Making an offer means asking for a special discount from the seller. You can get these discounts by choosing the product you want and then you can bargain and make a Shopee offer with the sellers. But don’t ever think that you will automatically get the special price when you make an offer because the seller can accept or reject your offer. Do you want to know more on how to make offer in Shopee? Let’s check these out!

Can You Bargain On Shopee?

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Shopee make offer,is it possible? Bargain means negotiating the terms and conditions of a transaction or in the other word asking for a cheaper price than the usual or expected one. You can bargain on Shopee by doing the Shopee offer to seller. 

So what is to make an offer Shopee? Make offer is the feature in Shopee which lets the buyer get a special discount or add on deal Shopee that buyers want. You can get these discounts by choosing the product you want and then you can bargain and make a Shopee offer with the sellers.

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Why You Need to Make Offer in Shopee?

Make Offer feature by Shopee empowers buyers to start conversations with sellers and negotiate a price. How to make an offer on an item in Shopee? Buyer can choose the products they want and ask the seller whether they can get the cheaper price or not.

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The seller can accept, reject and also counteroffer your offer too. If you don’t hear any feedback from the seller within that time or the listing ends, you can consider that your Shopee offers get rejected. Here are the tips and tricks how to make offer in Shopee using PC.

Ask the Seller Directly

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How to make offer in lazada is actually the same like how to make offer in Shopee. You can find the item you really want and ask the seller the price you are willing to pay. Try to chat with the seller and ask the lowest price that the seller might accept. 

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Be Reasonable

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When you are making an offer with the seller, please be reasonable. Don’t offer RM5,000 for a RM5,00 item. The seller may be insulted and immediately end communication with you and block you on Shopee com my user purchase.


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The important part when doing an offer is negotiation. You can try to negotiate the price you are willing to pay for the products with the Shopee seller and don’t forget to be reasonable.

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How to Make an Offer in Shopee?

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How to make offer again in Shopee? Before you go directly to make an offer, you need to know the other price or the comparison price of the products you want and you need to know the seller better too. So are you curious on how to make an offer in Shopee? Here are the steps you need to take to make an offer with a Shopee seller and wait for the seller to accept your offer for the item you would like to buy from their store. 

  • Find the item you like and click on “Chat Now”. 
  • Click on “Make Offer” to customise your offer. You will be able to select the variation, the quantity you would like to buy and finally the price per item you would like to offer the seller. 
  • After you have successfully made the offer you will be able to see it updated from your chat as well. Now you can wait for the seller’s response for the offer you made.
  • After the seller accepts your offer, you will be able to see it shown in your Shopping Cart and you can then checkout the order as usual.

Remember that after you have made an offer, if your offer is being rejected you may place a new offer again. If the seller have not responded to your offer, you may also modify offer in Shopee to make it more appealing to the seller

Why Can’t I Make an Offer on Shopee?

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Now you know how to message in Shopee by using the Chat Now button as explained above. When you already follow the steps but still can’t make an offer on Shopee. It means that the seller did not accept any bargain. You can see it from the chat now and make an offer button. If the seller had the Chat Now and Make Offer button greyed off, it means the seller did not allow buyers to make an offer for their items. 

How Do You Turn off Make an Offer on Shopee?

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When the buyer makes an offer on Shopee, it doesn’t mean the seller has to accept the buyer’s offer. Sellers can accept or reject the offer by using the chat function. All the offers will stay active unless the seller responds to the buyer’s offer.

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Sellers can respond to an offer by using CRR. CRR stands for Chat Respond Rate. This CRR is the way the seller can accept or reject the offer. If the seller accepts the buyer’s request, they can click the accept offer button and decline the offer when they are rejecting the offer.

However if you are not responding to Buyer Offers will negatively affect your CRR. The Auto-reply function will not count as an actual response to buyer offers. You don’t need to worry if you decline offers  because it will not incur penalty points.


Making an offer is not as easy or difficult as you think. You can make an offer by using the chat feature in Shopee. When you make an offer for the seller’s products, your chats will pop up on the seller page. Sellers can’t accept or reject your offers in the Chats page by clicking on the accept offer or decline offer button. 

For a successful offer, you need to compare the price first by looking at the other shop which sells the same products, be reasonable and do the negotiation properly.

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