Registering a business entity with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is the first requirement to run a business legally in Malaysia. Here are the guides on how to register a enterprise company in Malaysia.

What Is Enterprise Malaysia?

What is enterprise company? Enterprise is one type of business organisation in Malaysia which is the formation bound by the Registration of Business Act. There are two type of enterprise i.e. Sole Proprietorship and Partnership. 

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There is no legal status for the enterprise as it is a one-man show business where the owner and the business are considered as one entity. The owner will run the business by himself and that is the reason why the business fortune depends on how good he is running the business. 

But, one thing to bear in mind is that the enterprise is not liable to pay tax, as all income will be taxed personally to the owner.

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How Much Does It Cost To Register A Company In Malaysia?

The rate charges by business registration Malaysia (SSM) are shown below (applicable to online and offline registration):

  • Sole proprietorship using personal name as stated on the identity card: RM30.00
  • Sole proprietorship or partnership using trade name: RM60.00
  • Registration of branches: RM5.00 for each branch
  • Business Information Print-out: RM10.00

The Business Registration Certificate can be obtained within 1 hour after payment. The whole process will consume 1 – 2 hours.

How Can I Start An Enterprise Business In Malaysia?

To start an enterprise business in Malaysia you need to do SSM company registration. But how to register an enterprise company? Here is the explanation.

How To Register An Enterprise Company In Malaysia (SSM?)

How to apply SSM in our business? The register business in Malaysia can be done online via Ezbiz Online services or manually at any SSM counter in Malaysia. For first-timers, you should be visiting the SSM counter for the registration. The owner (or all partners) needs to be present at the counter for registration. 

You can consult the officer directly at the counter if you have any questions. It is also recommended to apply for the Ezbiz Online services at the counter so that you can renew or modify your business details through the online system later on.

Offline Registration Method

Here is how to register online business in Malaysia with offline registration method.

Step 1: Carving out the Best Company Name

For a business starter, you can start by brainstorming with at least three names for your companies before doing SSM enterprise registration. You can either choose your company name to be in the business name or trade name. 

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However, it is more recommended to choose a trade name so that it looks more executive. These names will be included in the PNA 42 Form, and as mentioned above, one of the three names will be approved for the company. Try to search for a list of enterprise company in Malaysia. A company name should be:

  • Remarkable.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Relevant to your business.
Step 2: Check the Company Name Availability

You must first register an account through to check on the availability of your company name. After gaining access to the portal, you can log in and check the availability of your company name. If your search result appears after your search, this means that your desired name has been taken. If it shows zero results, this shows that your company name is currently available.

Step 3: Applying for Form PNA 42

For an owner who registers under a trade name, they are required to fill in the form together with their three suggested names followed by the nature of their business. Note that the 2nd and 3rd name will be used as an option in the case the chosen name is rejected.

Step 4: Applying for Form A

Fill in the required information and attach both Form A and Form PNA 42 if you are registering for a trade name.

Step 5: Head to the SSM Main Office

Things to bring to the office are your identity card and both of the forms.

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Online Registration Method

Before you begin to register enterprise online, one of the things you have to understand is the EzBiz portal. EzBiz is an official online business registration portal provided by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) to allow the user to register for new business, changes in business particulars, terminate and purchase business information. 

Therefore, user’s must first create an account from Ezbiz and go to the nearest SSM Malaysia office to acquire the one-time activation before registering their business online. Here is how to register enterprise SSM online.

Step 1: Log in to your account on

Step 2: Select My Business Service > New Business Registration.

Step 3: For the first section (Main Information), fill in your personal details of Ref No., Name Type, Business Name, Business Start Date, Business Address and Registration Period.

Step 4: For the second section (Branches), only fill in this section if you have an applicable branch out business.

Step 5: For the third section (Business Code), fill in your business code based on the given reference table.

Step 6: For the fourth section (Owners), fill in your personal information.

Step 7: For the last section (Fees and Declaration), you can make your payment through online banking or credit card.

What Are the Benefits Of Registering Enterprise to SSM?

After knowing how to register enterprise company, you will get benefits from it. Here are the benefits of registering to SSM.

  • The business will become a legally registered entity.
  • It will boost your customer’s confidence level.
  • It also facilitates users to verify business information.
  • The business details submitted will assist the government to support any development of the business community and prospect.
  • Only legally registered businesses will be able to apply for Malaysia Payment Gateway, like eGHL, iPay88, and more.

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After you know how to register SSM, then you will establish your business entity. After you have established a business entity, then you can finally start building your business! There are a lot of ways to conduct business, and you might be thinking about whether you should start your business through marketplaces.

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