopee Malaysia

By generating money by selling online on Shopee Malaysia, you can gain extra money, especially during this pandemic where everyone is starting to be part of online shopping. Physical shopping is still restricted at some places. This situation somehow benefits online sellers. 

No matter where you came from or how much money you have, you can always start selling in Shopee Malaysia. If you do not have money to start your own business, you can be a drop-shipper. You just have to promote and market the products. Delivery will be done by your superior. 

And the end of the month has come, you need the money from Shopee to top up your stocks, to pay your staff’s wages, to buy groceries, to give some money to your mother and wife. But how to withdraw money from your Seller Wallet to your bank account? 

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How to Withdraw Money From a Shopee Seller?

You have to take note that to withdraw money, Shopee withdrawal limit is you are allowed one manual withdrawal from your Seller Wallet each day. This feature enables you to initiate a withdrawal of money from your Seller Wallet to your bank account on your own initiative.

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Please keep in mind that the amount of money you may withdraw is restricted to the amount of money available in your seller wallet at the Shopee withdrawal time, and that the minimum withdrawal amount is RM1.

You are entitled to Shopee withdrawal fee 3 free requests per week. Any additional withdrawal, you will be charged Shopee withdrawal fee of RM.012 per each bank processing cost. 

Here are the steps for you to withdraw your money from Seller Wallet:

Click Me page, Click My Shop, then Seller Balance

To start, you can go to your Me page. On Me page, you click on My Shop. You click on Seller Balance to proceed to the next step.

Click Seller Wallet and Click Withdraw

On your Seller Wallet page, you click on Withdraw and proceed to the next proceed.

On Withdrawal page, Click the Bank Account, Enter the Amount, and Click on Confirm

After you have done, on your Withdrawal page, you have to enter the amount that you want to withdraw. Also, you can choose your bank account. Click on Confirm to proceed to the next step.

On Confirm Withdrawal Page, Check Withdrawal Details and Click Confirm

On Confirm Withdrawal page, you have to double check the amount you have enter and also, the bank account details. 

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Enter Your Wallet Pin to Complete the Request

Last step, you have to enter your Wallet Pin to complete the requests. If you do not remember your Wallet Pin, you can click on Forgot Pin.

And voila, you are done with steps on withdrawing your money from Seller Wallet, you have to wait for the Shopee withdrawal in progress. 

How to Transfer Money from ShopeePay to Your Bank Account?

If you are a seller or buyer of Shopee, did you know you can transfer money on your ShopeePay to your bank account? It is useful if you accidentally top up your ShopeePay account with more money than you should. 

If you have not updated your Bank Account on your Shopee, kindly do it for a smooth transfer to your bank account. 

Here are some of the steps for you to transfer your money from ShopeePay to your bank account: 

Click on ShopeePay, then Click Withdrawal

On your main page, you click on ShopeePay. On your ShopeePay page, click on Withdrawal. And proceed to the next step.

Click “Add” to add your bank account details. Click Next. On Confirmation Page, click Done

If you haven’t add your bank account details, you can add your bank account details (Full name, account number and bank name), then proceed to the next step by click on Confirmation Page.

Select Your Bank Account, Enter The Amount to Withdraw and Click Next

On Withdrawal Page, you click on your desired bank account and enter the amount of money that you want to withdraw. Always double check the bank account details. 

Click Confirm to finalize. Verify by using Withdrawal through Touch or Face ID. On the Withdrawal Details page, Click OK. 

Last but not least, to verify your withdrawal, you can verify using Touch or Face ID. On the Withdrawal Details page, Click OK to proceed. 

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And voila, you are done! Buy, if you are using Gcash apps, how to withdraw money from ShopeePay to Gcash? It is simple, you can simply follow the steps, but on Select Your Account, you can select your Gcash account. 

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How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Money from Shopee?

After you have done the steps of withdrawing your money from the Seller Wallet or ShopeePay account, please wait up to 2 – 4 business days for the funds to be deposited to your bank account after you have made an automatic withdrawal. 

For example, the automated withdrawal made on Wednesday will be credited to your bank account as soon as possible on Thursday morning. We will inform you as soon as the withdrawal request has been completed.

If you requested a withdrawal (via the App or the Center), Shopee will perform the withdrawal on the next business day after receiving your request. To give you an example, if you request a withdrawal on Tuesday, Shopee will complete the transfer on Wednesday, and you will get the money in your bank account within 2 – 4 working days, or at the very least by Thursday morning.

As easy as that!

Ka-ching, ka-ching, Money on Your Wallet

How long did you stare into your bank account and feel amazed with the amount of money you made for one month? Well, you feel impressed and excited. But when you have to pay bills, your staff’s wages, and others, those smiles will disappear in a split second. It is normal to feel that way. And don’t push yourself too hard.

By using Shopee, you are able to generate money 24/7 hours. It is wise to withdraw the money from Seller Wallet or ShopeePay at the end of the month because it will be easy for you to manage the account.

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