How to make a mask for selling? Because the pandemic stretches on, face masks are an increasingly common sight publically.

How many Malaysians are looking online for cute face masks that sing their own praises, their personalities and elegance while still protecting others publicly. If you’ve got basic sewing or crafting skills, you’ll make the most of the demand for cloth masks by making your own to sell online. Here’s what you’ll have to know.

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How to make a mask for Selling on Shopee?

How to make natural face masks to sell? You’ll find many cloth mask patterns and guides available online, so you may look for the simplest one for your skill level and also the style of supplies you have got. The one I’ve used was provided by an area hospital, including instructions during a Google Doc and a video tutorial on YouTube.

Your sewing skills are basic and that you haven’t done much sewing since you had kids quite five years ago, but even you used to be ready to pick it up fairly quickly. you exploit a stitching machine, quilter’s cotton, elastic and thread. After some practice, you got it right down to about a quarter-hour per mask (not including the time to chop the fabric).

They’ve compiled some resources to assist you discover a decent mask option that matches your skill level, including two no-sew options.

Keep in mind that when making face masks to sell, you’ll have to confirm they’re good quality. Here are some tips to assist you ensure you’ll make masks people will actually want to shop for

Choose Your Fabric Carefully

Where to sell face masks online? The CDC recommends using tightly woven cotton fabric to form masks. Anything with a loose weave is more likely to permit droplets through, making the mask less effective.

You’ll also have to consider the material pattern. hunt for unique fabric or patterns that may appeal to certain groups of individuals, like dog lovers, kids or magazine fans.

Pre-Wash Your Fabric Before You Cut It

Pre-wash your fabric before cutting it for masks, which can eliminate any surface chemicals. it’ll also be sure of any shrinkage that may occur when laundering. If you create your masks without pre-washing, they’ll shrink within the wash and are available out looking misshapen.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before selling your masks, ensure you have had enough practice making them. you may value more highly to provide free masks to your members of the family and shut friends freed from charge to assist protect them after they go into public.

Making the primary few free will provide you with much practice so when you’re able to sell your masks, you’ll make them as well-constructed as possible.

Price Your Materials

At the very least, you’ll want to make back the money you spent on mask-making materials. Your costs will vary betting on the fabric you’re using. Some fabrics are going to be dearer than others, looking at the pattern.

For example, you purchased some basic cotton fabric for reasonable to form masks for yourself and your husband, but the Frozen material you acquired for your daughter was dearer because it absolutely was officially licensed.

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Price Your Time

How long does it take you to form a mask? it’d be five minutes, twenty minutes or longer counting on your skill level and therefore the speed at which you’re employed.

If you would like to make $20 per hour and it takes you a quarter-hour to create a mask, you’ll say that some time costs $5 per mask.

Do Some Market Research

How much are masks selling for on average? You don’t want to cost your masks too high if your competition is offering theirs for a way cheaper price.

Check online to determine what quantity masks are going for and use that information to work out what quantity you’re comfortable listing your masks for.

Don’t Forget Shipping

If you sell your masks on seller Shopee online, you’ll have to consider shipping. Many online selling sites will add shipping to your selling price, but if you sell through your own site you should consider shipping to your final listing price.

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How to Publish Items to Sell on Shopee?

Once you’ve got a decent-sized inventory, it’s time to start out selling. You’ll have to consider where you would like to sell your masks and the way to plug them in the Shopee seller centre.

Choose an Online Platform

There are many options when it involves selling goods online, and not just the better-known ones like Etsy, eBay and Amazon. Here are 15 places where you’ll be able to sell your stuff online.

Online flea markets are another good option, but you’ll have to confirm the one you select allows you to sell handmade items.

You can also consider options like Shopify and Squarespace, which provide you with your own store to manage rather than having you founded an account on a third-party site. 

Remember that having your own online store carries some associated costs, so you’ll have to do your homework to make sure you’re not spending all of your profits on your web-hosting platform.

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Make Your Listing Appealing

When you are able to list your masks, ensure your listings are easy to grasp and have good, clear photos of your masks.

The description should include details about the material, measurements and important facts like whether or not the mask includes a pocket to feature a filter. Write clearly and concisely, and use keywords so your prospective customers will find your listing.

Take your photos in an exceedingly well-lit area where the mask’s colours show up well. If possible, use somebody’s to model how the mask fits. You’ll be able to also take pictures of the mask lying flat on a table and folded up to make sure customers can see how the mask looks from the front and also the sides.

Publicise Your Offerings

Once you’ve got your shop up and running, your next step is to share your shop. Post the link on your own social media platforms, and ask friends and family to share it with anyone they know who is curious about buying masks.

As the pandemic continues, the demand for cloth masks is probably going to stay fairly high. Using your sewing skills to sell masks can facilitate your earning some more money and keep others safe.

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What’s the Benefit of Selling Masks on Shopee?

One thing is for sure: The coronavirus pandemic has changed the globe in additional ways than many people would have ever imagined possible. Within the U.S., one of the most important changes is that, in most areas, people are required to wear face coverings when leaving their homes.

The national use of face masks during coronavirus has resulted in a high demand for face coverings in many various styles, so making and selling them may be a lucrative endeavour.

Customise Pre-Made Masks

If you’re searching for the fastest and easiest method to form your own masks, consider investing in pre-made blank masks. Available in an exceedingly big selection of colours and designs, they will easily be customised and resold to your customers.

Fabric masks will be customised with heat transfer vinyl, inkjet iron-on paper, screen printing and more. Any technique that might be wont to customise a t-shirt are often wont to customise a mask. you’ll even buy white cotton masks and tie-dye them to create one-of-a-kind creations!

Make Masks from T-Shirts

With a lucid t-shirt, you’ll easily make a mask that’s soft and feels great against the skin. While you may use the material from a t-shirt to form a sewn mask, we’re visiting to tell you ways to form one without sewing. All you’ll need could be a t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

Put Your Sewing Machine to Good Use

If you’ve got a stitching machine that’s been gathering dust, now could be an excellent time to place it to good use. Whether or not your sewing skills are limited, making masks could be a pretty easy task. There are a range of various tutorials and patterns to follow. In most instances, though, the simpler styles are the foremost popular.


In light of the coronavirus pandemic and face covering mandates, more Malaysians are wearing masks while going into public than ever before.

While there are lots of strong opinions on each side of the mask debate, the actual fact remains that almost all people are required to wear them when shopping, visiting restaurants, working and otherwise going about their lives. 

By making masks, you’ll provide for an important need while earning a small amount of additional cash to assist you get through this challenging time.

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