Do you know what Prestomall Malaysia is? Prestomall is the rebranded 11street Malaysia. Presto Mall is one of the ecommerce platforms in Malaysia which offers various lifestyle and convenient features. Do you want to know how to be a Presto Mall Seller and what business does Presto mall provide? In this article, we are going to discuss it all. Let’s check these out!

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What Is Presto Mall Malaysia?

Have you ever bought things in Presto Malaysia? What is Prestomall Malaysia exactly? Malaysians must know what Prestomall is. Presto mall is the rebrand of 11street Malaysia. PrestoMall Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest homegrown online shopping platform. Presto Mall is the part of Presto Malaysia’s first homegrown multiservice lifestyle application which offers various lifestyle and convenient features as well as hassle free mobile payments.

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What Business Does Prestomall Provide?

Same as OLX Malaysia, Presto mall Malaysia is an online shop or we can say that it is an ecommerce platform in Malaysia that offers a variety of lifestyle and convenient features including the ewallet function.

Presto will work as the other Malaysia online shop. Presto Mall will be the platform that can help retailers, business owners and sellers to interact with their online customers. When you use Presto mall to build your business, you will get many benefits such as brand visibility, increase your sales and also more traffic to your shop.

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Why 11Street Changed Its Name to Presto Mall Malaysia?

11 street Malaysia has announced that they will rebranded and change their name as Presto Mall Malaysia. Actually It works the same as before and the reason why 11street changed their name is because Axiata Digital has sold assets to Singaporean venture capitalist, Pegasus 7 ventures that include its entire stake in Celcom Planet Sdn Bhd or also known as 11street.

Once 11street changed its name into Presto Mall, Presto Mall was operated by Presto Mall Sdn Bhd which is the sign of the owner changing.  There is no big change when we see the Presto Mall website besides its name. You can still do a quick search there.

As part of the rebranding process, PrestoMall has offered a promotion too like other platforms like ebay Malaysia. You can see it at the deals page for promotional deals. If you want to try to use this platform, you can download it directly on the Google Play Store or the other App store but if you already have an 11street app before, you just need to update your existing 11street app and when it will change to Prestomall once the download has finished.

How Do I Become a Prestomall Seller?

Actually the way to be a Prestomall seller is the same as to be lelong Malaysia seller with different terms and condition applied in each platform. Take these steps to start your business in Presto Mall.

Step 1 Account Registration and Email 

In this steps you need to setting up an account in three ways such as:

  • Choose a seller type – you want to choose as a business seller or global seller.
  • Fill up the seller registration  – in this steps, you need to fill in your data or the seller information, insert your business details you want to build in Presto, your bank account or overseas account, submit the other supporting document needed for the verification, the last but not least you have to agree to all terms and condition applied in Presto Mall and don’t forget to read it properly before you agree with Presto’s policies that protect the seller and its business.
  • Authenticate your account via email – once you have submitted all the data needed , you will receive a link through your email. You need to click on the authentication link that you receive to complete the registration process. Once all your documents has been verified, you can start selling your products in Presto.
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Step 2 Document Verification 

In this step, you need to submit your document for the verification.  Actually there are two types of sellers in Presto such as business sellers and global sellers. Business seller means a seller with a business registration certificate and Global seller means the seller with an overseas business registration certificate.

Both of these sellers have different documents to submit. Here are the documents you need to prepare if you want to be Presto business seller.

  • A copy of director identity card.
  • A copy of bank statement header or passbook.
  • A copy of form 9 or SSM form.
  • A copy of form 49 or SSM form.
  • A copy of STT approval from custom (this is optional).

If you want to be Presto global seller, you have to prepare these documents such as:

  • A copy of business license or a copy of passport.
  • A copy of bank account passbook or statement.
  • A copy of tax registration certificate.

Step 3 Registration Approval 

Once you have done step 1 and step 2, you just need to wait for the registration of approval. Once it has been approved, you can start selling in Presto Mall.

Tips to Be Successful When Selling Products Online

Here are the tips to be successful when selling products online.

Sign up for a Seller Account

The first step you need to take is sign up for your seller account. Usually you will need to fill in your email address to sign in and get the approval once the document has been verified.

Search for Product to Sell

Before you upload your products, you need to search your business products. Determine your business nature and products first and check the quality of your products.

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Create Your Products to Sell

After you determine your business nature and products, manufacture the products. You have created great products and checked the quality so that it can compete with other local and international brands which sell on Zalora too.

Create Your Product Listings, Including Pictures and Descriptions

You need to upload your products. Post high-quality images with proper lighting to encourage consumers to buy your products. And don’t forget to write a yout product description. This description will give the customers more understanding of your product regarding the materials, size, etc. you have to upload your products one by one and syncing them in their categories.

Promote Your Store and Get Customers to Buy 

The step that you may not skip is promotion. You have to promote your products to get known by consumers. You can use digital and offline marketing. Try to promote your product using social media like instagram, facebook, twitter, website, email marketing to attract the consumers. Digital marketing plays a big role to boost up your sales.


PrestoMall Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest homegrown online shopping platform. Presto Mall is the part of Presto Malaysia’s first homegrown multiservice lifestyle application which offers various lifestyle and convenient features as well as hassle free mobile payments.

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