Already opening an online business but still want to gain more by selling through another marketplace? The potential for online business indeed is beyond your imagination. But before aiming to achieve your goals, here is how to register in Lazada as seller you will need to know.

Get to know the Lazada seller requirements for signing up and start selling through one of the most popular marketplaces throughout Southeast Asia. Without further explanations, here is everything you need to know for you who are serious about starting an online business in Lazada.

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Can an Individual Sell on Lazada?

Anyone can sell on Lazada as long as they have a Lazada seller account and not selling prohibited items. There are three types of sellers in Lazada, such as:

  • Lazada Marketplace Seller for local citizens who want to start selling in Lazada.
  • Lazada LazMall Seller for a brand owner or authorized distributor, and.
  • Lazada LazGlobal for overseas sellers.

For the product listing guidelines, Lazada is highly restricting the listing of products that display any nude and erotic pictures, containing vulgar language or profanity, porn, weapons, an illegal product like human parts, illicit drugs, circumvention devices, and gambling. For more information, you can refer to Lazada Guidelines in Lazada Seller Center Malaysia.

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How do I Sign Up as a Seller on Lazada?

Becoming a seller in Lazada is pretty simple. You only need to complete the online registration by filling up the sign-up form on the Lazada Seller registration page. What you will need to prepare for registration is:

  • A Malaysian Phone Number, make sure it’s active and valid.
  • Lazada Individual Seller will have to prepare a government-issued identity card while the Corporate Seller needs to prepare a Business License certificate.
  • A valid email address.
  • Seller’s address.

Note that one mobile phone number and email address could only be used to register an account once. If you ever complete registration using a certain phone number or email, it couldn’t be reused even when the previous account has been deactivated.

For the seller address, you can write down your office address or warehouse address, this address will be used by Lazada logistic partners to do pick-up orders in the future. To be able to do Lazada seller login, you will first have to register an account by following these steps: 

  • Search “Lazada Seller Center” through your browser.
  • Choose the seller category that suits you best (Lazada Marketplace Seller, LazMall Seller, or LazGlobal Seller).
  • Fill in your registration form starting with phone numbers, and address book, and upload the necessary document as mentioned above.
  • Wait until you receive a welcome email from Lazada and you can start selling.

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The Lazada Seller Account Process

To sum it up, the process of becoming a Lazada seller is illustrated as the following:

  • Do a registration so you can perform a Lazada Seller Center Login MY.
  • Upload the needed documentation to have your account validated.
  • Agree to the Lazada terms and conditions.
  • Join the training session that you can access through Lazada University.
  • Have your account activated by Lazada.
  • Do the product listing.
  • Enjoy selling and making profits. You can also sync your Lazada stores with Ginee Malaysia!

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Sellers who wish to create a Lazada seller account are welcomed regardless of what country they are in. However, if you are coming from a non-major country in Southeast Asia, Lazada suggests you set up your company in Hong Kong because it is easier and offers loads of benefits. One of them is easy access to the LazGlobal sorting center.

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Another reason why Incorporated Business in Hong Kong is considered hassle-free:

  • You will only need 5 days for a business to be up and running in most cases.
  • The tax system in Hong Kong is cooperative friendly with lower rates of taxes (about 2%).
  • Hong Kong is strategically efficient for logistics because they have a top-notch infrastructure combined with excellent transport in both sea and air cargo.
  • The legal system in Hong Kong favors a pro-business environment.
  • Sellers will have better access to the southern China market.
  • Sellers will be allowed to attain sole ownership of a company despite being foreigners.


Becoming a seller in Lazada is one of the best options you can have to start your online business. Lazada is offering 0% commission fees for their marketplace sellers. Besides, since 2016, Lazada’s company has been under one of China’s big companies; Alibaba.

Being backed up by Alibaba’s platform technology, Lazada promised the sellers to build a perfect e-store in which sellers will be allowed to access and manage their online business anytime with less hassle. 

Understanding that online selling is highly competitive, Lazada provides new sellers with a 90-days incubation period, unlimited courses, and training materials you can always access through Lazada University, as well as a new seller training through live streams and access to the seller community to learn the best tips and trick to start your business.

The platform is easy to use even for beginners. It also provides anything a seller needs to boost their sales starting from advertising tools, design tools, and even live streaming features to help sellers connect to their customers. New sellers can also make use of the Lazada Affiliates program to get a promotion from real humans in the form of reviews or shout-out promotions.

Although Lazada suggested an experienced seller at another e-commerce site before starting selling in Lazada Malaysia, you have to know that this is not necessarily needed. You can also nail your business on their platform and gain lots of profit as long as you have Ginee Malaysia as your assistant.

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