To do packaging in Lazada, you should follow the Lazada packaging guidelines. Lazada packaging guideline is used to avoid damage parcels and and endanger the courier. 

The Lazada packaging guideline also helps sellers to prepare the necessary materials that they need to pack their parcels. When sellers follow the guideline, the parcels will arrive safely to the buyers. Delivering their items in good condition is one simple way to show that you care about your business and you value their purchase. 

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What Is the Meaning Packing in Lazada?

Packing your orders properly will ensure that your customers receive them in good condition. By using the right packing techniques and Lazada packaging materials, you can:

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  1. Avoid Shipping Providers from rejecting your parcels.
  2. Avoid damage or delay to your orders when shipping.
  3. Avoid requests for refunds due to damaged products that are returned by customers.
  4. Achieve more positive reviews and higher shopper satisfaction when your products are received in perfect condition.

What Do I Need to Prepare Before Packing?

Make sure you have the necessary materials before you start packing. The necessary materials such as pouch flyer, air cushion, packaging tape, carton box, bubble wrap, tape gun, void gun, void fillers, and filler for corner protection.

Keep your parcels protected! Always pack your parcels carefully with adequate protection and label the fragile items. Safeguard your parcels further with H taping, bubble wrap, double packaging, and fragile stickers. 

Wrap and seal the item(s) properly with bubble wrap / plastic bag before packing into a box. You should also use a proper hard box and cushion the item(s) with air pouches or any appropriate fillers to ensure the item(s) is not moveable within the box. Then, apply red tape to seal the box and attach fragile label stickers that show the correct orientation of the box for handling.

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For dangerous goods or liquid products packaging should be used in a hard box, with air pouch or fillers, then use red tape and fragile label stickers with parcel orientation on the box. Make sure you meet guidelines fulfilled by Lazada.

For bulky items, prepare bubble wrap, edges of the items are covered with air cushion, use protection layers like shrink wraps or bubble wraps, strapping for heavy items, and fragile items should be labelled.

How Can I Pack My Packaging in Lazada?

  1. Pack the Item Separately According to the Tracking Numbers

Note that a single order with multiple items might have different tracking numbers. This means that you are required to pack the items separately according to the tracking numbers or you risk getting the order cancelled. The tracking number is also used in the Lazada package tracker to know the location of your package.

  1. Place The Sales Invoice Inside the Parcel

Place the sales invoice inside the parcel before you seal the package. Sales invoice can be printed the same way as your Picklist.

  1. Pack Your Parcel Neatly

Make sure to pack your parcels neatly (fully sealed, not dented or punctured). Your 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) has the right to reject parcels that are not packed properly.

  1. Attach Lazada Shipping Label / Airway Bill (AWB) on the parcels

Attach Shipping Label / Airway Bill (AWB) securely on the parcels. Lazada will start implementing a single Shipping Label / AWB copy effective 13th April 2020. You are no longer required to print multiple Shipping Label copies –

  • Print one copy of the Shipping Label – the ‘Receiver’ copy.
  • Affix the Receiver copy on top of your parcels.
  • Seal the Shipping Label on top of your parcel without blocking the barcodes.
  • You will no longer need plastic pouches to append additional copies!
  1. Make Sure All Things Match

Make sure the sales Invoice, Shipping Label, and the actual items match.


Follow the Lazada packaging guidelines 2021 on packing your orders. Ensure that there are sufficient fillers (for example bubble wraps and airbags around your item(s) to avoid damage. To prevent damage or breakage of your parcels, you need to cover your product with bubble wrap. You can also put styrofoam padding inside the Lazada box packaging to prevent items from shifting from their place. 

Same like packaging size Shopee, use the right size or pouch, and bubble wrapped as needed to ensure the items are secured and stable to avoid damage. You also can use the Lazada pouch manufacturer. Items that may be deformed or odd-shaped items should be boxed. Lazada has several Lazada packaging dimensions, like small pouches until large boxes.

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Always test the strength of the box that you are using, especially if you are packing heavy items like working models or gym equipment. Use strong tapes that stick on well like duct tape and double tape the bott

m edges of parcels.

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If your parcels contain liquid bottles, seal the liquid bottles to prevent spilled liquid. Then shrink and wrap your parcels. If you send more than one parcel at once, fasten multi piece parcels. Last, put a fragile label to avoid the couriers throwing your parcels. Lazada packaging guidelines look alike Shopee packaging guidelines.


If you do not follow the Lazada packaging guidelines Malaysia, your parcels are most likely to be damaged or hazard to 3PL.  3PL will reject parcels with improper packaging, such as, punctured parcels, wet parcels, dented, makeshift boxes, or wrong stationary. Poorly packed parcels are a hazard to Lazada’s 3PL, so please pack your packaging neatly. 

Can I Use Own Packaging For Lazada?

Lazada does not provide packaging materials, so that Lazada sellers are expected to source for their own packaging. Please note that the number of air waybills needed for an order depends on the number of packages required. Bundled products should be packed together if possible.

The air waybills are to be pasted on a package with the barcode facing up. While not mandatory, Lazada does encourage you to include a copy of the invoice in the package.


Packing your orders properly will ensure that your customers receive them in good condition. Make sure you have the necessary materials before you start packing, such as pouch flyer, air cushion, packaging tape, carton box, bubble wrap, tape gun, void gun, void fillers, and filler for corner protection. Always follow the guidelines based on what items that you send.

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