How much does Shopee charge sellers in Malaysia? Marketplaces have become a popular platform for customers to purchase online. The growth rate for this eCommerce platform is rapidly increasing because it offers convenience and a wide variety of product choices for customers to buy. 

First, Shopee, a SEA Company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

SEA is a leader in digital entertainment, eCommerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. SEA mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

Shopee boasts 197.8 million monthly visits. Shopee is creating convenience for Greater Southeast Asians and is the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan with many registrations.

It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistic support. 

Shopee aims to continually enhance its platforms and become the region’s eCommerce destination of choice. Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from customers electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

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Effective 19 January 2022: Marketplace Commission Fees

Shopee transaction fee 2022? Shopee has been fortunate to be able to serve all sellers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic by providing an additional sales channel and revenue stream as traditional retail channels were disrupted.

In order to continue to better serve sellers and the e-commerce ecosystem in the long run, Shopee will be charging Marketplace sellers a small commission fee on orders placed from 19 January 2022 onwards.

As Shopee continues to commit to help sellers new to e-commerce, all Marketplace sellers with less than 100 completed orders since the date joined on Shopee will be exempted from the commission fee. The commission fee will only be incurred once the 100 completed threshold is met. 

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What is a Marketplace Seller?

Marketplace sellers refer to all local sellers who are not part of Shopee Mall, selling through Shopee’s Marketplace platform. This change does not affect the existing commission fees paid by Shopee Mall and overseas sellers.

Marketplace Commission Fee

Shopee seller fees and charges? Effective 19 January 2022, the following commission fees will apply to local Marketplace sellers with ≥ 100 completed orders since the date joined on Shopee. The commission fee will only be charged on orders placed and completed from 19 January 2022 onwards.

Total completed orders refer to total paid orders delivered to and accepted by the buyer, which can be viewed via Order > My Orders > Completed on Seller Centre. This excludes cancelled returned/refunded orders, and orders pending from buyers to receive.

Refer to My Income > My Tax Invoices on Seller Centre to check the commission fee charged for all completed orders.

How is Commission Fee Calculated?

The commission fee will be charged on your product price, after deducting all Seller Vouchers and Seller Shipping Promotions. 

Kindly refer to the example below for a detailed explanation of how the commission fee is charged. Scenario:

  • Preferred Seller’s product priced at RM100 after a RM10 discount promotion (original price RM110).
  • Buyer redeemed Seller Voucher worth RM30.
  • The commission fee is subject to 6% SST.
  • The commission fee charged will be deducted directly from the sellers’ payout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shopee fees & charges? Here some frequently asked questions:

Who will be charged a commission fee?

Shopee Mall sellers pay 3% to 5% commissions, while overseas sellers pay 5% to 6% commissions. 

Local Marketplace sellers will be charged a lower commission fee of 0% to 2% from 19 January 2022 onwards. Rates are as follows:

  • Non-Preferred, Preferred, and Preferred Sellers (≥ 100 completed orders since date joined on Shopee): 2%
  • < 100 Completed Orders: 0%

Refer to My Income > My Tax Invoices on Seller Centre to check the commission fee charged for all of your completed orders.

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What do Completed Orders Mean?

Completed orders refer to total paid orders that have been delivered to and accepted by the buyer. This excludes cancelled or returned/refunded orders, and orders pending buyers to receive and accept delivery. Total completed orders can be viewed via Order > My Orders > Completed on Seller Centre.

Is the commission fee an additional charge to the existing transaction and service fees?

Shopee commission fee? Yes, the commission fee is an additional fee chargeable on completed orders made from 19 January 2022 onwards. Do note that this is in addition to the existing transaction fee and any applicable service fees.

If my buyer placed an order prior to 19 January 2022 but the order was completed on 19 January or later, will I be charged a commission fee?

The 2% Marketplace Commission Fee will only apply to orders placed from 19 January 2022 onwards. 

Any orders placed before 19 January 2022 and completed on 19 January 2022 or later will not be applicable to the revised rate. 

Commission fee is subject to 6% SST. Marketplace sellers with <100 completed orders since the date they joined Shopee will not be charged for commission. The commission fee will only be incurred once the 100 completed order threshold is met. 

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Why Should I Start Selling on Shopee Malaysia?

How to become a Shopee seller? Shopee may be a marketplace platform that connects buyers with sellers. Sellers can publish their products to Shoppers large user base by using the web and Shopee acts as the technology provider for it. Shopee provides several features which may help sellers to extend their sales and customer service.

Shopee acts as the connector between seller and buyer because Shopee will hold buyers’ money and release it to sellers after buyer’s receive their package. There’s no charge for creating an account on Shopee but sellers will get a charge for sales commissions.

This also becomes a commonly asked question. You’ll sell lots of things in Shoppee because Shopee Malaysia has various categories of products like clothing, home appliances, gadgets, baby’s products and plenty of more.

  • Shopee is Mobile only and highly socially eccentric. Here sellers give extra attention towards Shop reputation and accumulating fans, that purveys great shopping experience for buyers.
  • No commission fee, and no listing fee which implies no financial burden. However sellers can choose native advertising and buy paid ads at their own will.
  • High potential platform with tremendous fast growth. As a result, achieved $1.8+ billion GMV in barely the primary year of launch.
  • It has strong hold in Taiwanese and Indonesian markets. Moreover, Malaysia and Thailand are growing strongly and hold high potential.


Shopee is undoubtedly the most popular online marketplace in Malaysia. The platform makes it easy for buyers to find products they want to buy, as well as discover new products they might interest them.

For sellers, Shopee provides an exciting opportunity to make money from their large user base of buyers. Other than that, the Shopee platform also comes with a large number of features to help sellers sell more.

While it is not difficult to start selling on Shopee, growing your online business is a different matter altogether. In any case, you still need to take the first step to stand any chance of success. Better hurry so that you can still enjoy the benefits of being a Shopee Seller before it is taken away. If you have any questions, you can go to the Shopee Seller Centre.

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