Top sales in Shopee? During the pandemic outbreak, many of us need more extra income. one among them is often by selling on Shopee. Why must you sell on Shopee? And what are the foremost sold items in Shopee? Read this text for more explanations.

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What is Shopee?

Shopee trending search? Shopee is one of the leading mobile eCommerce platforms in the geographical region. once began as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, but shortly evolved into a B2C marketplace that specialise in serving customers across the region.

Payoneer and Shopee have partnered together to supply easy, affordable payment solutions for sellers who want to grow their business.

Shopee is preferred within the Southeast Asia region, with the platform being present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and therefore the Philippines. It’s also present in 2 countries outside the ASEAN area, namely Asian countries and Brazil.

Why Should I Start Selling on Shopee Malaysia?

Top sales in Shopee? Shopee’s growth during a scourge shows how e-commerce is prospering. In 2020, about 47.33 million monthly visitors were recorded. This huge e-commerce company features a global presence, but Southeast Asia reported the foremost visitors.

With many promotions and discounts, you’ll attract more customers to shop in your shop. Moreover the most attraction for sellers of Shopee is that it’s commission free. except that it also provides free shipping for the primary 5kg.

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6 Top Sales in Shopee that Can be Sold

How to increase sales in Shopee? A record-breaking 80 million items were bought online within 24 hours during Shopee’s 2019 12.12 Shopping Festival. This top Southeast Asia eCommerce platform had a formidable performance for the 11.11 Shopping Festival too, with 70 million items sold in 24 hours.

This combination of special sale events and large purchase volumes has attracted online sellers around the region, knowing that every eCommerce Marketplace event represents a lucrative opportunity.

It is easier to sell nowadays too, because of Shopee Seller Centre’s numerous marketing tools (Top Picks From Shop to cross-sell and increase basket size, Flash Deals to enhance exposure, and My Vouchers for promotion and conversion) to assist grow businesses and boost sales revenues.

If you’re looking to achieve a grip within the market, it’s an honest idea to start out with the foremost popular products on Shopee. By tapping on the big demand for best-selling items, you’ll earn even more sales than expected. They have looked into Shopee’s best-selling categories across geographic regions, also because of the specific items added to shoppers’ carts.

Printed Striped Culotte

How to boost sales in Shopee? Nowadays, more women are preferring to get clothes that they will wear to almost every location or occasion. Printed strap culottes give women this freedom.

If a woman is heading out for a Sunday brunch along with her friends, she will be able to simply wear the culottes together with her favourite strappy heels and a shirt. If the woman goes shopping, she will pair the printed strap culottes with some cool sneakers.

Pairing the culottes with other clothing to form a sensation is extremely easy. This let alone the very fact that the apparel is both comfortable and appears cool makes it one amongst the products that have the foremost customers on Shopee.

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Birthstone Earrings

Shopee top selling products? Every woman wants to intensify her face. More women are buying the birthstone earrings since they need embellished Swarovski crystals which help increase the face accentuation.

The birthstone earrings aren’t just authentic, they feature a Swarovski seal of authenticity. Women are willing to get them because they’ll be 100% sure that they’re getting a real product. The merchandise is hypoallergenic.

When selling Birthstone earrings, you must be able to find willing buyers considering that girls prefer products that are gentle to their skin. The actual fact that the merchandise is lead- and nickel-free makes it more appealing to women.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers 

Women want light-weight sneakers. No woman wants to desire she is dragging a significant object together with her feet. These sneakers are incredibly lightweight. they’re super strong and fully breathable.

This means that other than the sneakers feeling comfy, they’re going to also last for a protracted time. Durability is an incredibly attractive quality for many buyers.

If you are obtaining a large range of sizes, you must have the flexibility to achieve a wider market. you’ll get the merchandise in up to 14 different sizes.

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Sneaker Guard Midsole Pen Boost White Marker

Shopee best selling products? Most men don’t want to throw away their sneakers or shoes just because the midsole has started yellowing. This is often the reason this product is going to be appealing to most men.

It will make it possible for men to revive their sneakers back to life. The easy-to-use product will help men tidy marks and blemishes which appear on the midsoles. Men will love the very fact that this Acrylic-based paint is usually utilised by professionals to customise sneakers.

Japanese Katakana Glow in The Dark White Shoelaces

Most men do want to feature a way of fashion to their shoes. With good marketing, you ought to be able to find numerous buyers on Shopee for this shoelace which has the power to glow within the dark.

Of course, you should make sure that the merchandise you’re offering your customers is printed with high-quality ink. Men prefer a product that lasts for a protracted time.

Mamypoko Diapers

Customers on Shopee are loving this product. This can be obviously the reason the merchandise has already sold quite 6300 units and managed to retain a 4.9-star rating.

People with kids will always require diapers. This suggests that the marketplace for the diapers will never cease to exist which is ideal to sell on Shopee. Mamypoko Diapers have better quality compared to other similar products. This suggests that buyers will prefer them over other products.

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Tips to Find Best Products to Sell on Shopee

Top item in Shopee? Below are some proven ways to identify the best products to sell on Shopee:

Conduct Market Research

What to sell on Shopee? In finding the simplest products to sell in Shopee, we recommend doing marketing research. Split Dragon contains a marketing research tool exclusive for the Shopee platform wherein it allows you research certain data about the merchandise niches.

Here is what you may be ready to do with Split Dragon Shopee Market Research:

  • Select country of interest
  • Select a product category
  • Type the name of a competitor (Optional)
  • Search

From the results, you’ll be able to see all the products being sold in an exceedingly category or products sold by a selected brand.

Find A Customer Pain Point & Connect It To A Product

Customer pain points are always worth being attentive to. What leads people to own purchase intent is once they have an issue that certain products are able to solve.

Active Hound is one in every of the brands that thrived thanks to having a product that solves a customer pain point.

The owners, Lucy and Zak, noticed that a lot of pet owners were continually frustrated with how expensive dog toys didn’t have enough durability to face up to wear and tear. This was what inspired them to make a line of ultra-durable dog toys.

Solving a controversy or satisfying a necessity isn’t the sole thanks to create or introduce a profitable product. you may find that individuals are over willing to take a position in an exceedingly trade or hobby that they’re obsessed with.

People’s willingness to shop for items that they have for his or her hobbies is a superb qualifier for product selection.

Hand Band Pro is one brand that sells products supporting people’s hobbies and interests. They sell fitness grips to crossfit enthusiasts who want to continue having intense workouts without having calloused hands.


Being different certainly has its own advantages, the eye of your shop visitors will automatically be drawn to a video that automatically plays after they visit one in all your products. Obviously, this more attention will increase the expectations of holiday makers to be ready to own the product!

Great curiosity and fear of disappointment is usually a dilemma faced by buyers. a minimum of by using video as a promotional medium for your product, you’ll be able to reduce the doubts that potential buyers have. With reduced fear while increasing curiosity, you’ll certainly find it easier to sell.

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