Starting an online business isn’t the only way to earn money in this modern-day. If you have hobbies to be active on social media, make use of that hobby to help you earn extra money by becoming part of the Lazada affiliate program.

How to be an affiliate in Lazada? What you will need to do and why you should register yourself to be part of their affiliate partner? Find out your answer by reading this article to the very bottom. Happy reading!

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Does Lazada Have an Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing or online referral was first introduced by William J. Tobin not long after his online flower shop called PC Flowers and Gifts was established in 1989. This affiliate program succeeded in generating millions of sales per year in 1993. By the year of 1996, Tobin applied for a patent on affiliate marketing and tracking which was later granted to him in the year of 2000.

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A few years passed, and affiliate marketing seems to become more and more popular nowadays, especially among the marketplaces developers. So does Lazada have an affiliate program? Of course, they do. The Lazada affiliate program is exclusively designed to help small business owners or sellers in Lazada increase sales.

Lazada affiliate marketing is a program that requires the affiliate partner to promote products on Lazada through a special link. Later on, affiliate partners will earn a commission if there’s any successful purchase of a product directed by the link from a certain Lazada partner’s post.

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How Can I Become a Lazada Affiliate?

To become part of the Lazada affiliate program, it might be similar to Shopee Affiliate, you will have to create an account through the Lazada affiliate program sign up. But before learning about the step by step of Lazada affiliate program Malaysia sign up, we will be telling you about how the affiliate program works in Lazada.

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There are two ways to join the Lazada affiliate program, one through the browser and the other via the Lazada App. Here is how the program works for both methods:

Browser Scheme or Lazada Affiliate Dashboard

This method works as below:

  • Affiliate partner creating affiliate link on affiliate platform.
  • Post the affiliate link.
  • The customer clicks on the affiliate link and is directed to the Lazada site.
  • Customers purchase within 30 days.
  • Order is paid and delivered without complaint or refund.
  • Affiliate partners will get the commission as promised.

You can refer to the picture above to get a better visualization of how the Lazada desktop affiliate works.

Apps Scheme

The workflow of the app scheme affiliate works as the following:

  • The affiliate partner creates an affiliate link on the affiliate platform.
  • Affiliate partner publish the affiliate link.
  • The customers click the affiliate link and directly launch a Lazada Apps.
  • Customers purchase within 30 days.
  • Order is paid and delivered without complaint or refund.
  • Commission will be given to the affiliate partner as promised.

As for the Lazada affiliate program commission, the amount earned will be different from one affiliate partner to another, depending on the marketing strategy used, the type of content to promote the affiliate link, the niche you are focusing on, and the clicks to your affiliate link which result in product purchase.

For most commissions, the affiliate partner will gain 4% from the product’s price except for the categories of mobiles & tablets, cameras & drones, and televisions & videos which only give 2% commission from the listing price.

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Steps to Earn as a Lazada Affiliate

It’s time to discuss the topic of how to earn in Lazada affiliate program for beginners. Follow the steps below:

Create an Affiliate Account

You will have to create an affiliate account so you can do the Lazada affiliate program sign in. To create an account, you will have to do the following:

  • Go to your browser and search for Lazada Affiliate Program, click “Sign Up”.
  • Add your information on the account details and property details sections such as the website or social media you are going to promote your affiliate link.
  • Click the create account button.
  • You will be receiving an email from Lazada to complete the registration process and confirm your email address by clicking on the provided link.
  • Wait for one to two days for approval.
  • Once you have been approved, you can join the Lazada affiliate program.

You will normally have to wait for two working days for your property to be approved and ready to apply for the Lazada affiliate program.

Submit Your Application for Lazada Affiliate Program

Now you already have an affiliate account. However, Lazada wants to make sure their affiliate marketers are someone who can promote their brand. Hence, you will need to make an application to be able to run their affiliate program. What you will have to do is:

  • From your Dashboard, go to “Partner” then from the drop-down, select “Advertiser Directory”.
  • You will then see two search bars. One is to help you lookup for advertisers and the other is to search for the country.
  • Type lazada on the first search bar and you will be getting a few options. Here, you can choose which country you want to promote.
  • After selecting choose the countries you prefer to promote, click apply to a request for Lazada approval.
  • Wait until you get a pop-up notification once your application is successfully submitted.
  • After getting the notification that the application is successfully submitted, you can start promoting.

Why Lazada Affiliate Program?

A few reasons why you should join the Lazada affiliate program is because:

  • Lazada affiliate program offers the highest commission in the industry.
  • Easy to resist and instant activation.
  • Partner will get real-time performance reports.
  • Having the best conversions on millions of products.
  • Tracking for mobile app transactions.
  • Lazada provides free and advanced marketing tools.
  • Over 6M USD are being distributed to affiliates in 2015.
  • Partners will be provided with professional and quick support from Lazada.
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