Do you want to join dropship Shopee? Dropship is the best solution for those of you who don’t have enough money. The way to be a dropshipper in Shopee is actually the same as how to be a Shopee seller. Are you curious? Let’s check this out!

What Is Dropshipping In Shopee?

Are you curious on how to dropship on Shopee with Aliexpress? But do you know what dropship meaning is? So, for your information, dropshipping is the selling model type in which the seller isn’t required to have any inventory stocks. This means to do cj dropshipping Shopee, you don’t need to have any capital. 

All you need to do to be a Shopee dropshipper is create your online stores and find a trusted Shopee dropship supplier to help you with your product’s stock. The question is can we do dropship taobao to Shopee? For your information, officially Shopee doesn’t support doing dropship in Shopee because the several reasons such as:

  • The airway bill number – You can only use the airwaybill number for once so if your dropship supplier has already input the airwaybill number. You will not be able to input them again.
  • Supplier – You will not be able to ship your customer’s order separately so you can deal with one supplier only.
  • Time – There is a time to process orders that must be obeyed by the seller.
  • Price – Price will play an important role. That’s why you need to find a good supplier with a low price to help you survive in the competitive market unless you have strong brand awareness

Eventhough Shopee doesn’t support the dropship program, you can still do dropship in Shopee. How to dropship in Shopee Malaysia? The first thing you need to do is create your seller account, here how to do it.

  • Step 1 – Download Shopee application in your electronic devices
  • Step 2 – Choose profile and click on register
  • Step 3 – Fill the data required and after that click sign up to register your account
  • Step 4 – You can sell your products once you have registered your account. Don’t forget to use high quality photos and detailed product descriptions.
  • Step 5 – Set your shipping partner. You can choose several shipping partners to help send the package to your customer such as J&T Express, DHL ecommerce or Shopee Express

For your information, you will only be able to create your shop name for once and will not be able to revise it in the future. That’s why create your shop username properly before using it.

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How To Start Dropshipping In Shopee Malaysia?

Dropshipping is popular in the last few years because it is easy to do and there is no stock needed. Doing dropship in Shopee can be the solution for those who are looking for extra money. Anyone can be a dropshipper even students, teenagers, adults and many more. Here are things you need to prepare before starting dropshipping.

Find Your Dropship Supplier

How to dropship from aliexpress to Shopee malaysia? You need to note that to be the dropshipper, you need to find Shopee dropshipping suppliers first. Find the trusted one because the supplier will be the one who will handle the customers’ order. Here are the things you need to consider before choosing your suppliers.

The Supplier Background

Checking your supplier background is the important thing you need to do if you want to be a dropshipper. You need to search on the internet about how long they have become a dropship supplier. 

Find The 4+ Star Shopee Dropship Supplier

After you have known the supplier background. You need to make sure that your supplier has a 4+ star. If they have reached the 4+ star it means they are trusted. You can try to check the supplier review too.

Have Sold At Least 100 Items Per Month

Finding out how many products your supplier has sold is also the important thing you need to know. How many items the supplier has sold will show how trusted and big the supplier is.

You can try to find the supplier that has sold 100 items per month. When they have sold 100 items in a month, it means you will have many products in inventory. So you can fulfill all your customer orders when they order many products.

Check The Product Quality

Don’t forget to check the product quality so that your customer will not be disappointed with your products and leave the bad review.  That’s why you need to check the product quality first before choosing your product supplier.


After you have found your supplier, you need to get your customer. You can try to market your business by using Shopee features or social media marketing.


Promotion can be the solution to attract your customer’s attention.  You can create your shop vouchers, free shipping voucher and cashback voucher. Beside that, you can also join the Shopee campaign or Shopee flash sale too.

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Dropship Suppliers for Shopee

Since you will not be the one who handles the products, you need to make sure that you find the best supplier. The supplier will depend on what things you want to sell.


Are you looking for an electronic product dropshipper? If you want to be an electronic product dropshipper, you can find Ecubstore. Ecubstore sells many kinds of electronic devices from any brand here.

Chubby Bitsy

If you are interested in selling babies and kids products, you can try to contact Chubby Bitsy. You can find kinds of babies and kids’ needs from any brand in Chubby Bitsy.

A Fashion Story

Fashion will keep changing. You can find many new fashions in every new season and many people following the fashion. That’s why dropshipping fashion products can be a good decision you can make. You can find A Fashion Story to help you with your product inventory. You can find many up to date fashion, accessories and also beauty tools in A Fashion Story.

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The difference between the usual seller and dropshipper is dropshipper will not handle the orders and products on their own. That’s why if you want to be a dropshipper, you need to find a good and trusted supplier.

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