Ilham reviewed your product:

“Fast delivery! Yesterday I ordered, today I received. Five stars!”

Another day, another positive review on your review sections. Tell me, wouldn’t that be the best feeling ever when your customer gave positive feedback on your services? It really can convince potential customers who spent hours and hours finding the perfect store that could offer the cheapest and fastest delivery. Who wants to wait forever for their parcel to arrive at their doorstep? Trust me, no one. Worry not, let’s dig into the cheapest courier services in Malaysia.

Reliable and Trusted Courier Service in Malaysia

As new sellers, finding the cheapest courier service in Malaysia might be hassle and tiring. There are many options to begin with. We might think that the courier service we use right now is the best courier service until… We received plenty of complaints from customers that their parcel hasn’t arrived yet after waiting for 6-7 days of work. 

And now, instead of spending our precious time on entertaining potential customers, we are busy sending email to the courier service we pick, demanding where and how the parcel hasn’t been delivered to the customers. And the worst thing ever, the parcels went missing somewhere. There goes your profit money. What is the solution?

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How to Find the Cheapest Courier Service in Malaysia?

There are many cheapest courier services available in Malaysia. Some have positive reviews and some have negative reviews. With the appearance of social media, we can easily track the reviews given by buyers or sellers. Or the best way to find the cheapest courier service is to use EasyParcel. EasyParcel is a courier service Malaysia comparison rate that helps online sellers to compare the rate between the courier services.

Courier Service Malaysia Rate Comparison

By using EasyParcel, sellers can compare delivery rates from a variety of courier providers and schedule deliveries directly from your computer. Easy right? No need to go and check one by one each courier services website to compare which is the cheapest one. By using EasyParcel website, it could save your time and money. 

They have 15 courier partners for:

  • Pos Laju
  • Skynet
  • SnT Global
  • Pgeon Delivery
  • DHL eCommerce 
  • Aramex Express
  • ABX Express 
  • Ultimate Consolidators
  • UTS
  • CJ Logistics 
  • Teleport 
  • Pgeon Prime
  • Qxpress
  • J&T Express
  • Transprompt Freight 

As for international services, EasyParcel has 9 courier partners including:

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  • SF Express
  • TNT Express
  • DHL
  • Aramex
  • FedEx Express
  • EMS
  • Janio
  • Teleport
  • Qxpress 

Some of these courier services such as Pos Laju, FedEx, DHL are available in courier service Kuching. 

Well, imagine your Tik Tok video of your products went viral internationally and you received plenty of requests from international customers, EasyParcel helps you to find the cheapest international courier service. One of the best things about Easyparcel other than letting you compare which courier service is the cheapest, EasyParcel offers pick up services from your place FREE OF CHARGE! Little Malaysian in you who like free things will go hooray. 

All you have to do is to register as a member and your little Malaysian in you will love this news, YES YOU GET MEMBER’S RATE. Easypeasy!

Instant Malaysia Courier Near Me

It is another day selling your hot and spicy Nasi Lemak during the pandemic and there is no customer nowhere to be found. Yet, you receive a lot of messages from your existing customers wanting to buy your Nasi Lemak and your regular delivery boy is self-quarantined. On demand delivery in Malaysia at the press of a button is now a reality thanks to Lalamove, which was founded to make it feasible for everyone. 

Users may get access to a large fleet of appropriate delivery vehicles, all of which are driven by experienced drivers, simply by downloading a single app. Lalamove offers 8 vehicles for the users such as motorcycle, car, 4×4 pickup, van 7-ft, large van 9-ft, small lorry 10-ft, medium lorry 14-ft and large lorry 17-ft. 

You can click here to check their vehicle and pricing details if you are in Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang. The fare is as low as RM5.00/0-5km for motorcycles and RM8.00/0-5km for cars. Good news for sellers, the delivery charges are 100% borne by the customers. Lalamove is the best courier service for the sellers to expand their business out of their area.

Why Should You Use a Courier Service for Your Business?

The rise of e-commerce markets such as Shopee and Lazada have provided opportunities for existing entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs to expand their business out of their comfort zone. While many of us couldn’t do window shopping at the mall, we took another step to do window shopping at e-commerce markets. It is easy and satisfying as we can spend hours and hours just scrolling through the applications.

Window shopping at the mall could be tiring and exhausting and sometimes things we want to buy at the shop are hella expensive. The other option? Online shopping! Using courier services help your business to expand your business locally and internationally. If you are a single owner business and the demand of your products is high, there is no way you can do the business simultaneously with sending your parcel by yourself.

It will limit your productivity and sales. By using courier services, you can focus on certain elements of your business such as how to market your business, sale, customer service, and more, while the courier services do their job by sending the parcels to your customers all around the world. 

Expect The Unexpected

It is normal for the business owner to give 100% of their trust to the courier service to handle and send the parcel safely to the customers. However, unexpected incidents could happen along the way such as the parcel is missing, someone stole the parcel, or the items received by the customers are broken. No business owner wanted this to happen because it could really give a bad impression to the business and they could lose the profit.

So, what can help the business owner to prevent such incidents? Yes, insurance. Well, adding insurance to the parcel might be a burden to the business owner or the customers because of the extra money but it is worth it. If something happens to your parcel, the insurance will cover it up. And which Malaysia courier services provide insurance? 

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If you are using EasyParcel, all deliveries are covered by a standard insurance policy supplied by their courier providers. In addition, to be eligible for reimbursement, any lost or damaged packages must be reported within the time period provided by the courier company.

Tips on How to Save Money When Using Courier Services

Since online shopping is blooming and thanks to Malaysia courier companies, business owners can send their products anywhere and anytime they wish. Malaysia courier companies have given such discounts and coupons to help business owners to save more money. Not only that, online marketplace also offers various of discounts and coupons

Pos Laju

Malaysia courier services have extended their game by selling their packaging on their website. Pos Laju offers varieties of packaging to their customers and with the tip of their hand, they can order a bunch of packaging and it will be sent directly to their house. Also, Pos Laju also offers 5% off Poslaju packaging with every 10 purchases and above. Not to forget, FREE DELIVERY if you purchase RM110 in a single checkout! 


Fret not! EasyParcel also offers special rates for their members. You can sign up to enjoy their benefits. 

Online Marketplace

These are everyone’s favorite- free shipping coupon on Lazada and Shopee. Especially when it comes to flash sale or 9.9 Sale. Everyone is desperately trying to claim the free shipping vouchers. Be one of them to save your money!

Abang Pos is Here to Save You

Abang Pos is anywhere nowadays to provide the best service for the business owners. Some might give you a headache, some might give you eternal sunshine and happiness. Worries less, with basic insurance on the package you can claim as low as RM300 depending on the courier services. Let Abang Pos do their job and we sit anxiously waiting in front of the door for the Abang Pos.

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