For those of you who like to use the Lazada, you may already be familiar with the Lazada Flexi Combo. Lazada Flexi Combo provides discounts with various variations so that it is possible to benefit buyers. With this Flexi Combo discount, it is possible for buyers to have the items they want at very affordable prices.

So it’s no wonder that Lazada is an online buying and selling ecommerce site that is in great demand by users of online buying and selling. In addition to the products offered being very cheap, the postage provided is also not too expensive as provided by other ecommerce sites.

However, this article will provide an explanation of what a Lazada Flexi Combo is, how to put discount in Lazada and how to create it.

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What Is Flexi Combo in Lazada Malaysia?

Flexi combo bundle is another promotional tool in Lazada that you can use to encourage buyers to purchase more items that are similar to the initial item they have their eyes on. Basically, it’s a Lazada bundle deal strategy, but it has limited time or limited orders for sellers to create urgency and call customers to check out right now.

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Flexi Combo is a buy more, save more promotional tool where sellers can set different tiers of Lazada combo deals. with this Lazada flexi combo, you can increase your selling power at Lazada and with varying prices.

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For example how to boost product in Lazada, you’ll be choosing security camera collections that are most popular in your online shop. If it’s a Ring spotlight camera, then you create a bundle with an Amazon Echo Show. Some customers love to buy bundle deals, and it saves dollars to upgrade the smart home system.

So you can create a Flexi combo with an eye-catching discount at a limited time and a limited order offer.

What Are Important Criterias in Lazada Malaysia?

Lazada is a fantastic avenue to use when selling to consumers in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and more even when you’re short on capital. With roughly 200 million (and counting) visits monthly, Lazada is a platform where lucrative opportunities are nearly limitless.

But there are two important criterias for Flexi Combo Lazada Malaysia:

  1. Free gift products need to be an existing SKU that is available to purchase.
  2. Sample is a product that isn’t purchasable as a stand-alone, therefore can’t be purchased without a Flexi Combo.

There are also some rules to create free gift/samples Flexi Combo in Lazada university Malaysia:

  • A maximum of 5 SKUs can be selected as free gifts/samples for each created Flexi Combo.
  • The same SKU can’t be selected as the main product of the Flexi Combo and the gift simultaneously.
  • In case the seller offers multiple free gifts or samples, the customer is not able to select which of the offered gifts or samples they receive.
  • If more than 1 SKU is selected as free gifts/samples to the Flexi Combo, customers will receive the corresponding amount of gift/samples.
  • Shipping fee for free gifts/samples is by default barred by the sellers.
  • Main product and free gift must come from the same warehouse.
  • For orders with a free gift/free sample only, order checkout will be blocked when the gift/sample product has no stock.

What Are The Benefits of Seller Using Flexi Combo Feature?

Flexi Combo Lazada is to give discounts or discounts to buyers if the number of products purchased is in accordance with the terms and conditions that have been made by the seller. Through Flexi Combo, customers are encouraged to buy more to get better discounts.

Flexi combo partial promotions offer discounts and/or in combination with free gift & samples in relation to quantity purchases. With an overall goal or further increase the basket size of the seller.

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Flexi Combo provides you with a higher chance to increase your sales through 3 factors.


Flexi Combo provides you additional visibility by featuring your products in different modules and pages in Lazada to come and visit your store.

Conversion Rate

Flexi Combo encourages customers to choose your product over others.

Basket Size

Basket size in Lazada, Flexi Combo allows you to create irresistible promotions to attract customers

How To Create Flexi Combo?

Here are some steps on how to create Flexi Combo:

  1. Login to your Lazada seller center then click on Promotions > Flexi Combo
  2. Click on Create New Promotion button
  3. Type the name for your Flexi Combo Promotion
  4. Set your desired Promotion Period. This is the duration in which your promotion is active
  5. Set a value for the total number of Flexi Combo Orders. Once this value is reached, your Flexi Combo promotion will automatically go offline
  6. Select how customers can use the promotion :

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  • In Item Quantity, customers will get a discount depending on the number of items purchased by customers.
  • In Order Value, customers will get a discount if they reach the specified amount in an order.

  1. Select the type of discount you want to offer
  2. Choose if you want your discount stackable feature to only support 1 tier Flexi Combo promotion or a percentage off discount that does not have stackable logic.
  3. Setup the tier conditions of your promotion. You can create a maximum of three tier conditions
  4. Select if this promotion is applicable store-wide or selected products only
  5. Once you’ve completed setting Flexi Combo conditions, click the Submit Button
  6. If you selected specific products in step 11, you need to add the products manually or by uploading an Excel File with a list of SKUs.

  • Select Products, select up to 100 per item and filter per Category/Product Name/Seller SKU/Brand Name.
  • Import by Excel, the mass upload function allows upload of 10,000 SKUs for your Flexi Combo by seller SKU.

  1. Click apply button to complete the promotion effect on the products you choose


E-commerce is an uprising trend in the business world. In 2018, a hit of $40 billion has been recorded from the online shopping community. The numbers are expected to rise as you go into 2025.

Having your own business office opens up a lot of opportunities for you but if you are a wise entrepreneur, you should utilize online selling platforms like Lazada during the initial phase of your business.

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