Today anyone can start and scale an online business, regardless of their professional background or past entrepreneurial experience. There are certain things that you are required to check to introduce your business, especially on Shopee Malaysia. One of the main elements to start selling on your Shopee account is to change Shopee pickup address Malaysia to the place you want your courier to pick up all your parcels.

If you are planning to sell your business online, you need to know a few things before starting your online business. After you prepare all of the things, you need to register your account as a seller in Shopee. You can search for how to sign up Shopee Malaysia if you have not known yet. For you who have created your seller account, one thing you need to prepare is your pickup address. 

What if you have set your Shopee seller pickup address, but it is the wrong address or your address has changed? Do not worry, you only need to change Shopee MY address and it is very easy. 

What are Preparations Before Starting Online Business?

Starting online business needs some preparations to be done. Things you need to prepare are deciding what to sell and determine your niche, write your business plan, plan your marketing strategy. 

You also need to define your target audience, source products to sell online, evaluate product viability, and the last define your brand and image. 

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After you prepare all of the things above, do not forget to choose the right username for your online business. The right username will make it easier for your consumer to remember your online business name, and increase their chances to buy products in your shop next time.

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What is Pickup Address in Shopee Malaysia?

Shopee provides several types of delivery services with delivery methods to the counter and pickup methods. Pickup method is the order that is picked up by couriers to your address to be sent to the buyer’s address. So pickup address is an address that is used by couriers to pickup the shipments that you have scheduled for specific days on Shopee. 

By using the pickup method as your Shopee shipping method, you do not need to send your shipments to the expedition by yourself, like sending an acoustic pickup Shopee. Pickup address could be your store address, or even your house address, it depends on you. Just make sure if your pickup address is real and easy to find.

You can choose the Shopee shipping services supported by Shopee that have been integrated with the Shopee system. Some delivery services that are available on Shopee Malaysia such as J&T Shopee pickup, Shopee Poslaju pickup, and many more. 

Some problems that may happen if you set the wrong pickup address are that your item will not be picked up by the courier. So you must do a pickup retry Shopee or refund amount Shopee because the item has not been sent yet.

How to Change Pickup Address in Shopee Malaysia?

Have you entered the wrong pickup address in Shopee Malaysia? To change your pickup address in Shopee, there are two ways to change it. You can change it through Seller Center or directly from the Shopee App. Here are steps you can follow to change your pickup address in Shopee Malaysia.

Change Pickup Address from Seller Centre

The first way is to change your pickup address from the Seller Center. If you are working on a PC, it is easier for you because you can change your pickup address without opening up your mobile phone. Here are the steps you can follow.

Login to Seller Centre

First, you can search Seller Center or directly go to this link. After the page load, login to your Shopee seller account.

Go to My Addresses

After successfully logging in, click on “My Address” on the left side bar. This will lead you to a page that shows a list of your addresses.

Edit Address

In this page, you should be able to add, edit or delete address. Click on “Edit” on the right side of the address that you want to change.

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Change your address and make it clear. Fill in all the required areas, then you can also set the address as your default pickup address by checking on the “Set As Pickup Address”. Click on Save button if all are done.

If the current address that you edit is already being set as default and/or pickup and/or return address, then you will not see the relevant option(s) when you edit the address.

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Change Pickup Address from Shopee App

The second way is to change your pickup address from the Shopee App. This way is suitable for you if you are working on your mobile phone. You also can change your pickup address anywhere you want. Here are the steps you can follow.

Tap “Me” and click “Account Settings”

After opening up your Shopee app, click on “Me” in the bottom navigation. Then go to the Shopee account setting by clicking on “Account Settings”.

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Click on “My Addresses”.

The next step is to click on “My Address”. This button will lead you to a page with your list of addresses that you need to change.

Edit Address

After the page load, click on the address that you want to edit. And you are able to edit the details. 

To set your default, pickup and/or return address, click on the necessary toggles and then click on Submit. 


A few things that you must know before launching your online business are deciding what to sell and determining your niche, write your business plan, and plan your marketing strategy. Define your target audience, source products to sell online, evaluate product viability, and define your brand and image are several things you should not forget to prepare too. 

Pickup address can help couriers to get your products, so you do not need to send it to an expedition by yourself. Here are steps on how to change Shopee pickup address Malaysia. You can change your pickup address through Seller Centre or Shopee App. Login to your Seller Center first, then go to My Address, and change the addresses that you want. 

Changing the address from Shopee app is no less easy. First Tap “Me” and click on “Account Settings”. Click on “My Addresses”, and edit your pickup address.

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