It must be great to finally get some orders, but as a new seller, you will have to know how to fulfill your orders. In Lazada how to ship order is not like shipping orders for online businesses through a personal website. You might want to read through this article to get the Lazada seller shipping guide. So, happy reading!

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How Does Lazada Shipping Work?

One of the most benefits of selling online through a marketplace is that the system allows you to sell more efficiently. For example, you will be free from listing your customers’ addresses one by one and copy-pasting them to an Excel sheet before printing them out one by one. By selling through the marketplace, all you need to do is print the airway bill by the order system.

In Lazada, there are a few delivery statuses you can see when doing the Lazada tracking, such as:

  • Packed by seller: indicates that customers’ orders are being prepared and packed by the seller.
  • Successful drop-off or parcel pick up: orders are on the way to the sortation center.
  • Arrived at sortation center: orders have been received by situation center.
  • Departing the sortation center: orders have been shipped to the nearby distribution center.
  • Arriving at the distribution center: orders have been received by the distribution center.
  • Preparing for delivery: orders are being handed over to the assigned courier.
  • Out of delivery: the orders are currently out for delivery by the courier.
  • Your parcel is arriving: delivery courier is on their way to your address.
  • Delivered: the orders have successfully arrived at your address.

For additional note, you are allowed to change delivery instructions as long as it has not been sent to the Logistics center and is only available for LEX Logistics Center. Here is how you do it:

  • Go to the delivery details page then click on the delivery date.
  • Choose your preferred collection method and change your preference.

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As for the delivery date, you are only allowed to choose the provided date in the preferred delivery date sections. For cross-border sellers, you will not have to worry because there is Lazada Global Shipping which will be sent to Lazada Global sortation center in Hong Kong.

As for customers, if you want to do Lazada change delivery address after order Malaysia, you can only change it under the followings circumstances:

  • The status of the order is “To Pack” or “Ready To Ship”.
  • You can only change the address if the shipping fee remains the same.
  • You can only change the address once per order.
  • Change address only available via Lazada Mobile.
  • You have to register your mobile number with your account.

Does Lazada Pick Up From the Seller?

Many new sellers might be wondering whether or not the Lazada will pick up directly from sellers. Initially, there are two types of delivery movement from sellers to logistic partners, one being pick-up and the other being drop-off.

However, the pick-up will be done by Lazada logistic partner Malaysia. You can check which one is your delivery assignment by:

Directly Check from Profile in Seller Center

If you are choosing this method to check, you have to do the following:

  • Access Lazada Seller Center on the Lazada Malaysia website or Lazada Seller Center App.
  • From “My Account”, click the ” Profile” menu.
  • Go to your “Shipping Provider” tab, you will be able to find your delivery assignment status there. To get better visualization, refer to the picture below:

Check from Your Seller Center

You can also check your delivery assignment through the “Order details” menu in Lazada Seller Center, here is how you do it:

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  • Access your Lazada Seller Center.
  • Click “Orders & Reviews” then select “Orders”.
  • Go to the ” Ready to Ship” page and click the “+” sign beside the order number, your delivery assignment type should be written there.

You can also check the printed airway bill. If it says “pick-up” then the logistics partners will come to your warehouse to pick up ready-to-ship orders. If it says “drop-off” then you should have sent the orders to the nearest drop-off points in your area.

How Do I Ship My Order to Lazada?

To be able to ship out your Lazada order here is what you should do:

  • Pick orders based on your Stock Picklist (you can print this if you need to).
  • Pack items separately according to the tracking number.
  • Print your sales invoice and place it inside your package before you seal it.
  • Make sure to pack the item properly and based on Lazada Packing Guidelines.
  • Attach the airway bill on the package.
  • Set the status of your order to “Ready to Ship”.
  • Hand over your package to the courier.
  • But before that, you also need to calculate the shipping fee in Lazada.

To print a stock picklist and invoice, you can go to your “Orders” section in the “Orders & Reviews” menu through Lazada Seller Center. Then select the order by ticking on the empty white box and click “Create and Print selected orders”. There will be a drop-down menu. Choose “Print Picklist” if you want to print a stock picklist and choose “Invoice” to print the invoice.

Proper packaging according to Lazada’s Guidelines is:

  • Using bubble wrap and styrofoam padding.
  • The liquid bottle should be sealed.
  • Shrinkwrap your package.
  • Multi-piece packages should be fastened.
  • Put the “Fragile” label on your package.

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For the Lazada delivery time, it will vary from one to fifteen days depending on some criteria such as:

  • The origin area of the products (either it is from a local seller or an overseas seller).
  • The logistics partner used to ship your orders.
  • The time of your orders being processed and picked up.
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