To make its sellers have an easier selling process, Shopee has partnered with numerous logistics providers with integrated systems to Shopee, so sellers only need to learn on how to print airway bill Shopee in order to be able safely ship out orders.

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What is an Airway Bill?

Airway bill also known as shipping label or consignment note. Inside airway bill contains important information about each order. Sellers should have these Air Waybills attached onto each parcel so the courier will pickup the right order ship out to their respective recipients.

Usually you will have to print both airway bill with packing list which purpose is to allow you to identify the products to be packed for any particular order. Packing list’ purposes is to help you stay organised and ensure that the right products are packed for each other.

Shopee understands that Shipping Documents are essential for the fulfilment process. That’s why Shopee also provides the said Shipping Documents where sellers can found using this following steps:

  • Go to Seller Centre via Shopee Website;
  • Click on “Shipment” then choose “Mass Ship”;
  • After that click on “Generate Document”.

There, you will found:

  • New design of Pick List;
  • New document for both Air Waybill and Packing List  in new design for thermal paper;
  • Air waybills;
  • And New design of packing list which avail in PDF dan Excel.

Just like what we have said before, in order to be able ship the  orders to customers, sellers need to print the airway bill on their own. Sellers has two options to print their Air Waybills as the following:

  • Printing though Phone;
  • Printing through PC.

How to Print Airway Bill Shopee with PC

The most common one we know is printing the Airway Bill template through a PC. To do so, sellers are first required to access their account via Shopee’s website. Do following these steps below:

  • Go to your PC browser and type Shopee Seller Centre and make a login;
  • After that go to the “My Orders” sections;
  • Click onto the “To Ship” options shown in the page;
  • Choose “Arrange Pickup” for the order you’re going to ship;
  • Click on the options “View Pickup Details” after you’ve done booking a pickup for your order. Then click the “Print Waybill” button shown at the pop windows;
  • Choose your printer and the paper used, then print the airway bills right away.

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How to Print Airway Bill Shopee with Phone

If you don’t have access to a PC, then you have to learn how to print Airway Bill Shopee using Phone. For Android users, it’s going to be easier since you can directly print the Airway Bill from the phone as long as your printer is supporting Wi-Fi printing. Here’s some to do steps:

  • Launch your Shopee App then go to “Me” tab;
  • Click on “My Shop” on the upper left corner on the screen;
  • Go to “Seller Assistance” and then click on “Seller Centre”;
  • You will then directed to access Shopee Seller Centre through browser in your phone’s, we advice to choose Chrome;
  • Then you’re required to input login information as well as key in the OTP passwords;
  • After successfully logged in, go to “My Order” sections;
  • Choose “To Ship”, then click on “Arrange Pickup”;
  • Then, click on the “View Pickup Details” and then click “Print Waybill”;
  • However, unlike using a PC where you can directly print the airway bill from here, by using Android phones, you need to go a little longer. Click on the three vertical dots on your browser and choose “Print”;
  • You will then be directed to save the airway bill Shopee pdf format;
  • Save with a name that you’ll remember (can be the customer name or the product name, whichever suits);
  • After saving, then go to open the printer app which connect your phones to WiFi printer;
  • Choose the pdf file earlier and print it out.

This is how to print your Airway Bill Shopee J&T or other SSL’s Airway Bill. Every order, regardless which logistics they use, as long as it’s an integrated courrier by Shopee, then it has the same method of printing the Airway Bills both for printing through PC or Android Phone. So how to print Airway Bill Shopee using iPhone?

Actually the step is pretty much the same, just do as the following:

  • Access your Shopee Seller Centre through Safari;
  • Login and go to “My Order”;
  • Then on the “To Ship” section, choose the order you want to print the airway bill and click “Arrange Pickup”;
  • Click on the “View Pick Up Details” and don’t forget to save the Airway Bills on your iCloud;
  • After saving, go to your iCloud and find the airway bill you’ve saved before;
  • Click “Share” and find the “Print” options.

Note that you have to make sure that both of your iPhone device and your respective printers are connected with the same WiFi connection in order to be able to print through the iPhone.

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More About Print Airway Bill

Starting March 9, 2022, Standard Delivery will require sellers to print airway bills with waterproof and smudge proof A6 sticker papers to avoid issues with scanning. Initially, the general guidelines posted by Shopee through Seller Education Hub required sellers to print airway bills through thermal paper to avoid ink smudges. Then how to print waybill Shopee without  thermal printer?

You may try to use a regular printer but you still have to follow the airway bill shopee size where paper is A6 and make sure the paper is going to be waterproof and smudge proof in order to avoid the package being rejected from shipment.

Also note that air waybills must follow the format seen on Seller Centre and must be securely attached to the package which is going to be shipped out. The purpose of requiring sellers to print their own air waybills is to help the streamline and speed up order fulfillment process.

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