Many people are interested in being a Shopee seller since they can sell products without having the products. So they search a lot on how to sell in Shopee without product. But before that, you must have a Shopee account first. Do not worry, here is how to sign up Shopee account and be a Shopee seller in Malaysia. 

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How Do I Create a Shopee Account?

To be a seller, you need to create a Shopee account first. Shopee provides you two ways to create a Shopee account. You can create a Shopee account through mobile phone or just with the Shopee website. But before you create an account, please read Shopee’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy first. Here are the steps to do Shopee seller sign up Malaysia.

Sign up via Shopee App

To sign up via Shopee App, you need to download the Shopee App first. But if you already have one, let’s get started to Shopee sign up as seller.

Go to Me Tab

First of all, go to the Me tab on the Shopee App. If you still do not have the Shopee App, please download it from the App Store or Play Store or simply sign up via Shopee Website.

Sign Up

Then, select the Sign up button at the top, beside the Log In button. If you already have a Shopee account, you can use the Log In button to get into your account.

Enter Phone Number

The next step is entering your Phone Number. Other than using Phone number, you can also sign up with Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts.

Select Next 

After you fill your phone number correctly, please select the Next button. You do not need to fill in the phone number if you choose to sign up with Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts.

Enter CAPTCHA Code

Then, Shopee will show you a picture for verification. You need to complete the puzzle given in that picture. 

Enter Verification Code

After answering the Verification Puzzle, now enter the verification code that was sent to your phone number you filled in earlier.

Check your inbox message to check the verification code. After you fill in the correct code, select the Next button below the code.

Set Password

Next, you will be asked to set a password for your Shopee account. Your password must contain at least one uppercase character and one lowercase character. And do not forget your password must be 8-16 characters long. You can also check if your password typed correctly with clicking the eye icon beside the x icon.

Click Sign up

If your password is correct, click the Sign up button. Then your account is all set.

Sign up via Shopee Website

For those of you who do not want to install the Shopee App, you can simply follow this tutorial. Just go to the Shopee website on your mobile phone’s browser or PC’s browser. Here are the sign up Shopee Malaysia steps.

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Select Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is go to the Shopee Website. On that page, select Sign Up on the right side. 

Enter Phone Number

Fill in your phone number to continue to the next step. 

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Select NEXT

After correctly entering your phone number, then the Next button will be clickable. Continue to the next step by selecting the Next button.

Complete Verification Puzzle

Then, complete the verification puzzle given. You need to slide the puzzle to the right place in the picture. If the verification still does not work, click the Click to Refresh Image.

Enter Verification Code

After completing the verification puzzle, you will be asked to enter a verification code that is sent to your phone number. This Verification code contains 6 random characters. Do not give the code to anyone, including Shopee.


Check your inbox to see the verification code. Select Verify after you entered the correct verification code.

Set Password

Then, set a password for your Shopee account. Your password must contain at least one lowercase character and one uppercase character. And do not forget to make a password of 8-16 characters long.

Select SIGN UP

Last, click the sign up button after all the password requirements turn green.

3 Advantages If You Use Ginee ERP for Your Shopee Seller Account

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Help Manage Shop’s Product

As a new Shopee seller, you will need to add all of your products. If you already are a seller in another marketplace, you will need to copy all of those things to the Shopee shop. The more products you have, the more time and effort you will spend. But with Ginee ERP, you can just add them in just one click. You can also mass add Shopee products to your shop. No need to waste time and effort anymore.

Mass editing Shopee products also become easier with Ginee ERP. You can mass edit product categories and product attributes, or mass edit key information of Shopee products all at once.

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Help Order Management

The other advantage is Ginee ERP also helps you with your orders in various marketplaces, including Shopee. You do not need to check orders one by one on all platforms, because you can handle it on just one platform.

Help Customer Management

Is replying to your customers in just one platform possible to do? Yes, of course. Ginee ERP can help you with that problem. Now you no need to worry about missed chat or unread chat from your customers anymore.


You can create a Shopee account through the Shopee App or With all of the steps explained above, you must have a Shopee account now. Don’t forget to read Shopee’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy first.

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