Who doesn’t know Shopee? Shopee is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms where you can sell and buy many things there. Are you interested in becoming a Shopee seller and looking for a Shopee seller tutorial? You go to the right sites because you will get all the information here.

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What Is Shopee?

Who doesn’t know Shopee? the majority within the world do online shopping nowadays and one in all the famous e-commerce platforms is Shopee. Shopee is one among the leading e-commerce platforms in geographic region and Taiwan which offers several products like consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sporting goods and groceries. you’ll buy many things in Shopee.

Who Can Sell On Shopee Malaysia?

You might be curious on who can sell on Shopee Malaysia. Actually everyone may be the Shopee seller as long as you have a Malaysian card or passport, and telephone numbers can be sold on Shopee in Malaysia. You don’t have to be a registered business to sell on Shopee but you would like to try and do a Shopee seller join up Malaysia Shopee before you sell things on Shopee.

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What Can You Sell on Shopee Malaysia?

After you become the Shopee seller Malaysia, you may be curious about the items to sell and the way to sell on Shopee without inventory. Actually you’ll sell many things on Shopee like food, physical product, digital product or perhaps workshop access.

Shopee is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of business models but there’s still some restrictions on what you’ll be able to sell. the instance of restrictions on items to be sold like prescribed medicines and illegal drugs. If you upload those products, the listings are going to be automatically deleted by Shopee.

For a higher selling, you would like to seek out the most effective product to sell within Malaysia. Finding the simplest selling products isn’t easy but it’s also not difficult as you think. you only must see what things are on trend. Here are the demand Products which you’ll sell within Malaysia.


Appliances are a high-ticket item within Malaysia. If you select to sell the appliances, don’t forget to create a campaign and find testimonials which may help prospects overcome the initial trust barrier.


Skincare may be a must for ladies. Malaysian consumers are expected to spend over $2 billion on skincare products in the next few years. you’ll try and sell skincare since it’s a high demand product throughout the year.

Video Games

Many people buy video games nowadays for home entertainment because of this pandemic situation. you’ll attempt to sell the PS5, the new Xbox, likewise as accessories, games, and app store cards. 

Kids Toys

As kids spend longer in reception because of school closures, parents must think about creative ways to keep them engaged and be able to think about their own work, too. Often this involves purchasing more toys and games to distract children and spark their creative spirit.

Home Office

Due to pandemic-forced lockdowns, many folks asked to figure from home which suggests they have to line their own office reception. That’s why selling an office is ideal nowadays. you’ll sell things like desks, chairs, monitors, and other peripherals.


Many Malaysians are coffee addicted and that they have many active interests within the drink all year round. you’ll sell differing types of coffee in order that the patron can choose the variant you offer.


Jewelry has approximately 15,000 monthly searches within Malaysia. While these searches might not be driven by higher buyer intent, there’s definitely a chance to capture a large amount of this traffic and drive awareness of your store.

Does Shopee Take Commission?

Some people also asked about Shopee seller fee whether there’s a commision you would like to pay when selling things in Shopee. For your information, Shopee doesn’t take any commissions for sales made on the platform which is a bonus for sellers.

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How To Start Selling On Shopee Malaysia

If you wish to search out more about Shopee, you’ll be able to get the solution at the Shopee seller center. If you wish to grasp the way to start selling on Shopee Malaysia, here are the steps for you like  :

Step 1: Download Shopee App From Apple App Store Or Google Play Store

The first thing you wish to try to do before you’ll be able to sell things in Shopee is by downloading the Shopee app from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Register For Free Shopee Account

After you have downloaded the app, you may do the Shopee seller login by visiting your Shopee profile and register for a free account. you’ll be able to do that using your sign, Google, Facebook or Apple account too.

Step 3: Set Up Shipping

After that, now you have got to set your shipping . you’ll be able to choose the shipping courier available there like DHL eCommerce and J&T Express.

Step 4: List Your Product

Once you’ve registered your Shopee account, now you’ll start listing your products purchasable. By adding a photograph, input all of your product details including shipping information and hit publish. If you do not know how to do it, you’ll be able to find the data at the seller center.

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To be a successful Shopee seller, it’s not only about your Shopee account. The foremost important thing is your products. you have got to seek out and make the most effective products to be sold in your shop. Try and sell unique products which might cause you to be different from other shops. you’ll be able to try and find the highest selling products in Malaysia for your reference.

For your additional information, you have got to settle on your shop’s username. Create a reputation which will describe your business products in order that the customer will remember your shop name easily because you simply can make your username once and don’t seem to be allowed to vary it later. So, find the proper username for your business account.

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