Are you a new Shopee seller looking for more information on how to operate a Shopee account business? Are you looking for how to process orders in Shopee Malaysia? Stay tuned. 

Ecommerce platforms such as Shopee Malaysia provide new opportunities for anyone who wants to get extra money, or housewives, or someone who is losing their job. Shopee is one of the alternatives for those people who are struggling to start a new business. You can start selling in Shopee without having to pay when you sign up. 

Are you still confused on how the Shopee process order works? This article will help you on how to process orders in Shopee Malaysia like a pro.

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How to Process Order in Shopee Seller Centre?

After your buyer’s payment has been verified by Shopee, you can proceed on the orders within the Days to Shop (DTS) period. Do not proceed with your orders if the buyers have not paid for the products.

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Your buyers can choose whether to use Pos Laju courier service or J&T courier service. how to reschedule pick up shopee j&t if J&T dispatch failed to pick up your parcels? You can simply call J&T Express to rearrange the pickup date

Here are the steps on Shopee fulfilment Malaysia:

Prepare Orders By Verifying Shopee Order Id In App

The seller must prepare the orders for packaging and make sure to include the Shopee Order ID in the packing slip. You may get the Order ID by navigating to My Sales > To Ship from the main menu.

Ensure That The Orders Are Appropriately Packed

Secure the item to avoid any harm from occurring during the shipping process. Pack your parcels with bubble wrap. If not, your parcels will be broken during the shipping journey.

Make Arrangements For The Shipping Of The Order

You can schedule a pickup date on the selected courier of the buyer. If the courier did not pick up the parcels, J&T drop off Shopee and Shopee drop off is available for you. how to change pick up address in shopee seller? 

  • You can tap on Settings under Me section, 
  • Tap Add New Address
  • Fill the required filled
  • Click Set As Pickup Address

Print Your Airway Bill

Match the air waybill (AWB) to the buyer’s order and label it accordingly. Double check if needed. If you put the wrong order, you will lose profit because you need to re-send the right parcel.

Send Out the Orders

The rider will pick up the previously agreed-upon order and deliver it to the purchaser. Your buyers can check their tracking number through the Shopee order tracker on their Shopee account.

Voila, and you are done! But, don’t stop reading. There are more things you have to complete.

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How to Print Your Airway Bill?

Airway bill is one of the important things when you start to fulfill your orders. While printing and pasting it on your parcel, you need to double check the information and the products they bought. If you send the wrong products to your customers, your rating on your Shopee account might be affected, and sending it back will cause you to lose money.

Sellers are obliged to produce their own air waybill (AWB) in order to enhance the efficiency with which their orders are fulfilled. Rather than having to depend on the delivery schedule of the couriers, this provides greater freedom for vendors.

Here are the steps for you to print Airway bill:

  • Go to Seller Centre, then click My Orders through Shopee Web Browser
  • Click To Ship
  • Click Arrange Pickup to arrange for pickup
  • Select a date, check pick up address, then click Confirm
  • Click on View Pickup Details and then click Print Waybill

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Do’s and don’ts for Printing Airway Bill

As stated before, airway bill is an important component of shipping your parcels. Do not take it lightly because it can cause you a lot of money to re-send.

So, here are some of the do’s

The Quality of the Tracking Paper

It is necessary to print air waybills on high-quality A6 sticker paper in order to prevent problems with scanning. Paper must be waterproof and smear resistant in order to be used.

Secure Your Airway Bill

If you’re utilising pouch packaging, place the AWB over the flap of the pouch. When utilising boxes, it must be adhered to the top of the box such that it covers the slit or flap on the box. 

Protect your airway bill with transparent tape and a clear display of both the barcode and the QR code should be used.

Here are some of the dont’s

Follow the Format Seen on Seller Centre

No text or components on the AWB format produced by the Seller Center should be modified or added to in any way.

The courier has the right to refuse delivery of any packages if the couriers notice any changes, modifications, or additions to this format.

Covering Area of the Airway Bill

Avoid overlaid shipping labels, stickers, papers, or opaque tape on any part of the airway bill. 

Avoid printing airway bills on fading or smeared paper.

How Do I Get Invoice?

Unfortunately, Shopee Malaysia did not provide standalone invoices. But you can download income statements and tax invoices. 

You can download your income statements and tax invoices by following this way:

  1. Click on Shopee Seller Centre
  2. Click on My Income
  3. Click on Income Statements or My Tax Invoice
  4. Click More
  5. Lastly, click Download

How to Pack Shopee Order?

To pack your order, you must follow Shopee’s guidelines. The packaging guidelines are grouped based on the product type:


Non-breakable items that do not have the probability to be broken, deformed, or damaged during the transit. 

Potential to Be Broken

Items that are neither fragile or spillable but have a propensity to distort, break, or damage during transport if not properly packed

Easy to Leak

When not packed correctly, items have a propensity to have their packaging/container distorted, fractured, or damaged, and their contents spilled during transportation.

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Breakable and Fragile

When items are not correctly packed, they have a very high probability of being distorted, broken, or damaged during transportation.

Harmful and Dangerous

Physically hazardous, flammable, corrosive, toxic, or explosive items

Heavy and Big

Items with a large volumetric weight (length, breadth, or height more than 100 cm) or an actual weight of more than 100 kg (greater than 10 kg)


Once you are used to the process of packing, always double check in case if your airway bill is not in perfect condition. Every process is money. Once you do something wrong, you have to redo it and it causes you to spend more money.

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