What is refer a friend Shopee? Refer a friend Shopee is the new feature from Shopee that lets you share the referral code to your other friends or relations. You will get the reward when you share the referral code to other people but you need to fulfill all the terms and conditions first.

Not only you, your friends who are using the referral code will get the reward too. Actually this is only applicable for those who have never used Shopee before. Do you want to know more about this new feature by Shopee? Let’s check this article to get more information.

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What Is Shopee Referral Code?

Who doesn’t know what Shopee is? Most people know what Shopee is.Shopee is a good shopping site which makes people feel comfortable when using it. The reason why  Shopee is a good shopping platform is because  Shopee has its presence in many social media and has many language options to choose from. You can sell and buy many things there too.

Now, Shopee has launched a new way to get benefits which is Shopee malaysia referral code. What is referral code? Referral code is a unique code which is usually shared by friends or relations to link a program. Each referral code is unique and different from one to another.

By using referral code Shopee affiliate,the one who shares the code might get the benefits as promised but they have to fulfill all the terms and conditions required. Referral codes will ensure that your program runs as you promise and give your customer rewards so that they will get the good experience.

What’s Benefits Of Shopee Referral Code?

Doing a Shopee referral link will give the customer benefits. What are the benefits? Here are the benefits you will get when you share your referral code with others such as:

  • Your friend will get the voucher of 25% coins cashback with no minimum spend during check out
  • Your friend might get RM18 Off with the minimum spend of RM20 voucher when they use the Shopee referral code
  • You will get 1000 Shopee coins once your friend has complete their first order and using the 25% Coins Cashback voucher

How Do I Refer A Friend To Shopee?

How to add friends on Shopee farm? You can add your friend by using referral code. 

For your information, you can get a reward of 1000 Shopee coins once your friends or relation has completed their first order in Shopee by using the referral code.

Are you curious about  where to put Shopee referral code and how to refer a friend in Shopee 2021? Here are the steps you need to take to share your referral code and refer to your friend.

  • Step 1 – Sign in to your Shopee account
  • Step 2 – Choose Me tab, 
  • Step 3 – Then select Refer A Friend
  • Step 4 – Click share to share referral code with your friend and relation

After you share your referral code, of course your friends need to accept your referral by clicking on the link that you send and complete the steps below, such as:

  • Step 1 – Download Shopee App on their gadget
  • Step 2 – Register and sign up your Shopee account
  • Step 3 – Use the referral code at the first purchase at Shopee

Once your friend makes their first purchase with your referral code, you will get the reward of 1,000 Shopee Coins. You can check your referral history at Refer a Friend page but sometimes you might not get the coin rewards due to several reason such as:

  • Your friend is not the first user and already have Shopee account 
  • Your friend has not complete their order
  • Your friend made an order without using your referral code
  • Your friend did not click the link you share to register their first Shopee acount

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Why I Can’t Use The Referral Code In Shopee?

Before you can use the referral code, of course you need to know how does it work. Actually Shopee referral code Malaysia works the same as Shopee referral code philippines. Here how does Shopee referral work.

Assign Code To A Customer

Referral code is used to link your business and also give the customer reward. It is another way to promote your business. Some businesses use the unique and different for each code. While some businesses choose to use the static one. If you want to give a reward to your customer, a unique referral code is the best choice.

Your Customer To Share The Referral Code

A referral code program lets you promote your business by using your existing customer. They can send the referral code easily using email, social media or other chat apps.

Get Code Redemption From The Referral code

The last step is to redeem your reward from the referral code. You need to complete all the terms and conditions needed first before you can claim your reward.

You might have ever experienced your Shopee referral code not working,this might happen because of:

  • The Shopee system detects that there is another account which log in to Shopee using the same devices as before.
  • The Shopee system detects any suspicious activity that is associated with the account.

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Referral code is a unique code which is  shared by friends or relations to link a program. You will get benefits when using the Shopee referral code but you need to fulfill all the requirements first before you can claim the benefit.

Referral codes will ensure that your program runs as you promise and give your customer rewards so that they will get a good experience. If you have any queries, you can contact the Shopee customer service. You can ask many things such as how to share your referral code, how to claim your rewards, how to chat with friends in Shopee and so on.

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