Shopping is now easy with Lazada. You can buy things at any time and anywhere with Lazada. Beside that you can also get the Lazada cashback which you can use again for the next purchase but you have to remember that not all products can get the cashback in Lazada. Are you curious on how to get cashback in Lazada or Lazada cashback simply? Read this article for more information about it. Let’s check this out!

What is Lazada?

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Lazada is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in South East Asia which offers several products such as consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. 

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Lazada was founded in 2012 and has a presence in six countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Now Lazada has the largest selection of brands and sellers, and by 2030, Lazada aims to serve 300 million customers. 

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What is Cashback?

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What is Lazada Malaysia cashback?  Lazada cashback means getting money off things that you buy. This cashback usually comes in a percentage of your shopping total amount. It will pay back to your Lazada e wallet cashback. This cashback normally is a feature of credit cards but sometimes it is also applicable for other payment methods.

Besides cashback, Lazada also offers several features such as making you cancel or return orders as well.

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How Can I Get Lazada Cashback?

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How to get cashback on Lazada? You can get the Lazada wallet cashback from your purchasing of the selected products that offer cashback in Lazada Malaysia. This cashback will be automatically credited to your Lazada wallet when the cashback product and all other products in the same order are delivered. Don’t forget to activate your Lazada wallet to receive the cashback.

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If you do not activate your Lazada wallet, you will not be able to use your cashback on the next  purchase.

After you receive your cashback, the question that might occur is how to use cash back on Lazada. You can use the cashback you receive again for the next purchase in Lazada. You have to select the Lazada wallet as the payment method on the next order. cash back Lazada that you earn will be counted as rebates and will automatically be used when you place an order.

You might also be wondering how to know whether the product offers Lazada cashback. You can see if the product joins the cashback program or not by looking from its banner. If you see products banner when you search or viewing product pages, it means you will earn the cashback when purchasing the products.

For your additional information, you can use the Lazada wallet rm30 cashback you get for any Lazada products except in some categories where Lazada wallets are not allowed for payment. You can also use the cashback you receive to earn the other cashback from another purchase too.

Tips for Successful Cashback Tracking

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Here are the tips on how to get cashback from Lazada:

  • The first thing you need to do is check the promotion applied in Lazada. You can see whether the product has a cash back or not by looking at the banner. If you see the word cashback in the banner when you search or view the product pages, it means you will earn the cashback when you buy the products.
  • You have to activate your Lazada wallet to get the cashback because when you receive the cashback, it  will go to your Lazada ewallet directly .
  • You have to check the validity of your cash back because the cashback will expire after 45 days after you receive it.

Terms and Conditions for Lazada Malaysia Cashback

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Here are the terms and condition of the cashback program you need to know:

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  • By participating in the free shipping program, the seller agrees to join during the program period as provided in the promotion setting while cashback calculation and payment from Lazada will be based on the number of free shipping orders delivered on a monthly basis.
  • The seller agrees to join the program and be a part of the program for the entire program period.
  • The seller may terminate its participations in the program after 7 days from the date the seller signed up to the program, by clicking the designated button available in the ASC.
  • If the seller terminates the program, the amount of accumulated cashback will be paid to the seller. Seller will no longer be eligible to accumulate additional cashback points and forfeit its right to additional benefits provided under the program.
  • To qualify  for the program, the relevant order must be a successful free shipping order which must meet all the following conditions such as the order delivered date shall be within the program period, minimum free shipping discount offered by the seller to the buyer shall be as stated under the promotion and  the final status shall be delivered.
  • The seller shall be entitled for 30% cashback for orders that fulfill criteria of free shipping order.
  • Maximum cashback that can be earned by a seller per order is stated in the program
  • Payment Cashback shall be calculated on a monthly basis and shall be paid by Lazada to the seller on the 4th week of the following month according to Lazada payment cycle to the seller.
  • The seller is prohibited from accessing the program through any computer programs other than the platform in Lazada.


Not only for purchasing, you can get a cashback in Lazada too.  How to check cashback in Lazada? You can check whether it is a cashback by looking at the banner. Once you receive the package, the cashback will automatically go to your Lazada wallet. That’s why you need to activate your Lazada ewallet to get this cashback.

There is no minimum spend to use the cashback you get. You can use 100%  of your cashback in your Lazada wallet on your next order in Lazada but you need to remember that the cashback you get will expire after 45 days of receipt. You can check the availability of your cashback by going to the cashback page, then click the account page and choose the confirmation page.

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